Wedding- The Honeymoon!!!!

We are SOOOO excited about our honeymoon.  We both know that this will be one of most special vacations of our entire lives.  We both wanted to go over seas so we decided on Paris.  The main reason is that you can spent two weeks in Paris and not get bored.  We did not want to go on a tour or travel around a bunch since it is out HONEYMOON!!!  We will be leaving the day after the wedding and arriving in Paris the Monday afterward.  We will be staying at the Hotel Le Six.  It is in the Latin quarter and is a boutique hotel surrounded by cafes and markets.

I am especially excited about all of the food and A is excited about all of the sites.  I went out and bought a smaller sized camera today to take.  I got a Canon PowerShot and it seem to be a great small camera.  I have a larger digital camera that takes excellent pictures but is too bulky to take to dinner or somewhere where we have to dress up.  I experimented some this evening taking pictures of the flowers and pups in the yard.  
We are planning to definitely visit the Louvre and d’Orsay museums, the Eiffel tower, Noter Dame, and do self walking tours of all the parts of Paris.  I bought Rick Steve’s tour book and we will use it for the walking tours.  I would recommend his book to anyone that is traveling to Paris. 
It is very useful and has all the secrets for people that have not traveled to Paris before.  If anyone has any suggestions on must see sites or mist eat places just comment or email me.  I would love to hear from you guys!!!!  Needless to say I am excited as so is A.  I am going to miss my pups but my mom and dad will pamper them while we are gone!!!  
Only 18 days until the big day!!!!  I can not wait…the countdown is here!!!!!
L, only 18 days until I am Mrs. Scott

My Favorites- Magazines

My favorites….are back.  Sorry for being absent last week but I was doing Salkehatchie all week…see my last two blogs.

SO here they are my five favorite magazines/ catalogs….

The Food Network magazine- I love to cook there for I love this magazine.  I get so excited when I receive it in the mail each month.  I try to make at least one new recipe out of the magazine each month!!!

Everyday with Rachael Ray-  I have been getting this magazine since it was started.  I really love this one as well and try to make one thing out of it each month.

Pottery Barn catalog

William and Sonoma catalog

J Crew Catalog

Hope all you guys enjoyed my favorite magazines.  Next week on my favorites……favorite movies!!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

L, the future Mrs. Scott

Its Not All about Fixing Houses it is About Changing Lives…

My amazing site that worked on Mrs. E’s home!!!!!

That would be my motto from last week.  Salkehatchie 2010 was amazing.  The transformation was nothing short of extraordinary.  It is amazing what 20 youth and adults can do in just one week.  I have participated in Salkehatchie now for 9 years and I would have to say that this year is when we saw the biggest transformation.  I found out after the fact that this home was actually on the condemned list and we were the ones that saved it from being bull dozed.  If that does not make you feel better then I do not know what will.  There was a sweet lady named E that owned the would and she had a disabled uncle that lived with her and she took care of.  She also has two sons that shall be named M and J that live with her as well.  We worked for 5 days (Monday thru Friday) from about 7 to 5 (sometimes a little later).  We slept at a church and took showers at the YMCA.  Most people ask why we pay to fix someone else’s house and I guess we are just addicted!!!!  And with out further ado the befores and afters………………

The Foyer before
The foyer after…new ceiling, floor, and painted walls

M’s room before

M’s room after…new floor tiles, new bed and mattress, new furniture, new blinds, and fresh paint….and now he has a light in his room…before the house has very limited electricity and no running water!

Uncle DB’s room before…no window, floor joist and floor sitting on the ground, no electricity

The floor in Uncle DB’s room

Uncle DB’s room after…new hard floor, new floor covering, fresh paint, new bed and furniture, lights, and blinds……he told me that he loved it!!!!!!!

Uncle DB’s room after

Living Room before

Living Room after

J’s room before….the floor was sitting on the ground, there was a huge hole in the ceiling where you could see straight outside, and lots of water damage….and no electricity

J’s room after…new bed and furniture, new hard floor and floor covering, fresh paint, new ceiling, electricity and a new outlook!!!

J’s room after

Kitchen ceiling before…Mrs. E had two kitchen fires and her ceiling was very burned as you can see

Kitchen before

Kitchen Sink before….the water did not work and the entire wall was rotten behind the sink and had  to be replaced

The kitchen after….new cabinets that were donated by lowes

New stove that was donated by people in the community

New table and chairs, and new refrigerator.

