Tuesday Randomness

I had a pretty good Tuesday.  I have nothing to complain about.  I created half marathon training plans for one of my friends and for myself.  We are planning to run a few half marathons in the late part of this year and early part of 2011.  I am very excited about the races.   I hope that I keep my training up the entire 14 weeks.  I usually start the training really well but start to slack towards the end.  I am hoping to improve my time and run at least one of the races in under 2hrs!  I know a big goal, but I am going to try to accomplish it.  I will start training in 2 weeks.  I guess I can get really rested up in the next two weeks and hope that it cools down a little by then.  It is still scorching here (it was 98 today at 5PM!!!!)  I love 50 – 60 degree weather to run in.  I think that weather is perfect.

I also am thinking about starting a cooking blog.  I know that I will not update it as much as this one but I think that it would be fun to share recipes and food pictures since I am obsessed with anything food related.  You should see my kitchen!  Check back really soon and follow me 🙂 PLEASE  (A Step into My Kitchen)

I am really excited for all the new shows to start in just a few weeks.  I am a reality tv junkie…  I can not wait for BIGGEST LOSER (my fav.), Survivor, Amazing Race, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Dancing with the Stars, Grey’s Anatomy, Fringe, The Office, Private Practice….I know, I know I am ridiculous but I can not help it!!!

I know this post was totally random but that is good sometimes.  Have a great evening!



Top Two Tuesday: Cities

Today over at The Undomestic Momma, Tay is hosting Top Two Tuesday: favorite cities

Mine are:

1. PARIS- of course I had to pick Paris because that is where Andre and I went on our honeymoon and we had the best times of our lives.  We could not have picked a better place to start our lives together.  Paris is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and the food is to die for!  I can not wait to go back on one of our anniversaries.

2. New York: I went to NYC when I was younger and loved it .  I did all the touristy things but honestly in elementary school you do not appreciate things as much.  I really want to go back since I am “grown” so that I can really soak in everything that NYC has to offer!!!   Maybe sometime this next year I will go!

Have a great Tuesday!!!!
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house face lift: update

Happy Sunday everyone!  This weekend was filled with more painting and updating our home.  My parents came to Florence to paint and man was it great having 4 people painting instead of only 2. We finished painting so quickly and the quality of the paint job was probably improved as well.  We really like the color that we picked out.  It is a blue green teal color.

My parents got us a media center.  The tv stand was scratched so that is the reason that the old entertainment center is still in the middle.  The tv stand is supposed to be in at anytime.  The book case was also a gift from my parent.  We are really thankful and really love the pieces.  They go so well with the new wall color.

I can not wait to decorate the mantle at Christmas time!!!!

I really love the new color and the media center and bookcase that are new to our home as of  this weekend!!!!
Another new addition is my pot rack.  I have a ridiculous amount of kitchen supplies.  I can actually say that I use all of it though.  So because I do not have enough cabinet space as I need I got a pot rack.  I have wanted on for so long, so I found one and my dad put it up!  
As you can see we had a great weekend at the Scott household.  Hope you all did as well!  Have a great week!!!!

My rings!

Today I made the trek (only 1.5 hrs away) to the beach to get my rings soldering together.  I am so happy to finally have them all connected.  My bands would continuously twist around and move out of their places.  My jeweler did such a great job, it is the same jeweler that made my bands.  He is awesome.  I wish that i had unlimited funds so he could make me some pieces!!  A girl can only wish 😉

Here are some pictures of them all together as one piece!!!!!

Note: These flowers are from my wedding.  This particular set is one of my bridesmaids bouquets.  (dried of course)
Hope you enjoy!

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

This is the first time that I have participated in “What Im Loving Wednesday” hosted by Little Daisy May.

The things I am loving:

  • Hot Summer runs with my dogs…I know it sounds crazy but I really do enjoy it and they do too.  When I ask them if they want to go for a run they both start dancing around, barking, and trying to find their harnesses and leaches.  It is really cute!
  • Coming home to my husband everyday.  I still have not gotten use to it!  (It has only been a little over a month give me a break ;))
  • oatmeal toast with organic peanut butter and hot tea for breakfast
  • our new paint in our house
  • and of course cooking dinner every night this week!
What are you guys loving?


