Guest Post from my HUSBAND

Well Hello Ladies!!!  And I guess gentlemen but I really think it is mostly ladies.  I am Kit’s husband DeAndre or Andre for short. 

Kit asked me if I would be interested in doing a little guest blogging for her at some point and I figured I would give it a whirl.  So not only is this my first time writing for her on her blog it is my first time blogging for anyone so you guys are getting world premier material.  If my writing style reminds you of a young J.D. Salinger please feel free to comment.  If you think it sucks just keep it to yourself.  I kid I kid. 
I debated long and hard over what I wanted to bring to the blog since Kit already covers such a wide array of topics.  In my considerations I ruled out anything that I thought may be offensive to some people (politics, religion, etc.) because I didn’t want to alienate any of her normal readers with my rantings and ravings.  So I just decided to make it something kind of simple and maybe if she gets a good response I will come back and piss everybody off with a second blog post.
So without further adieu here are some of Andre’s favorite things in the known universe.
Favorite Book – Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe

I first read this book as an adult and it had such a profound effect on how I view the world.  Specifically in terms of the interactions of different cultures and the need for respect of the differences between cultures and the desire for communication between these cultures.  I think overall the novel made me a much more tolerant person and it also points out the fact that change is inevitable and we all must change and adapt as we move forward in life.  I hear so many people pining for the good ol days.  When I hear that I feel sad for them.  We must all keep moving forward and striving to improve ourselves.  Because in reality “Things do Fall Apart” and nothing is the same as it was.  Not better or worse but not the same.
Favorite Movie – Godfather II – Did yall like how I used the II’s instead of 2 (classy touch)

On the surface this is basically a gangster/mafia film.  At a deeper level I think the theme of family really comes to the forefront.   Not to give away to many spoilers for those who have not seen it (seriously people; haven’t seen it, what are you doing with your life) but I think both stories Vito’s and Michael’s are explorations of how far a person is willing to go to improve their family’s station in life.  It is beautifully directed and the acting is unreal.  If you are still not convinced it has Pacino and De Niro.
Favorite Band – Wu Tang Clan

Either you get it or you don’t.  Kit hates, hates, hates the Wu.  I keep telling her she is really missing out on what was a movement in the hip-hop genre.  Wu-Tang’s lyrical style and wordplay is unparalleled and the originality of the beats and song ideas make them the most inventive rap group ever.  I have been a fan since I was in high school and will continue to be one despite Kit’s protest.  Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game – Wu –Tang!!!!
Favorite Person – Michio Kaku– That’s a joke but he is awesome you should follow him on twitter or at least Google him.  He is a freakin genius.

Kit Scott is actually my favorite person
I cannot even come close to describing how much she means to me.  And as dynamic as she seems on her blog (career woman, cook, wife etc.) she is even more fantastic in person.  The woman is a dynamo and I am glad she is on my team.  She pushes herself to improve and accomplish great things every day and at the same time brings me along for the ride.  I can tell you I am a better person because of her.  And she is so sweet and sensitive and caring.  Did I also mention that she is just gorgeous with great classic features (inside joke)!!!  I could not think of a person that I would rather be with and I have been more than happy to do a blog entry for her.  Hopefully you guys enjoyed it!!!


My loves on this wonderful Wednesday…

I love Wednesdays because I get to tell all of you what my loves are…

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*i’m loving* that I have a super cool guest blogger planned for TOMORROW!!!  
Can you guess!?! Make sure you head back over here tomorrow AM!!!!
*i’m loving* that on Friday we can eat meat again!  I can not wait for pasta with italian turkey sausage, a big steak on the grill, and some bbq chicken!!!! (can you tell I am hungry!?!)
*i’m loving* that I am feeling better.  I was under the weather this past weekend but now I feel 100% better!

*i’m loving* all of my great followers.  I really appreciate all of the book recommendations!  I can not wait to start reading!!!!!  You girls are the best 🙂

*i’m loving* that we are 14 weeks away from our trip to ROME and that means that we are that close to our 1 year anniversary!  We are diligently working on our Italian version of Rosetta Stone! I can not wait to try all of the italian food!!!  I know it is going to be just amazing!
*i’m loving* that I got an invitation to one of my really good friends from college’s wedding invite yesterday!!!!  I  can not wait to celebrate your special day with you two, Colin and Ashley!!
* i’m not loving* that the rock concert venue, Elysee Montmartre, that is located in the Montmartre part of Paris burnt down this past week.  I posted about this part of Paris just last week!  When things happen like this it just makes you realize that anything can be gone in an instant!  Be thankful for what you have today!

*i’m loving* my two clean pups!  Tillman told his version of his bath on monday.  You can go “here” to check that out!

and of course *i’m loving* this sweet man!!!!  
by the way marriage is the best thing ever…I can not believe that I am lucky enough to get to spend the rest of my days with such a wonderful person!

