Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend!  Andre has been a little under the weather so we have been trying to relax so I can get him better before the basketball games start next week.  I can not believe that they play their first real game of the season on Monday!

Saturday we went to see HARRY POTTER!!!   I really enjoyed it and thought that it was a really good movie.  I agree with the critics that if you have not seen the other movies or read the books you would not get much out of it.  I really think if you have not read the books then you would not get as much out of it.  Andre has not read the books and re-watched the movies so he was a little rusty with his Harry Potter knowledge….maybe I just know too much about it 🙂  

Yesterday evening we finished up watching the Godfather.  That was Andre’s movie pick for November. Many of you probably know about us doing this but if you don’t…as part of my 101 in 1001 I decided that I would watch a movie of Andre’s choice once a month.  He chose Godfather this month.  We have watch Goodfellas, Casablanca, and now the Godfather.  I would say out of those three the Godfather is my favorite so far.

Today has been a laid back kind of day.  We got up late and I went running around noon.  I ran 9 miles today and tried out the Gatorade G series.  There are 3 different products in this series. A gel type drink to take before you run, then a drink to drink while you run, and then a recovery drink.  The gel and drink that I drank while I was running was good, but I thought that the recovery drink was too sweet.  I am not a big fan of really sweet things.  I felt really good on my run…not sure if it was the gatorade products or just a good running day.  I am going to use them again next weekend when I run 10 miles!  

I drank all of the lemon lime flavored drinks.  

Now I am making chex mix that we call Trash in my family.  We always make it around the holidays and I have been craving it!  I can not wait for it to be done so I can chow down 🙂  I will put the recipe up later today on my cooking blog!  I posted a few new recipes earlier today as well go “here” to check them out!

This evening I am cooking Chicken Tetrazzini (go “here” to check out that recipe) and we are going to watch Amazing Race….I would LOVE to be on that show with Andre!!!  

I hope that everyone’s weekends were AWESOME!!!!  The Christmas blog challenge starts tomorrow!!!!!

You should join in!!!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Those Gatorade drinks sound interesting! I can't wait to see HP and I'll hopefully see it with my sister this weekend. I loved reading the books, and I'm a big fan of the movies!

  2. Sounds like you had a wondeful weekend 🙂 I too love the amazing race but haven't been able to watch it ever since we moved to this black hole of tv reception 😦

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