miscellany Monday…

{1} Birthdays…
We celebrated Andre’s birthday last Thursday with homemade chicken fettucini alfredo and ice cream cake.  I have become a pro at making homemade pasta.  It was PERFECT this past time!  It was wonderful being able to celebrate his birthday this year 🙂
fresh pasta

fettucini alfredo

chocolate ice cream cake
{2} Shopping…
I went shopping with my mom this past weekend and we had so much fun!  I finally found a pair of white jeans that fit and a chambray shirt to wear with them.  Now I just need to find a cute skinny belt and one outfit will be complete for our trip to Rome.
We also ate at the Cheesecake factory to refuel.  We had a fun day together.  There is nothing like shopping with your Mom!
{3} Falling Behind…
Honestly, I have been falling behind on my half marathon training.  I really do not have any motivation.  The run is coming up in just a few weeks ( Feb 19) and I have not run in the past week.  It just gets pretty boring running 10-12 miles with no one to talk to…but I do not need to make excuses.  
{4} Movies…
I let Andre pick a movie for us to watch each month and we realized that he had not picked on for Jan. yet….so last night we watched Saving Private Ryan.  I “watched” it before in high school Social Studies class but could not remember a single thing about it….so we watched it again last night.  I thought it was such a great movie.  
{5} Giveaways…
I have a giveaway coming up on both of my blogs!  I will be posting about the one on this blog later today 🙂 maybe around 10AM 
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Project 52….Week 4

Week 4: Reflection
Dam in Great Falls, SC
Tillman loves going by this dam on the way to my parents house because of all the birds. 
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Happy Birthday, my LOVE!

Today is my wonderful, charming, and kind hearted husbands birthday!
Happy Birthday, ANDRE’!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you more than words!  You are the best husband and the most wonderful daddy to Tillman and Tucker.  You are the most considerate and compassionate person I know. 

 You are the best friend I know! You are perfect to me and for me! 

I am so glad that I get to spend the rest of my life with you!  I know that I am very lucky to have you in my life.  You make my life complete.

  Your smile makes my day and you know how to bring a smile to my face in an instant.  I know we can get through anything together. 

 I look forward to our life together, expanding our family, and growing old right by your side.  I hope this birthday is wonderful and you have many more!!!!

I love you, BUDDY!  


What I’m Loving Wednesday!

It is my favorite post of the week!  Go check out to see what everyone else is loving over at Jamie’s!!!!
*I’m LOVING* the my husband’s basketball team won their game last night!  They are first in their region and are on a 11 game winning streak!  I am such a proud wife 🙂  Go Tigers!!!!
*I’m LOVING* the my fresh flowers are still beautiful!!!!!
*I’m LOVING* that America Idol comes on tonight!  I am as excited this year for it as I was last year.  I really thing the show is about the contestants and not really the judges.  I am glad that it turned out okay since Simon left!
*I’m LOVING* whole wheat bagel thins, with natural peanut butter, and banana slices!
*I’m LOVING* that I might be hosting another giveaway really soon 😉  so you might want to stay tuned!!!! 
*I’m LOVING* all of my sweet followers new and old!  You girls are the best.  Your comments and emails really brighten my day!  
and of course *I’m LOVING*  my handsome husband (who’s birthday just so happens to be tomorrow) and my two sweet puppies!

Miscellany Monday…

Go ahead and link up with Carissa…I know you want to 🙂
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} I made the PW Chicken Spaghetti last nights and it was AMAZING!!!!  So good and so easy to make!  According to the recipe it is even good the next day….that mean that dinner for tonight is already done and waiting in the refrigerator!!!!  

{2} We have 2 home basketball games this week!  As much as I love going to the beach I am not going to miss driving down there after work to go to a game!  
{3} Honeycrisp apples are the BOMB.COM…I think that I could eat my weight in them and still want more.  They are so crisp and slightly sweet and OH SO juicy!!!!
{4} This is the first full week that I will be back at work since the Christmas holiday…. I am not so sure how I like that
{5} I printed out so many tasty recipes from Cooking Light and I can not wait to get all of the stuff from the grocery store this evening.  I have never been on their website before and now I think that I am addicted.  I think that I spend literally hours on it the other day…..ooopps!


 I joined in with all the fun over at Neely’s, Courtney’s, and Sam’s.  You should too!!!!

I know that was totally random but that is what MM is all about!  Have a great Monday!
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My parents came to visit

My parents came to visit us today! They brought both of their dogs as well.  Tillman and Tucker thought that was amazing!  They played so hard.  My tow are WORN out now….they will sleep good tonight!
My parents took us out to lunch today to celebrate Andre’s birthday (it’s on Thursday).  We went to Red Bone Ally and I had the Shrimp and Grits…and boy was it good!  Then Andre opened his gifts from my parents and he loaded up on some good looking clothes and some grill accessories.  I CAN NOT wait for it to warm up so that he can grill something on his fancy new grill and use all of his new accessories!!!!! 

