4 month anniversary

As most of you already know…we are celebrating our wedding anniversary every month until we hit the big 1 year.  We are doing this just because I love to celebrate things and it gives me an excuse to cook French meals once a month.  We loved the food in Paris so much that we decide that on these monthly anniversaries that I would cook something that we really enjoyed in Paris on our honeymoon.  

On November 17th we celebrated our 4 month anniversary and I cooked Beef Bourguignon and French Chocolate Cake.  Both things were absolutely fabulous!  You can check out the recipes “here” and “here” on my cooking blog.  

Did any of you celebrate your wedding anniversary every month until the one year anniversary?  
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!   I will post our weekend recap later today!

Show Us Your Life- Laundry Rooms and Hallways

Welcome from Kelly’s Korner.  I am going to show you around our laundry room and our little hallway.  
Laundry Room
Our laundry room is not decorated at all but serves its purpose and is very functional.  Hopefully we will be able to redo the floor in the kitchen soon and that means the floor in the laundry room will be redone as well.  
We love our he washer and dryer.  My parents gave these to me when I moved into our house!  I love them so much because we can wash our king size comforter in the washer with no problem!
Doggie cabinet and water machine!  Tucker thought I was going to get a treat for him 😉
 Our key and leash holder.  The door goes out to our garage.  Tucker loves to get in my pictures!
Our hallway…
it separated our office and guest bedroom
can you see the wedding gifts in the background 🙂
I hope you enjoyed the tour.  You can got “here” to see the rest if our home tour!
Have a great weekend!

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday!  That means go link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving on this wonderful November day!
Harry Potter comes out on FRIDAY!!!!  I can not wait to go see it!
I go our wedding DVD in the mail yesterday and I am in LOVE….I posted a few of the pictures yesterday “here“…go check them out!
I have been married to the love of my life for 4 months today!!!!!  I am making our traditional French meal tonight to celebrate!
I am loving all of my followers new and old.  I can not believe that I almost have 130 people following my blog.  Thank you all 🙂
And of course I am loving my wonderful and supportive husband and my sweet Tillman and Tucker!

Miscellany Monday…

It is a new week and a wonderful new new week it is!  So not one with Miscellany Monday over a Carissa’s blog.

Thanksgiving is next week!  Can you believe it…I can’t.  I am hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year and I am preparing all of the food.  I am really excited but I know that I have a bunch of things to get done before next week.  
My birthday is in 13 days!  I will be 24!  
I am in the process of getting a blog makeover!  I can not wait to see what Bailey at b’s {blog} boutique makes for me.  I just love all of her work…she is amazing and so easy to work with!  Her wait list is closed right now but she is opening it back up around the 2nd week in December so go check her out.  Your blog will love you for it 🙂
My 4 month wedding anniversary is on Wednesday!  I am making beef bourguignon for our French meal of the month.  I can not wait to see how it turns out!  
These four months have gone by so fast and  I can not wait to share all of our wedding pictures with you all!
Tucker:  I took him to the vet on Friday to get his levels checked.  I get the results this week and I am hoping for some great news.  He also has a wart like mass on his front leg which is probably nothing but we are having it taken off in a week just to make sure.  I am hoping that the pathologist confirms that it is nothing of concern.  This Friday marks the one year anniversary of when he got his new hip.  He has been doing great this past year and can hop up from laying down like a normal dog.  He can ever run and jump now with out any pain!  I am so glad that he has been the owner of a bionic hip for 1 year now 🙂
We did some closet organizing this weekend and it is amazing the amount of crap that 2 people can accumulate in just a year.  I am a self proclaimed pack rat but I am one the path to changing after this weekend.  The cabinets in our bathrooms have shown the most improvement after this cleaning adventure.   You can actually look in there and find the things that you are looking for in less that 30 seconds!
I resumed my half marathon training this weekend and ran 8 miles Saturday.  It felt really good which is great because I have not been training like I should have been.  Our half marathon is less than a month away and I can not wait to see this beautiful lady.  
I really want one of these for either my birthday or Christmas….hint hint Mama 😉  an Nikon D3000 or D3100…Just think about how great all of the pictures of our doggies and all the food I cook would be if this baby was doing to shooting.
 I will leave you with another picture that I am in love with!  Me and my daddy!

After running 8 miles this morning I could really use some of this…to bad I am not in Paris.

Have a great Saturday!  We are going to see Due Date this afternoon!!!!

Show Us Your Life- Bathrooms

It is the bathroom edition of Kelly’s Show Us Your Life.  Both of our bathrooms have recently had makeovers.  Both bathrooms had horrible wallpaper and floor covering.  I am so happy with the way they looks….its a million tome better I promise.  I will spare your eyes and not show you the befores….they were not that bad 🙂

Guest Bathroom

The shower curtain is from Pottery Barn and the towels were wedding gifts.
 New floor!!!

