OH How I Love the BEACH

I went to the beach today and it made me realize how much I really enjoy going down there.  I meet with a really good friend and had a blast.  Hopefully I worked on making my farmers tan not as noticeable.  **Farmers tan side note…I have a legit farmers tan.  I work outside everyday and must wear sleeves.  I wish I could just wear a tube top or tank top to work but the construction workers would probably not get any work done…so that is a no go!!!

I will have to go to the beach a couple more times before the wedding so I make sure that I dont look too bad in my wedding dress.

I got my wedding bands today and I really did not want to take them off after the jeweler gave them to me.  He did such a great job designing and making them.  They fit perfectly with my engagement ring.  July cant come quick enough so I can wear the whole set!!!!  Check the whole set out below

I also got to see all of my bridal portraits today.  I am going to have a really difficult time choose which ones to get.  I love them all.  I can not wait to post them but I must wait until after the wedding.  Lynn (the photographer) did such an amazing job.  
Hope everyone has an amazing memorial day!!!!
L, K

Finally Friday

This week has been hot.  That is the only way to describe it.  It has been around 90 everyday and VERY humid.  Not only do I have to stand out in it all day, I have to wear a safety vest and hard hat at all times.  Needless to say my hair is not the prettiest after I get off for the day, but I really do love my job just not the sun (sometimes).

This weekend is going to be pretty jam packed.  I am going to pick up my wedding bands tomorrow.  I can not wait to see them…too bad I have to wait until July to wear them ;).  While the jeweler is making sure they go perfect with my engagement ring I am going to visit a good friend that just had a baby.  I have not been able to see them since this precious little girl was born.  I can not wait to see them and be able to catch up.  She has been such a great help with the wedding.  She recommended both my photographer and floral designer. I am forever grateful for both recommendations.  I do have to say that my photographer is the best one I have ever worked with and the moments that she captures are phenomenal.  I am still waiting so see all of my bridal portraits that she took a few weeks ago….I can not wait.  She sent me 4 already and if the rest are as wonderful as these I am going to have a hard time choosing which ones to get.  Check out here blog here:
Here are some of the engagement pictures that she has taken of A and me.

I just can not wait to see how beautiful the pictures are from the wedding day!!!

My floral designer is also amazing.  I can not wait to see how everything is going to look.  I know that it will fabulous.  He tells me that all the time.  Check his website out as well: http://www.wix.com/idesigninsc/markgladdendesigns
He designed a silk bouquet for my bridal portraits and it was to die for.  I know that the real one is going to be even better than the silk one.

On Memorial Day I am going to Chester (the little town I grew up in) to see my parents and to go shopping with my mom.  We love to shop and always have such a great time.  We are trying to find a purse for me to carry to Paris on my honeymoon and her a pair of shoes to go with her dress for the wedding.  I know that we will get many other things as well…it always happens that way!

I just realized today that I only have to work 20 more days until the wedding…that is not that many.  I guess the countdown has started.

I hope everyones weekend goes great!!!!

L, K

Tucker Thursday

My special puppy.  He is such a great dog.  I love him so much!!!
I can not believe how far he has come from this past November when he had his hip replacement.  He is such a trooper.  He runs and plays with Tillman more than ever now.  He even tries to show me how tough he is sometimes.  
I got an invitation from my best friend in the mail today for my bachelorette party.   It was so cute!!!!  My maid of honor and my two bridesmaids are throwing me a shower/ tea then we are going to the beach for the bachelorette party.  They are three of the most amazing girls that I will ever meet.  I am so honored to call them my friends.  I can not wait for July so that we all can see each other.  It has been a while since I have seen my friends seeing that we live in different states.  I can not wait until JULY!!!!!!!!!
L, K

Wedding Wednesday

My wedding is coming up in less than two months.  Needless to say I am ecstatic.  I have done really well planning along the way.   I really have almost everything already done.  Just some last minute things that you can not do until you get closer to the wedding date.  My current project is the ceremony programs.  I have decided that I would take this task on myself.  I hope that I am not regretting this closer to the date.  (I have to make around 300 programs)  I really think that I will be happy I did them myself.  I just hope that I do not cut my fingers in the process.  (I have an intense fear of breaking my skin and my own blood, but that is another post in itself….maybe one day I will be able to conquer the demon)

The wedding license is the next thing on the list to check off.  I am off to Myrtle Beach this Saturday to pick up my wedding bands from the jeweler. I can not wait to see how well they go with my ring.  I know that they are going to be spectacular!!!!  Maybe I will post a picture once I get them 😉

I hope Thursday treats everyone well!

❤ K

Figuring this out!!!

 Wow this weekend went by really fast. Now I am now almost half way through this work week.
I am getting married in a little over a month and I can not wait!!! I have almost done all the planning for my big day.

I guess to start this blog off the correct way I will tell everyone a little about myself and my fam.  I am living in Florence, SC.  I moved here after I graduated from the best university in the state (CLEMSON).  I work for a government agency as a civil engineer.  My soon to be husband lives here as well and is a Varsity boys basketball coach.  I can not wait for the season to start.  This will be only my second season that I will be able to attend every game!  I have two of the most amazing English Springer Spaniel furbabies that anyone could ask for.  The oldest is Tillman who is going to turn 4 June 24th and Tucker is the youngest who will turn 2 June 30th.  Tillman is a big baby and loves to please.  He is also a big fan of obedience training, rally obedience, and agility.  Tucker is my special child, he was born with bilateral congenital hip dysplasia.  He has total hip replacement surgery in Nov 2009.  After the surgery he developed epilepsy.  His hip is doing great and he loves to jump and run now.  On the other hand, he now takes medicine everyday to try to prevent his seizures.  (So far only 1 seizure since starting medicine 3 months ago!!!!!!!!!)

I will make sure that I keep this blog updated with the happenings in the life of a Future-Scott!!!!
Have a great rest of your day,