Then my mom surprised me with some goodies as well.  She got me the white denim jeans that I posted about “here“….I was so surprised and excited!!!!  My mom is so thoughtful 🙂  I can not wait to wear them with the chambray shirt (I just need to get that now).  I think that will be a perfect outfit to wear in Rome…it is conservative yet stylish!  
My mom and I were talking about gravy boats the other day too and guess what…she brought me one today!!!!!!  and these other REALLY cool serving platers/bowls!
Tucker even got in on the fun…he got to tear up the wrapping paper and even got a bow put around his ears 🙂

He LOVES paper of any kind but will not tear it up unless he is given permission!  He really enjoyed himself 🙂
I am going to make the PW Chicken Spaghetti tonight and I can not wait because I have only heard great things about it!  Plus it is super easy to make!  Doesn’t it just look so delicious!
Off to start cooking 🙂

I love Fridays off!!!!

I just can not get over how much I LOVE having Fridays off.  Getting up early during the week (Mon-Thurs) is not fun but when I get to sleep in and just do whatever on Fridays then it makes it ALL worth it!  
This Friday has been such a wonderful day so far! When I woke up this morning I found out that my cousin has her sweet little baby boy last night, so you know I went to visit.  Everyone is doing wonderfully and he is just so CUTE!  Just take a look…
*hijacked from my cousin’s facebook*

Then I went to have tea for lunch.  I had a bridal shower at this tea place and have been wanting to go back ever since.  I had a floral green tea, pimento cheese, pasta salad, and a scone….I was stuffed (I even brought some home)  I just LOVE this tea place…it is a must go place if you are ever in Florence!

Then I went to run some errands…and I picked up these:

I just love fresh flowers and apparently so does Tillman 🙂
Now I have some straightening up to do and then we have a game tonight!  
Tucker’s hair can sometimes be a little crazy and I have to keep it trimmed.  I thought that this picture was too cute 
He has a mohawk!  Thankfully now it is trimmed and Tillman can not longer make fun of him!
Tillman says that a little picking never hurts 😉
 but they really love each other….I found them like this the other day…sharing a bed 🙂
Have a great rest of the day!

What I’m Loving Wednesday!

It is Wednesday so that means that you need to head over to Jamie’s and link up and tell us what yo are loving!!!!!
*I’m LOVING* that I have started on The Girl that Kicked the Hornets Nest and I am loving it….This trilogy is really good!  I highly recommend it!!!  THe first book maybe slow to start but after the first 100 pages you will not be able to put these books down!
*I’m LOVING* that I have 250 followers!  I have met my goal that I set in my 101 in 1001!!!!  I really thought that I would never meet that goal, but look at me now 🙂  I really want to thank all of you for taking an interest in my life and giving me suggestions and all of the love!!!  THANKS 🙂
*I’m LOVING* “this” new blog that I found!  It is called the Givers Log and it is packed full of tutorials, crafts, and gift ideas (all homemade of course).  I really spent a good part of my day yesterday looking at all of the cool stuff on this blog!!!!
*I’m LOVING* that we booked out hotel for our anniversary trip!  We are both beyond excited and  I have been reading up on everything Rome!
*I’m LOVING* how fortunate I am to have such a great life….some times I realize that I take for granted how great life is here in the US, but needless to say I am loving it today and everyday 😉
and of course *I’m LOVING* my sweet husband of 6 months and 2 days and Tillman and Tucker!

6 month anniversary

Today marks the 6 month anniversary of my becoming my husbands wife 🙂 
 In some aspects it seems that the wedding was just yesterday, but then it feels like we have been together forever in other aspects (in a good way of course).
July 17th was the best day of my life.  I play back every detail in my head almost daily and I look through the wedding pictures so much that I almost have them memorized.  Everything about our wedding day makes me smile.  It was our perfect wedding!
 I have learned so many things in these last 6 months.  I have learned to be more patient, caring, and considerate.  I have learned to be a better person and a better ME.  I have to say that having a permanent roommate is pretty cool.  The dogs like having a dad too…a person that will chase them and fight with them!  They really think he is cool too 🙂
My husband really brings out the best in me!  I know that no one is perfect but he is perfect for me!  I can not wait to see what the next 6 months bring.  I know it will be filled with excitement and love.  It is amazing how our love grows over time.  I have more love today that I did just a mere 6 months ago.  Married life is amazing!
We are celebrating in our tradition style with a french meal for dinner.  I am cooking out of Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris book and we are having Lemon Chicken with Croutons, Vegetable Tian, and Lemon Meringue Tart! 
Happy 6 months, most wonderful husband!!!! Lets make the next 6 even more wonderful and the years after that even better.  
I love you more than words!

a few more wedding pictures for the ones that love wedding pictures as much as I do…