So….where have I been…

I have been missing from the blogging world for a few weeks now.  On July 17th I got married to the love of my life  (all the details will come in a later post)

Then on the July 18 we crosses the big pond for Paris and we have been there since.  We just got in yesterday and we have been doing things since.  The jet lag was not that bad but there was a million things for us to do once we got home.  (The honeymoon posts will come soon as well)

A update on Tillman: Tillman and Tucker stayed with my parents when we went to Paris and they loved it.  Getting to run everywhere, swim, and play with my mom’s dogs…During that stay the incision on Tillman’s neck from his surgery, that I wrote about previously, started swelling.  She took him to the vet and they drained it but the swelling kept coming back.  So, yesterday he went in for another surgery.  The vet that performed this surgery said that he fixed everything, but the incision site is much larger and he has to be kept really quite for a couple of weeks.  He had to stay overnight last night because they put a drainage tube in and have to close  everything up today.  I hope that everything will be okay this time.  My parents are going to bring him to us tomorrow and I cant wait to have him home.  I miss my other boy!

many posts will follow…I promise!

Mrs. Scott!!!!


The BIG DAY!!!

My big day is TOMORROW!  I can not believe that it is here!!!!  I love my future husband.  He is the sweetest and most caring person in the world.  I can not wait to be able to officially call him my husband and him call me his wife!!!!!

Love everyone!!!!!!
Last day as the future Mrs. Scott


I have been running around all morning getting some last minute things done and in a matter of minutes some of my friends will be arriving in Florence.  My friends and I are going to be cooking dinner tonight at my house and then just resting up for all of the festivities to begin tomorrow.  Tomorrow (Thursday) my bridesmaids are hosting a shower for me at Top Hat Special Teas here in Florence and then we will be making our way down the the beach for my bachelorette party.  We will start the evening off at the Japanese restaurant at Broadway at the Beach and take it from there.  I am excited about going to the beach and getting to hang out with some of my friends that I have not seen in a while.  Then on Friday we will start the day off with a bridal luncheon at the Baroody House in Florence.  Then that evening will be the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner also at the Baroody House.

THEN on Saturday the WEDDING!!!!!  I can not wait!!!

So long for now!!!

L, Future (not for very much longer) Mrs. Scott

Packing, Cleaning, Organizing OH MY….

For the last two days I have been doing nothing but packing for the honeymoon, cleaning the house for my guests, and packing wedding things up.  I can’t complain though because secretly I am loving every minute of it.

I have gotten all of my clothes packed for the honeymoon and only lack toiletries.   I find that it is hard to pack toiletries until the day.  I hope that this does not create a problem when we are trying to leave for Charlotte after the wedding.  Maybe I should just go buy new stuff and just pack it ahead of time.

I have also straighten the house from top to bottom.  I have to vacuum and dust today but that is not a biggie.  I have been waiting to the last minute to do that since I have two beautiful shedding machines that live in the house with me :).

I have also tried to get some of the wedding stuff that has to be taken over to the Columns all packed up so that it is easier to locate and take over there on Friday.  I just realized yesterday that I have A LOT of stuff that has to go over there.  I am assuming that every bride has stuff like that.  I have bird cages, easels, portraits, fans, programs, bird seed packets, champagne glasses, cake servers, napkins, water bottles, and that is not even all of my get up ;).  I think that my car is going to be PACKED!

Andre finished up our itinerary for the honeymoon last night.  He did such a great job and we are going to be able to see all of the big sights and not be rushed (thats what I liked about it).  I want our honeymoon to be relaxed and fun not where we are running around like crazy people.  I checked online today to print out our boarding passes for the planes and I have to wait until the day of the wedding to print these things off.  I think that really sucks.  I wish that I could print them off today so that I would not have to worry about them until Sunday.  I really hate procrastinating.  If I set my mind to it I get it done.  I guess I am a go getter, and I have been told that may be bad when I have kids :).

I guess I need to go ahead and start the vacuuming and dusting process.  I also have to go by the rental places today and pay them, so I have a busy busy day ahead of me!!!!

Have a great day bloggers!!!