New bar that was made by a guy on the site….the kitchen turned out so great!!!!

The bathroom before.  The water barely worked and the floors were rotten

In the bathroom.  This is an outside wall there is only a sheet of plastic keeping the elements out.

The shower before

More of the bathroom before….That lamp was the only light in the back of the house.

Bathroom after.  New toilet and vanity, and new floor

bathroom after

Shower after

Mrs. E’s room after…all of the furniture in her room was donated to us!!!!

The back room before.

Back room after
The back of the house before.  Rain went straight into the back room

The back of the house after

We are so thankful for everyone that helped out and donated things and money to us.  Just to give all of you a perspective we were given $1500 to do all of these repairs so a lot of donations came in to use and we are forever thankful!!!!!
L, the future Mrs. Scott


Salkehatchie Summer Service starts today in Chester County.  It will last all week and many lives will be changed in the process.  I have participated at Salkehatchie every summer since I turned 13 years old, and it has changed my life.  Salkehatchie is a week long summer “camp” for youth and adults around South Carolina.  There is a camp in almost every county in SC.  Each camp is a different week during the summer and is sponsored by the United Methodist Church.  The week of Salkehatchie starts on a Saturday where all of the campers and adults go and visit all of the site families thats houses will be worked on during the week.  On Sunday all of the campers attend church and then visit with the site family of the site that they were chosen to be on and come up with a game plan.  Then during the week the campers work all day on the houses and have worship in the evening.  The campers stay at a local church during the week and eat meals at local churches as well.  Then the next Saturday all of the hard work is show off to the families of the campers and other campers that were on different sites.

I can not wait to see which site that I get put on this week and I will update as I can this week!!!!  Keep all of the site families, campers, and adults in your prayers this week..

L, future Mrs. Scott

1 month from now I will officially be a married woman!!!!!!

I can not believe that my wedding is only 1 month away.  While I was planning everything July 17th seemed so far away and now it is upon us!!!!  I have had so much fun planning everything and making sure everything is going to be perfect.  I have the most amazing venders and know that they are going to rock it.  Just a run down…
***Photographer: Lynn Daly Photography – AHHHHHHHMAZZZZING….she is so great, by far the best photographer in SC….I might even say in the world 😉
***Floral Designer: Mark Gladden Designs – he does fabulous work just check out his website and you will see why I am going crazy over him!!!!!
***Wedding Planner: Elegant Events – Stephanie knows her stuff and really gets things done.  I could not ask for anything more from her 🙂
***Food: Catering for All Occasions- Mrs Brenda is out of Manning, SC and she makes very gourmet and upscale types of food.  Her food is perfect for a foodie like myself!!!!
***Cake: CJ’s Cakes and Catering – there cakes are amazing…I can not to wait to finally see mine!!!
***Music (ceremony)- Lisa Handman harpist- she is amazing…she plays the electric harp and has the only one in the area…I can not wait to walk down the aisle while she is playing!!!!
***Music (reception)- Party Time DJs– they are going to make everyone want to dance the night away 😉
***Venue- The Columns- This is the Harwell-Rankin house located in Florence, SC and is a picturesque plantation!!!
***Rings designed by R. Jordan Jewelers in Myrtle Beach, SC

I hope that I am not forgetting anyone.  I have the best group of people that are helping me make our day perfect.  Just email me if you have any questions…

L, K  soon to be Mrs. Scott 😉

Wedding- all about the HAIR

Its Wednesday again!!!!  I have three bridesmaids and one junior bridesmaid in our wedding.  I have decided that we would all go get our hair and makeup done before the wedding.  I think that we will have a blast hanging out and the added stress of us doing all of it ourselves will be be diminished.  I found a great place in Florence that I get my hair cut at called The Stuart Laurence Salon.  You can click on the name an check it out.  Amanda is the girl that cuts my hair and she is wonderful!!!!!

I have had a hair trial for the wedding and love the hair style that she is going to do for me!!!!