At our house we have curb side garbage pick up that is common to most households.  We have never had any problems with the company that picks up our garbage until this week.  We came home to find that only half of our garbage had been emptied this week.  I decided to call the company this morning to find out what their deal was.  I was thinking that it was an honest mistake or something.  The lady (later find out that she is apparently the boss) that answered the phone defiantly woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  She told me that the guys did not dump our garbage because it had grass in it.

Note: We have put our grass clippings in the trash can since I bought our house over a year ago.  Grass has been in the can every week.

I explained that to her and then she proceeds to tell me that I should be responsible for all the fines that they have ever gotten at the landfill.  Before this very moment I did not even know that it was a rule that you could not put grass in your garbage can.  She will not let me talk and just starts fussing at me.  I decide that it is probably better to just get off the phone with her before they put a black star by our names (there probably is a red star, hopefully not black yet).  Needless to say, I think that we will need to find another garbage collector to service our house.  Hopefully I will be successful in my search today!


Training again!

I have decided to run yet another half marathon!!!!!  This will be my fifth!  I am planning to run in the Charlotte Thunder Roll Half Marathon in Charlotte, NC on December 11.  I have never run in this one but it should be interesting.  I think that this race has a nascar theme which I know absolutely nothing about 🙂  but that does not mean that it will not be fun.  I am going to try to run in the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon in February as well and maybe the ING Georgia Marathon again in March.  I am not sure whether that would be too much or not.  I hope some of my other friends will decide to run some of them with me (hint…hint)

Note: Andre is singing in the background which makes for tough sentence writing but its ok.  🙂

Every time I have trained for a half marathon I used a training program that I made but was based on Hal Higdon’s famous training programs.  They seem to work great for what kind of running I do.  I usually only run 9-10 minute miles during training and during the race.  I am perfectly fine with that time and it makes it entire process more enjoyable to me.  I do not have a desire to run “fast” anymore.  My fast days are in the past (high school track). Any of you all out there what kind of training plans have you used?

My goal this training time is to run with Tillman and Tucker at least once a week a piece.  They both really enjoy running but they must go separately because they go bananas when they are together on the leashes.  So for right now they will run separately.

Have a great night bloggers!!!!


Top Two Tuesday

Top 2 Biggest Indulgences!

1. Gourmet Food: like natural and organic products…..If organic or natural is available then I buy it…I wish that I did not spend as much at the grocery store every week though

Tucker….My love!

2.  My dogs:  I will do anything for them.  I believe that everything happens for a reason and I have my dogs to take care of their medical problems.  For Tillman’s first 2 years he had very bad stomach problems every month….he finally out grew them (thank goodness)  but that means that he must eat organic specialty food for the rest of his life.  He also had major food allergies.  Tucker has bilateral congenital hip dysplasia and had a total hip replacement on his left hip last November.  He also has epilepsy and is on medicine everyday for it.  He still has seizures but I guess they are less frequent than they were.  I would not trade either one of them for anything.  I love them no matter what aliments they have, and I will do everything for them!  They are our children and we love them!

Tillman wearing his shirt that he has had to wear for the last month and a half. He has had two surgeries from a shot knot that he had on his neck from a rabies shot.  He is allergic to the shot.
Love, Kit

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tired. frustrated. Its a Monday

Disclaimer: If you are not in the mood hear anyone complain then I would advise you to skip over this post.

Let me start out by saying that I know I really do not have any place to complain but this is my personal space to vent if I need to.

I am tired of not having any friends in Florence besides my husband…I am tired of waking up a 5AM in the morning…I am tired of not getting the respect that I deserve at work (I am a women engineer working in the construction field respect is hard to come by)… I am tired of never being able to dress up for work… I am tired of sweating so much at work that I feel embarrassed to go out for lunch…

I can not wait for the day when I am not out in the hot sun everyday! Fall please hurry up!

Well that feels a little better…