Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all!  I just wanted to share some pictures with you all.  We ( really I did) decided that since we were not dressing up to dress the pups up.  Needless to say they were not really pleased but tolerated the madness.  They were a hit with the trick or treaters though!

Tillman was a ferrous Bumble Bee
Tucker was a fire breathing Dragon

I hope that everyone has a great HALLOWEEN!!!


Trick or Treat

I have some issues with Trick or Treating…  I have no problem with children dressed in costumes under 13 years old.  All of them are cute and I love giving them candy.  I really don’t even have a problem with children with no costumes on as long as they say thank you when you hand them the candy…

I do have a problem with people 20+ coming to the door and asking for candy.  There is something just not right about that.  Being the nice and non-confrontational person I am I just handed them two pieces of candy and they were on their way.  True Story: There was a group of 8-10 children that came to our door no costumes and grocery bags in their hands.  There were also a few adults with them.  After the children got their candy the adults (older than me, like late 30s) came to the door did not say anything  and opened their bags for me.  I did as they wanted me to and dropped candy in their bags but this is not right…just saying!  Adults always have to spoil all the fun 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone!

Show Us Your Life- Guest Bedrooms

Our guest bedroom will be a nursery one day so we decided not to do anything with it (ie decorate) for right now.  We still have wedding stuff in it but I am in the process of getting everything put away and make the room nice and neat.

The bed with the comforter that is left over from my college years

see wedding stuff everywhere

I am letting the wreaths dry out!

There is still some work to be done in this room but I really do not see the point if we are planning to have children in the near future.

I guess we will see!

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

OMG…  It is Wednesday!!!!  This week has seemed to drag a little, but it is hump day now!  I am so ready for the weekend.  We are going to R.E.L.A.X!  I decided to link up with Jamie today and tell all of you what I’m Loving!

I’m loving the caramel apples that I made last night.  Nothing says halloween like some good caramel apples!  I can not wait to eat one this evening!
I’m loving that Halloween is this weekend.  If I only knew what day the children were planning to trick-or-treat.  I have heard os many different things….some say Saturday while others say Sunday
I’m loving that Thanksgiving/my birthday are coming up really soon!
I’m loving that it finally decided to rain here yesterday.  Our yard desperately needed some water. 
I’m loving that my wedding pictures should be up today!  I am so excited and can not wait to look at each one of them like a 1000 times…
I’m loving that I am hosting my first giveaway this week.  You can go “here” to check it out.  It is a $35 gift certificate to any CSN store!  The winner is announced this Saturday!  I am also hosting a CSN giveaway on my cooking blog this coming week…so look out for that one!  The link to my cooking blog  is in the top left column of my blog 🙂
I’m loving that we plan to carve out pumpkins tomorrow!  I still am not sure what I want to carve mine like this year…
These are our pumpkins from last year
I’m loving all of my blog followers/friends!  You all are great!  Thanks for all the sweet comments!
And like always, I’m loving my loving and supportive Husband and my sweet pups!

Bathroom Updates!!!!

Well both of our bathrooms in our house have been redone!!!!  I am so glad that we can strike that off of our list of things to do!  We re did the floors in both bathrooms, painted, put in new lights, and all new hardware.  I can not wait to show you all all of our hard work!

Guest Bathroom:

New floor in guest bathroom
Guest bathroom: shower curtain from Pottery Barn

Master Bathroom:
I do not have any before pictures but it looked almost like the other bathroom’s before

This shower curtain is from Pottery Barn as well.

I hope you all liked my tour through our “new” bathrooms.  We are so excited to actually have them done!!!!!

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

It is Wednesday!  HUMP day!  Halfway done with the week!
That means it is also “WILW” over at Jamie’s blog.  Go link up!
I am loving quite a bit of things and people this week!  

*I love that I got to help my niece with her physics homework (via skype)and I actually remembered how to do it!  Technology is amazing and I do not know what I would do without it!

*I love that I will be hosting my 1st giveaway soon!  Can we say excited…  Keep your eyes open for it!!!!!!!

*I love that Andre and I have decided that we want to go to Rome for our 1st Anniversary trip!  I went to Books A Million yesterday and orders Rick Steve’s Rome 2011 book.  We can not wait to read it and start planning our trip.  We lived by Rick Steve’s book in Paris and plan to do the same in Rome! I would highly suggest any of his books!  We are up for any suggestions on any must go or see places!