All the fuzzes will be gone on the wedding day because Amanda gave me a Keratin No Frizz Smoothing Treatment today.  It took about 3 hrs from start to finish but I can already tell is was so worth it.  The hardest thing about the treatment is that you can not wash your hair for 72 hours and you can not pin it up, put it behind your ears, sweat, or anything for that time as well.  I know that the sweating part is going to be the hardest because it is going to easy be 100 degrees for the rest of the week.  
Here is a before picture…
(ok not right before but a recent picture of the curly)
and after (note: I worked outside all day so take that into an account)
Seizure Journal:
I am writing about Tuckers seizure for mainly for my sake and for me to reference back to in the future.  Feel free to read about it and ask any questions you may have.
Tucker, my younger dog, just had a seizure at 8:15.  He is on seizure medicine and has been for almost 3 months and he has had two seizures since then, which is a major improvement.  It has been almost a month and a half since his last one.  The seizure that he had today lasted for about 1 minute and had 4 distinct stages.  The seizures that he has are called generalized seizures or grand mal seizures.  He falls to the ground and shakes (like he is running and head shaking), then he goes into an apnea stage where he does not breath and sounds like he is choking on his tongue, then the next stage is much like the first, and then there is a period of disorientation.   The disorientation usually lasts for 30 min to an hour, during this time he paces around and runs into to things.  We have to make sure that we guard his head while he has his seizures as well.  I hope that he does not have another seizure for a really long time.  It is really scary for his parents 😦
My little buddy!!!!
L, K

My favorites- TV shows

I am going to start a post every week that lists my favorites….like TV shows, magazines, recipes, songs, and products.

This week is going to be TV shows!!!!

These are not in any type of order and as you can see by the length of the lists I really enjoy watching TV 😉

REALITY  ( I am a reality tv junkie…..I must admit)

  • Survivor– I have been watching Survivor religiously since like the 3rd season….this past season was great (Heros vs. Villans) it was a must see!!!
  • The Amazing Race– I have been a loyal watcher of the Amazing Race since season 1….I really think that A and I should go on this show one day 🙂
  • BIGGEST LOSER– this is my favorite show that comes on television.  I have also watched this one since season 1.  This is such an inspiring show and I can not miss an episode….it is in the first priority slot on my DVR.  I can not wait until the fall for a new season to come on!!!  Michael (that won this last season is my favorite ever!!!)
  • American Idol– I really sound lame but I have watched this one since the first season and probably could name all of the winners right now….even though most of them have sucked except Carrie Underwood (she is my favorite and she is SO pretty)…I think that the show is going to be extra wack next season with out Simon…I guess I will have to wait and see
  • So You Think You Can Dance–  I really wish I could dance like these people…every summer when I watch this show I want to go sign up for a dance class and learn how to dance….my favorite styles are contemporary and latin ballroom.  A new season just started a few weeks ago and I can not wait to see who my favorites are this summer!!!  Check out the dancers for this season…
  • Dancing with the Stars– this year was the first season that I watched DWTS and I loved it.   I have to admit I started watching this year because OchoCinco was on there.  I am a huge fan of him and I love to Bengals….I think that he should have won this last season
  • Hell’s Kitchen- this is A and my show for the summer time….we watch it every Tuesday and dye laughing at how crazy Chef Ramsey acts
  • Americas Next Top Model– I really don’t like the show anymore but I feel that I must watch it.  Tyra has gotten so crazy these last few seasons
  • Losing it with Jillian– this is a new show and I have only watched one episode but it has made my cry twice so I think that it is going to be a keeper
  • Intervention– my best friend got my watching this in college and it is one of my favorites now.  I really feel so sorry for all of these people on this show.  They are all so sick, but it is always nice to see that most of them come clean and stay clean in the end
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition- this show makes me cry EVERY week.  I do not think that I have watched an episode without crying.  I love this one as well

NON-reality TV
  • 24- I did not join the bandwagon until a few seasons in but now I am a big fan.  (or I can say was)  I was very sad when the show ended this last season because it was its last.  I was happy about how the show ended but in the fall my Mondays are going to boring….I am sure I will find another show to watch 😉
  • Lost– what can I say…I watched all of the seasons and absolutely loved them and I even liked the show finale
  • Greys Anatomy–  I love this show.  My best friend is the one that got me to start watching Greys.  I watched the first like 4 seasons on the computer and after that I have watched them live
  • Private Practice– I just started watching PP this last season.  I liked the last season so I guess that I will watch it next season
  • Fringe–  This is a fairly new show but it is REALLY good!!!!
  • The Office–  LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Food Shows
  • Barefoot Contessa
  • Giada at Home
  • Everyday Italian
  • 30 minute Meals
**  I have to say that I love all of the food shows above and Ina, Giada, and Rachael inspire me to cook.  Most of the recipes that I cook are from these three!!!!
Okay I know that this is absolutely ridiculous but I can honestly say that I watch all of these show religiously.  I really do have a life also ;).  Hope you guys enjoyed reading about my FAVORITES….I think that next week might be………MAGAZINES!!!!