Book Recommendations

Well I am almost done with the Hunger Game trilogy!  I REALLY enjoyed it! There were so many twists and turns.  I was hooked from the beginning!!!! I would highly recommend this trilogy to those who haven’t read them yet!!!!
I was wondering what are some great books that you have read lately!?!  I was thinking of reading “Eat, Pray, Love” next but wasn’t sold on it yet! I have also heard some great things about “The Help”.
 I am not really big on romance novels…but I enjoy just about every other genre!
Any suggestions!?!
Thanks so much 🙂

The Tails of Tillman and Tucker, v. 2

Hi guyz…it Sir Tillman here again.  My mom told me that I was a hit last week and you know I do love attention!  So I decided to try my paw out at the whole blogging thing again.  I have been hitting the grammar books all week so hopefully my words will flow a little better!
Yesterday my mom and dad got this bright idea that my brother and I needed these things called baths. Have you ever heard of them!?!  Well I think that they suck…these last few weeks we have worked so hard to smell as good as we did.  Now we smell like that baby shampoo…that stuff stinks.  I prefer the smell of grass and dirt!  I mean doesn’t everyone!?!
My mom tricked me to get into that inside swimming pool.  I tried to put on my saddest face I could make but it did not work 😦 
 Don’t I look sad…
After my mom started spraying me with that water and put that stinky soap on me my dad starting taking pictures. 
I don’t know why my mom was smiling so much…bath time is torture time!
 It finally ended…thank goodness!!!! It took forever… well maybe only about 15 minutes
Then it was my brother’s turn.  He thinks baths are bad too.  I told him all about them when he was a baby and ever since he has tried to jump out of the inside swimming pool.  My mom doesn’t like when he does that either.  She tells his that he is a bad boy…
I think that Tucker is going to get a hair cut soon…I sure am glad that I don’t grow mohawks like him. I will leave hair cuts for another day!
 I guess we look a little better since our baths…

before I go…let me tell you a secret (don’t tell my mom) its raining outside today and we are going to run and play in it while moms not here 😉  oh well for being clean puppies.  
well its about time for me to go check the yard for squirrels and birds!  Bark with you next week!
Woof Woof,
Tillman and Tucker
PS My mom wanted me to tell you all that she is going to have another super cool guest post tomorrow.  You don’t want to miss it!!!!

Miscellany Monday…

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{1} Yard Work
We did SO much yard work this weekend and I have no pictures to prove it.  We cleaned the flower beds out, moved liriope, mulched, spread pine straw, and trimmed bushes!  It started raining as we were finishing so I could not take any pictures.  I plan to tomorrow when the sun comes out!
{2} Vegetarian for the Month
Well we are in the home stretch of our vegetarian for the month challenge.  We only have until Thursday!!!!  I am so glad that we tried the vegetarian lifestyle out, but I don’t think it is for either of us.  I like turkey sausage in my pasta way too much 😉  Going out to eat is a pain too…mexican, Olive Garden, and Mellow Mushroom are basically our only options.  I have nothing against any of those places but sometimes I want a little variety!  We will continue not to eat very much red meat and pork, but bring on the chicken, turkey, and fish!!!!
{3} The Tales of Tillman and Tucker
Tillman (my oldest fur child) is guest posting today!  We gave them baths this weekend and he want to tell his side of the story 🙂  Go “here” to check it out (after 8AM eastern)!
{4} Benefit Album for Japan
A benefit album has come out with all the proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross. There are artist like U2, John Lennon, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Alicia Keys, and so on on the album.  It is sold through iTunes!!!  
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What’s in a NAME…

How did you parents decide on your name?
Katherine is my mom’s first name and my middle name was my grandmother’s name.  Kit came from my great grandmother…her name was Kit as well.  I really love that I have such a unique name!!!!

Do your initials (first/middle/last) spell anything funny?
no…it went from KLD to KDS.  I really like my new monogram, but nothing funny is spelled!

Did you take your middle name from childhood or did you drop your middle name and take your maidenname as your middle name?  (Or if unmarried, what do you plan to do?)
I dropped my middle name from childhood.  I REALLY like last names as first names and middle names so Davis fit that bill! So now I am Kit Davis Scott.  My mom actually dropped her first name and kept her middle and maiden name!!!

Are you or will you name your children systematically (ie, same first letter, same origin, etc?)
No.  but I would like for at least one of their names (first or middle) to be a family name.  There are so many really nice sounding family names we have to choose from

Did you decide on names as a little girl?  Did you stick to them or change your mind?
When I was younger, I had some outrageous names that I loved…definitely ones I would never actually use!  So I have changed my mind…older and wiser…right!?!

Does your family have any names that have been passed down through generations?
My dad and brother have the same name, but my brother is a second (II).  In my family everyone uses family names so there are all kind of names passed down. 

Do you look at the meaning of the name or just the name itself?
I pick a name based on the name and sound rather than the meaning behind it

Do you name pet names with human names or dog names?
Well, my dogs names are Tillman and Tucker so those are people names.  They are our children so people names are necessary 🙂

Are there any names that you have an affinity or dislike for based on a childhood experience or someone you once knew?
I have a huge problem with this…I know so many great names but when I hear it then I automatically think about that person from my childhood…boo!!!  