New light fixture.  I love the glass globes…they have air bubbles all over them
New Knobs….from Lowes

Master Bathroom
The shower curtain is from Pottery Barn and so is the rug.
Walls: Valspar Signature Dry Earth

New knobs…from Hobby Lobby

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Just for the fun of it!

. What are your middle names? use to be Lee now mine is Davis; his Antoine

2. How long have you been together? 3.5 to 4 years….married almost 4 months 🙂

3. How long did you know each other before you started dating? a while

4. Who asked who out?  of course he asked me…. 🙂

5. How old are each of you?  me almost 24; him 34….the bad thing is that I act older most of the time 🙂

6. Did you go to the same school? no; I went to school in Chester, SC then to Clemson University and he went to school in Florence, SC and then University of SC …boo Gamecocks 😉

7. Are you from the same home town?  no, but we live in his hometown now…the big Flo-town

8. Who is the smartest?  ummm…..He says that I am the smartest so I will go with that…he is smarter about real life stuff and I am smarter at fixing stuff

9. Who majored in what?  Me: Civil Engineering; Him: Biology and Masters in Education

10. Who is the most sensitive?  of course me

11. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?  PARIS on our honeymoon!

12. Who has the worst temper?  this one is hard because we do not do any yelling and screaming….I guess if I had to pick one of us it would probably be me 😦

13. How many children do you want? probably 1 or 2….it all depends on how bad the delivery is with the first one 🙂

14. Who does the cooking?  me, but I am happy to do it!  I love cooking!

15. Who is more social?  I am more comfortable around strangers than he is but we are both pretty social.  We also do not mind being home with just each other.

16. Who is the neat freak?   We are both really clean but he takes it to another level.  I think living with two dogs has weakened his neat freakiness 🙂

17. Who is the most stubborn?  probably him…maybe that one is a hard one

18. Who wakes up earlier?  me, I wake up at 5AM every morning and about 8 on the weekends…the dogs don’t like sleeping in

19. Where was your first date?  Market Commons in Myrtle Beach

20. Who has the bigger family?  we both have a brother, but probably me

21. Do you get flowers often?  on special occasions….I do love flowers though 🙂

22. How do you spend the holidays?  this is our first set of holidays as a married couple so we are still figuring it all out.  We are having Thanksgiving at our house and probably go to my parents house on Christmas eve and morning.  Then back to our house for Christmas afternoon…I think

23. Who is more jealous?  probably him; I am really not a jealous person.

24. How long did it take to get serious?  around  year

25. Who eats more?  me…I can out eat almost any man 🙂

26. What do you do for a living?  I am a civil engineer for a government agency and he is a high school science teacher and the varsity boys basketball coach

27. Who does the laundry? we always end up doing it together on Sunday night 🙂

28. Who’s better with the computer?  him…I am pretty good too but just not as good

29. Who drives when you are together?  I drive during the day and he drives at night….I have a hard time seeing at night and especially when it is raining

30. What is your song? Plan B She Said 😉  This is the song that will always remind us of our honeymoon…it was on the tv every time we turned it on in our hotel in Paris

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday… so that mean go link up with Jamie and tell everyone what you are loving on the beautiful Wednesday!

I’m loving that today is my last day of work for this week!  Yay for four day weekends!
I’m loving that my husband bought me all 6 of the Harry Potter movies so I can watch them all again before Nov. 19th 🙂

I’m loving that my husbands basketball team had a great scrimmage last night.  I think that they are going to be really good this year!
I’m loving the weather here in SC this week!  BEAUTIFUL!
I’m loving that I got the postcard from our Christmas tree farm in the mail this week.  We are planning to go cut it down the first weekend in December.  I wish that I could get it earlier but then the tree maybe dried up before Christmas day and that would be NO good!  You can go “here” to check them out!  We have gone back here year  after year!
I’m loving the Eggnog Latte and of course the RED cups from Starbucks!!!
I’m loving that my BIRTHDAY and Thanksgiving are a mere 2 weeks away!!!!
I’m loving all of my followers!  All of you girls are the BEST!  I have met so many awesome people since I started this blog in May.  118 WOW…this is outstanding!
I’m loving all of my beautiful friends that really helped me out yesterday 🙂
* Sorry for the watermarks.  I should get my DVD of all my pictures sometime this week!!!!!!  

And of course I’m Loving my  husband and puppy dogs!  They are the best!

I want this…

On of my favorite sites A Cup of Jo had this on her site last week!  I want, I want!

Looks simple enough, right?  I would love to try this for a holiday party or even just a date night!  I just love how it looks messy but fixed at the same time.  I am going to try it out…you can go “here” to see the step-by-step!
Hope you are having a great Monday!