L, K

its been a while…

It has been a while since I posted.  I will try to do better…  This weekend went by SO fast.  Saturday I did some cleaning around the house and A did a lot of yard work.  He is so good about helping with the house.  He does a great job with the yard!!!!  Last summer there was so many weeds in the front lawn and with his tender love and care there are maybe one or two weeds out there now!!!

This is not a very good picture…it is before all of the grass came in from the winter, but you guys get the idea.  I will post a picture soon of how it looks now.  

I was given a shower yesterday (sunday) by the ladies of the church I grew up in (Bethel UMC) and had an engagement party at my parents house afterward.  They both were so fun!!!  I forgot my camera (of course I always do) but don’t worry my mom had hers.  She took a bunch of pictures and they really turned out well…hopefully she will send the pictures to me soon!!!  We have gotten so many gifts from the two showers that we have has thus far.  It is kind of like Christmas but just for me when I go to these showers.  We are so grateful for everything that we have received.  I can not wait to share the pictures with you guys!!!

This week I have an appointment to get a Keratin NO frizz treatment put in my hair.  I can not wait because all of this humidity and extremely hot temperatures my hair has been a MESS.  I guess it does not help that I am outside most of the day and have to wear a hard hat when I get out of my state vehicle.  (Side note: I will be glad when I have enough experience where I get to move up a position and work in the office.)  When I got in to my personal vehicle after work this is what I saw…

This was actually at 5:30 so I know that it was hotter earlier in the day.  I think that I drank more than a gallon of water today just while I was at work.  Hopefully my hair will be more manageable and I know it will act better for the wedding after the Keratin treatment.  I will post some before and after pictures soon 😉

Have a great day!!!!
L, K

Wedding-the FINAL dress fitting

Yesterday I went for my final dress fitting.  The lady that did the alterations for me did a fantastic job.  I do not think anyone could have done a better job with the lace work and did I mention the bustle is to die for!!!!  She did a double under french bustle; I hope that my mom paid attention to how each button and loop match up because I was not paying any attention.  I was just taking in how beautiful the dress was.  Every time I put on my dress I fall in love with it again.  I know that I got the perfect dress!!!!  I can not wait to share more detail and pictures with you all, but I have to wait because you never know if A will stumble upon this site 😉

Just another note…..A and I started watching the Wire (a tv show) tonight.  He has already watched all of the seasons and he has been asking me for sometime to watch it…supposedly it is the best tv show ever (according to him).  We bought the complete five seasons today and we watched the first episode. I think that I might actually like it….I will keep you all updated!!!

I am planning to assembly more programs tomorrow and Sunday we have a shower and engagement party!!!!!  Have a great weekend!!!!

L, K

Bucket List

While I was sitting in my truck today on my job I started to think about all of the things that I want to do before I kick the can.  (If you might ask…. I was indeed working while just sitting there)  I thought  I would actually compile a list…

  • run a marathon- I have run 4 half marathons and love them, but I must run at least one full marathon!!!  I have run the ING Georgia Half marathon twice, the Outer Banks half marathon, and the Flying Pig Half Marathon (in Cincinnati…it was my first)
  • complete an Iron Man- my best friend and I discussed this at our last half marathon and we would like to do the Iron Man in Hawaii when we turn 30!!!!  I know that this will be incredibly hard but it is something I must do!!!
  • go on a mission trip to a 3rd world country-  I told A that if I would not have met him then I would probably be somewhere now in the Peace Corp or working with Samaritans Purse….this mission trip has been a life long desire!!!
  • Visit Italy and Spain
  • own a Friesian or a Clydesdale
  • visit all Fifty states….I have seen a lot of them already but I would like to see them all
  • build my own house
  • have a NBA season pass and attend all the home games!!!!  
  • conquer my intense fear of needles and my blood
  • and after the previous fear is conquered then have at least one kid!!! 
I think that this is a pretty good list of things to accomplish before the can is kicked.  Hopefully I will be blessed enough to be able to complete all of these things!!!

L, K