L, Future Mrs. Scott (only THREE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday…

Today has been a very productive yet relaxing Saturday.  Andre and I spent the day putting labels on water bottles for the wedding while watching “The Wire”.

 I had a post a while back about starting this TV series.  I was not to sure whether I would like it or not but I am starting to really enjoy watching that episodes.  We are currently finishing up the second season and Andre told me that the next season is really good.  I am looking forward to seeing what happens to my favorite characters.  This show makes you get really involved with the characters.  I would highly recommend it!  I hope that we can finish the second season before the wedding.

We have gotten a little over half of all the labels put on the water bottles and will finish them up while we are watching the World Cup Finals……GO SPAIN!!!!  I really like the labels and think that it will be really cool to have our “OWN” water for everyone to drink before the ceremony begins.  

Andre and I decided that we would exchange wedding gifts a little before the wedding since many people are coming into town and we wanted to exchange them in an intimate setting.  I got him a set of luggage so that he can use it when we travel to Paris. He got me a Pandora bracelet.  He did such a great job picking out the beads and charms.  I really love it!!!!!!!!

The two beads that are on there are the wedding colors.  Then there is a wedding bell in the center and two more silver beads that he picked out all by himself.  He did a GREAT job!!!

I also made my rehearsal bouquet today.  I used all of the bows that were off of the presents that I received at my bridal showers.  I untied them and retied them so that they would fit into the bouquet.  I am really excited about using it and seeing my best friend marry my soon the be husband at the rehearsal.  😉

Tillman is still getting better and his incision is looking better everyday.  He is not too happy that he has to wear a shirt but that is the only way that I can keep Tucker from licking the cut.  Here are a few pictures of him in his shirt and his incision.

Tucker had another seizure tonight.  It has only been 3 1/2 weeks since the last one.  He was sleeping when he started convulsing but it only lasted for about 1 minute.  That is shorter than most of them last.  He them paced around for about 30 minutes (which is normal).  His little lip was jumping that entire time.  Then he laid down and went to sleep for the night.  I am going to call the vet on Monday to see what he says, but hopefully he does not have to raise his dose of medicine.

I hope everyone out in blog world has a great day!!!!

Love, future Mrs. Scott (only 5 days)

Show Us Your Life- Favorite Bible Verse

Over on Kelly’s Korner today is “Show Us Your Life- Favorite Bible Verses”.  I really love reading Kelly’s blog.  She reminds me that everyone has the same issues and problems.  I think that she is an inspiration. I really love that she does the “Show Us Your Life” every week.  I really enjoy doing them each week.
SO this week is favorite Bible verses and mine is…..
Acts 20:35 “I have showed you all things, how that so laboring you ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”
I really try to live my life by this Bible verse.  I try to be unselfish and build people up when they are down. At Salkehatchie this year I was given a letter by a neighbor of my site’s homeowner that had this verse written in it.  She was so thankful that we were helping her neighbor even though she was probably in the same situation (house wise and financially).  Her letter was so sweet and I read it to all the people that were on my site and working on the house.  She even put $100 in the letter to be used to get something for her neighbor.  I was so shocked and overjoyed.  This type of generosity is not seen everyday.  That lady was our angel for the week!
Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!!!
L, Future Mrs. Scott  (only 7 more days)

Wow, it was a HOT one today!

Today was a very hot day here in South Carolina.  I took the temperature at about 3 on the job site and my concrete thermometer read 112 degrees!!!!  WOW.  Needless to say I think that I drank over a gallon of water just at work today.  I am hoping that it cools down just a tad by next Saturday (my wedding day).  I got concrete on my arms today at work and I am allergic.  I have red spots all over my arms and I hope that they are gone by next Saturday as well!!!!

After work I wrapped presents for my beautiful, wonderful girls that are going to be in my wedding party.  I think that I did a pretty good job wrapping them.  They are so colorful and will go great with the decor at the bridal luncheon.  I can not wait for all of the wedding festivities to begin.  I can hear the wedding bells ringing already!!!!  It is hard to believe that this time next week I will be getting ready for the rehearsal!