*I am loving my new hair gloss/color!  Sorry for the picture from my phone but I did not feel like going to get my camera from my car.

I am loving that I have 55 followers!  I just love everyone of my followers!

Last but definitely not least I am loving my wonderful husband and my puppies!

Have a great Wednesday and I can not wait to see what you are loving!

Miscellany Monday…/Weekend Recap

It is Monday…and so far it has been going good!  I am going to turn my weekend recap into my “Miscellany Monday”.  I hope that will be okay!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one…The final pieces of furniture that my parents gave us for our wedding gift finally came in.  They brought then to us yesterday.  We love them (my parents and the furniture) so much!  

I love the green so much!!!!  I can not wait to start filling it up with goodies…
The entertainment console it finally complete…we love it!!!!

two…We have been thinking of places to go for our 1 yr anniversary…I know you are thinking that it maybe a little to early to be planning this…but we want to go somewhere overseas and getting those plane tickets well in advance usually pays off.  We are thinking Rome or London but are up for suggestions….where would you go????
three…I have a hair appointment today…YAY…to cover my grays…boo!  I can not believe that I have quite a few gray hairs and I am only 23!  Well those bad boys are going to be all covered up after this afternoon!  I can not wait but I am still a little nervous because I have never colored my hair before…
four…I have been married for 3 months yesterday!!!!!  

Well,  I guess it is back to work for me…

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Show us Your Life- Offices

It is SUYL over at “Kelly’s Korner” today office edition!

Our office is not completed yet so it does not look like anything special.  We have painted the wall and that is it.  We decided that the main rooms too priority and the office could definitely wait its turn.  Right now the “office” has my desk from college and our treadmill and bike.  We had a bed in this room before the wedding so that everyone that was staying at the house would have a place to sleep.  Since then we have moved the bed out but have not had to time to redecorate and fix everything.  

This is how the room looked when we moved in.  

Housed on one wall is a lamp with all of my race medals.  Soon I will be able to add more to the collection!

My degree…

and my Chi Epsilon certificate… Chi Epsilon is a Civil Engineering honor fraternity

The work out corner and the pup’s couch that they sit on during the day to watch the birds.

 My desk and reading chair.  

My bouquet that I used in my bridal portraits is also stationed in the room.  

 This is where I really sit and do any type of work I may do at home….blogging, paying bills, and other nonsense!

Hopefully one day soon we will finish up the office and it will look presentable.  I hope to get some great office ideas today while I look through everyone’s office tours!  YAY!

Have a great Friday!  Wow 2 posts in one day!  I am getting on it….go check out my progress with the 30 day blog challenge “day 5: siblings, “day 4: parents“, “day 3: first love, Andre“, “day 2: meaning behind my blog name“, and “day 1: intro and 15 facts about me“!

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

Its “WILW” over at Jamie’s blog!

I am loving that I am a participating in Katie’s 30 day blogging challenge. Go “here” to check out her blog.  Go “here” to check out day 1 (introductions and 15 facts about me), go “here” for day 2 (meaning behind my blog name), and finally “here” to read my day 3 post (about my first LOVE! )

I really love the challenge to blog for 30 days straight and the opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers!  I can not wait follow everyone during this challenge!

I am loving the health green drink I had this Am.  It was really delicious and very health.  It was made with spinach, strawberries, and banana.  I decided to add more fruit to my diet so what better way than make a delish smoothie!  I think t I will have another one tomorrow morning. You can get the recipe “here” 
I am loving my half marathon training this week.  It has finally cooled off enough were it is fun running now.  When it is 100 degrees outside I would rather not step foot outdoors much less run 5t miles!  
I love that our china cabinet is finally in.  Now my dad just has to go pick it up and bring it to us!!!!
I can not wait to see it and fill it up with all of our goodies!  I hope it goes perfectly in our kitchen/dining area.  
I am loving all my new followers.  It makes me feel so special when I get a new follower.  I have 8 more than I did last wednesday!  YAY!!!!  I guess this engineer can somewhat write…
I love that Andre and my 3 month anniversary is this Sunday.  We are going to celebrate by me cooking a French meal and watching a good movie.  I can not believe that I have been married almost 3 months.  It just seems like yesterday that I was doing last minute things, getting ready, and walking down the aisle.  These 3 months have been the best 3 months of my life!  I love my husband
I love that the miners in Chile are being rescued today!  I have been reading stories on CNN all morning!  This is truly an amazing story.  

Have a great Wednesday!