What are some of your favorite names and why?
We have both a girl and a boys name picked out…first name at least.  I guess we will wait to until that time to really make sure those are the right names and to put some middle names with the first names.  

Some of my favorite names (all of these are family names): Harper, Davis, Ellison, Hodges, Evans, Dowdy, and one name that is not a family name that I really love is Adele!

and so I will not have a post without a picture…

Thursday Travels: Montmartre

The Montmartre-
it is the artsy part neighborhood that is on the hill in Paris.  This was by far my most favorite neighborhood in Paris!!!!  There are shops galore….I got a beautiful bowl in one of the shops…if I would have know then what I know now I would have gotten more things from all of the art shops!!!

the streets are always full of vendors and people!

the funicular… my engineer nerd came out on this one 🙂

Sacre’-Coeur Basilica- amazing!!!!  There are so many people milling around the Basilica but that just adds to the charm.  There are all types of performer…we saw a group of people singing the blue and tap dancing!!!  There is perpetual worship going on in the Basilica so you can not take pictures of the inside but that is only right!  It is SO beautiful inside as well.
look at all of the people…one of my favorite parts

the view from the Basilica…highest point in Paris

Eiffel Tower From Scare’ Coeur
Church of St. Pierre-de-Montmarte– one of Paris’ oldest churches (1147)

Boulangerie with a View- this view was made famous by the artist Maurice Utrillo

La Maison Rose Restaurant– this was made famous by Utrillo’s painting as well
Last vineyard in the town of Paris

Au Lapin Agile Cabaret– this is the place that Picasso and other artist and writers (Renoir, Utrillo, etc) would meet up and chat

the famous picture of the cabaret
Picasso’s Studio!!!!

Moulin de la Galette– one of the two windmills left in Paris
it is now a restaurant and we had dinner here…AMAZING
Dinner *all of this was the Chef’s choice* and REALLY good!
tomato vichyssoise

fish tar tar

foie gras…taste like peanut butter kind of

prawn and cod

pork tenderloin with figs

lime cheesecake with fruit salad
Vincent van Gogh’s house….one of my favorite artists like ever!

PigAlle…Moulin Rouge

Montmartre is an amazing section of Paris.  It is a must see part of town.  We had such a great time stopping in all of the shops and looking at the art. 

My Loves

It is Wednesday…half way through the week! 
I love posting on Wednesday because I get to think of all the wonderful things that I am loving this week.  It just makes me feel appreciative and thankful!!! Go link up with Jamie and tell us what you are loving today!!!
*i’m loving* the Hunger Game trilogy.  I am one chapter away from finishing the first book….that will happen today!  I am really enjoying this series.  I just say online that the first book is going to be made into a movie coming out March 2012!  I think it will make a great movie and Jennifer Lawrence will play Katniss!!!  I have loved her since I watched Winters Bone (another really great movie)!!!
*i’m loving* that we have almost gone an entire month with out eating meat!  I am really pround of both of us…just 1 more week…I think Andre is going to fire up the grill on the first weekend in April and cook us some french filets!
*i’m loving* that our sprinkler system in our yard it up and running.  I can not wait to reclaim our best yard on the block again this year!!!!
*i’m loving* all of my great followers!  You all are really the BEST!!!!! The comments that you all leave are the best….it really makes my day!!!!  
*i’m loving* this guy…
and *i’m loving* these two guys
**Tillman really appreciates the comments from his post yesterday…he wanted to let you guys know****check it out if you haven’t seen it yet…I’ve heard its pretty good 😉

The Tails of Tillman and Tucker, v. 1

Hi guyz!  This is Tillman; Tucker is here too but he is not old enough to type yet so I will be typing his part too…he will drool all over the keyboard and I dont thing that will make our mom very happy.  She really like this noise box with a keyboard thing!  My mom told me that my brother and I can write once a week on her blog if we would like.  I thought that was awesome, since I am trying to work on my writing skillz…

I thought I would give you a little background on our education today….
I (Master Sir Tillman) hold the grand title of Canine Good Citizen.  I am also trained in rally obedience and regular obedience, but that is the stupid stuff.  I REALLY love agility. My grandparents built me this cool agility set for Christmas, and it is in my backyard, and I love to go out there and jump over my jump, jump through my hoop, go through the tunnel, and go around the weave pole…whew that was a looong sentence….I might not have this whole grammar thing down as good as I thought I did.
Ok, Ok…I know I a fabulous and the first born but I do have a little brother that is pretty cool.  His name is Tucker and like I said before…he is not allowed to type yet because he like to drool!  Tucker went to school too…he is a graduate of Puppy Kindergarden, and the Star Canine Good Citizen.  He had to quit school a little early because he had to go to this really nice vet a long way away and get his leg cut on.  I think he might have gotten a hip replacement.  He is really strong now and I watch out for him all day!  It is kind of my job…or that is what my mom tells me everyday!  
Well I guess I better go patrol the yard to make sure no birds or squirrels come anywhere close!  If they do it might not be good!  Maybe next week my mom will let me come back and talk to you guyz again!!!!
Woof Woof,
Tillman and Tucker