I made a list today of all the things that I still need to do before the wedding.  One big thing left is that I have to wait for the water bottle labels to come in (should be tomorrow or Saturday) and then put them on all the bottles of water.  It is going to take a fairly long time (there are 450 of them) but Andre has promised to help.  he is such a sweetie!!!  I also have to make place cards for the bridal luncheon and rehearsal dinner.  The last but defiantly not least it that I need to finish up my french Rosetta Stone.  I have learned a good many words  and I feel confidant that I could understand enough French to get by for the honeymoon.  I am certain that many of the people in Paris speak English but I would rather try to speak their native language out of respect.

Now it is time for me to cook dinner!!!  Grilled bbq chicken, sweet potato fries, and zucchini!!!

L, future Mrs Scott

Tillman is out of SURGERY!!!

My guy is out of surgery and is laying at my side as I type.  I can tell that he is pretty uncomfortable but I think that we got good news from the vet.  He (as in the vet) told us that he thinks that the cyst was caused from a shot and not cancerous.  He is still sending a sample to pathology to be 100% sure.  Those results will be back in on this coming Thursday.

The vet told me something that I was already considering today.  He told me since Tillman has had a shot knot before and this cyst is what he believes to be another one that I should go at least 3 years between his vaccinations (ie rabies).  I was already considering this since my dog trainer told me about vaccinosis last year.  I think that I will only vaccinate every three years from now on.

I hope that he stops whining soon.  It really breaks my heart for him to be uncomfortable.  Tucker, his little brother, is trying to take care of him though.  They are two of the best pups I must say!!!!

So long for now!

L, Tillman and Tucker’s Mom

My favorites- BOOKS

Today on “My Favorites” is………….BOOKS!!!!

My absolute favorite series is the Harry Potter Series- I must say that I laughed and cried while reading these books.  I was actually upset when I finished the last book.  I think that everyone should read these books.  They are not just for children; adults will get things out of them that children would not.   I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!

John Grisham-  I have read every book that John Grisham has written and I love them all.  My favorites are The Chamber, A Time to Kill, and well I really like them all!!!

Cold Mountain- I have not seen the movie but I do know that I love the book.  I have the audiobook on  my iPod and I listen to tidbits all of the time!!!

To Kill a Mockingbird- this is tied as my favorite book from High School

Great Expectations- the other book that is tied as my favorite book from HS.

The Green Mile series- Andre’ is actually the one that gave me these books and told me to read them.  I think that the books and the movie were equally good.  

Hope you guys have enjoyed this episode of “my favorites”.  Not sure if I will have a new set of favorite next week since many of my friends will be coming into town for the wedding on next Tuesday.  I can not wait to see them all!!!!!
L, future Mrs. Scott

The Wedding is ALMOST here and my animals…

In only 10 days it will be my wedding day!  I am very excited and very anxious to get all of these last minute things completed.  I did very well planning and only have things left that could not be completed until the last minute.  I am very excited to pack for our honeymoon.  It has been a few years since I have been out of the country and I can not wait to be in Paris.

I went to the local Bank of America today to find out that they will not exchange our money to euros so my kind father is going to get it exchanged for us in Charlotte at the BOA.  I know that they will exchange money without any fees.  That is where I have always gotten my money exchange when I have gone over seas.  I was surprised how low the exchange rate is now for US dollars to euros.  I can remember when I went to Germany a few years ago it was $1.5 for 1 euro.  Now it is $1.26 for 1 euro.  I am pretty excited about that and I hope that it does not go up in the next couple of days.

Tillman has surgery in the morning.  He has a mass on his back…right where his collar is and the vet wants to remove it.  He is going to send it to the pathologist to make sure that it is not cancerous.  I am praying that it is nothing.  He is only 4…way too young to have cancer.  Please keep Tillman (my baby) in your thoughts tomorrow.  I get to pick him up tomorrow afternoon which I am very thankful for. I would miss him so much if he had to stay at the vet overnight.

Well I guess that is all the rambling for now.  Hope that everyone has a great night!!!!

L, Tillman and Tucker’s mom