My Loves

I can not believe it is already Wednesday…
and that means that it is time for my favorite weekly link up with Jamie

*i’m NOT loving* that my two pups pulled up and ate two of my pepper plants.  Andre got home yesterday to find just stems, plantable pots, and LOTS of potting soil from one end of the house to the other.  My sweet husband cleaned it all up for me and I went back to Lowes and bought 2 more plants to replace the eaten ones with.  Now I need to figure out where to put them so the dogs can not eat them for lunch again!  
RIP jalapeno and bell pepper plants
they were looking so healthy and the jalapeno even had a bud on it!!!
*i’m loving* this dress that I got for easter….
it did not come in on time so I guess it is not officially an easter dress
but I still LOVE it
*i’m loving* that I have the perfect idea for my mom’s mother’s day gift…
I cant share it with you all just yet because then the secret would be out!!!
Trust me it is a good one 😉
…Mama: I bet you are really wondering what it is now :)…
*i’m loving* the make your own take out that I made last night!!!!
I made Thai green chili stir fry and thai pesto rice pasta…

both dishes had jsut the right amount of spice and heat but definitely was not overwhelming!
I will share the recipes on my cooking blog today!!!!!
*i’m loving* my tomato plants
(that my mom grew from seed, by the way!!!!)
I can not WAIT to have home grown tomatoes to eat!
I have 6 varieties: black krim, purple prudence, better  boy, mortgage lifter, rutgers, and a rainbow!!!
and of course *i’m loving* all three of my boys!!!!
even though the 2 of those boys were naughty yesterday!
What are you loving today!?!
Link up with Jamie and tell us!!

Tutorial: Striped Easter Eggs

I got a few requests yesterday for an easter egg tutorial.  Hopefully this will come in handy next Easter!
Just bookmark it now :)…ok now on to the tutorial…
what you will need:
hard boiled eggs
egg dye (you can go the natural route or the fast route like me and just paas…I had 9 colors)
egg dipper
black electricians tape
drying rack of some sort
paper towels
what you will need to do:
if you want your egg to look similar to the pink, purple, and white stripe:
first cut small strips of the tape, then start wrapping a few pieces around the egg
then dip into the pink dye
remove and let dry
wrap more small strips around the egg
dip into purple (or darker color) and let sit
remove and let dry
remove tape and voila beautiful easter egg
(the orange and pink one was done the same way but with different colors)
(try any color varieties)
if you want your egg to look like this:
this is grass and the sun 🙂
first dip the top half of the egg in the yellow dye and let dry
then place tap on top of the yellow dye in the shape of a sun (with one round piece and a few small strips)
then place the whole egg into the green dye
remove and let dry
then place strips along the bottom to look like grass
and place in the blue dye 
remove and voila a grass, sky, and sun egg 🙂
I used the same method of the tiger paw/ puppy paw below

feel free to get creative with the tape…
try your monogram,
your dogs name,
really anything that you can make with a piece of tape!!

Easter Weekend

We started our Easter weekend with church on Friday.  Our church had Easter services on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but we decided to go to the Friday service. The message was really good and I enjoyed our first Easter being married and at our new church!
** I wish I would have gotten some pictures…I guess I will make it a point next year**
After church we went for desserts with some of our friends.  I had a great piece of key lime cheese cake!!!
Saturday we dyed Easter eggs and ran a few errands.
Then we grilled out…
they were SOOOO tasty!!!
no the best pictures of the them
the pita bread is what really made them great!
On Sunday we slept in since we went to Easter service on Friday.
Then we hid some of the Easter eggs for the pups to find.
They had such a great time sniffing them out and then eating them!

My mom and dad came to see us yesterday as well.
I cooked dinner for them and they helped me plant tomato plants.
I will take some pictures of the plants today and post them later…
I have 6 varieties this year!!!
Have a great Monday 
and make sure you link up with Carissa!


It is Good Friday
and we are going to church this evening
with some friends!
Andre and I both have today off and we have enjoyed our day so far
we slept in until 9:30!!!!
We are planning to go to lunch and the run an few errands
a fun lazy day off!
Hope you have an AWESOME Good Friday!!!

Middle of the week day off…

I had the day off yesterday.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!!!
but now it is back to work
I had a long list of things to do and scratched all of them off but one
(I did not catch up on my DVR)
Here are some of the things that I did complete on my day off…
Shellac Manicure
I went to the nail salon yesterday and got a shellac manicure.  
I love it so far…no chips!!!!
I hope that it lasts for at least 2 weeks and gives my nails a chance to grow out.
I would give my first shellac experience 2 thumbs up 🙂
I will keep you all updated on the status of my nails!
planted herbs and peppers
I went to Lowes and got lots of herbs and peppers.
Then I planted them 🙂
basil, thyme, and oregano -below
flat leaf parsley and sweet banana peppers- below

jalapeno and bell pepper- below
I can not wait for these plants to start producing…
then I can make LOTS AND LOTS of stuffed peppers
I posted my recipe today…”here“….you need to try these stuffed jalapeno
you will NOT be sorry!!!
The only things missing from my “garden” are the tomatoes….
my mom and dad are bring us lots of plants soon to plant
I think we have like 6 varieties!!!
I will share pictures when we get them!
Tucker’s Vet Appointment
Tucker had an appointment at the vet yesterday.  His phenobarb and KBr levels were checked.  He was such a good boy while they were taking blood.  Much better than I would have been 😉 We will find out the results either Friday or Monday.  I will let you all know when I hear anything…
Aren’t those eyes just too sweet!!!
I also put away laundry, went by Petsmart, and watered the yard but do not have any pictures of those activities….it is probably a good thing
no one wants to see the pile of laundry we had
it was epic… 🙂
cooked Dinner
I cooked baked ziti with turkey sausage last night….
it is one of my favorites 
I will post the recipe on my cooking blog
it will probably next week though(just being honest)
and here are 2 more pictures that I couldn’t leave out from yesterday…
irises are blooming everywhere in our yard….we planted them last year and this is the first time that they have bloomed

I can’t leave Tillman out….his eyes are sweet too 🙂
I had a wonderful day off…now 2 more days of work
What do you like to do on your mid-week days off!?!

My Loves

I am so excited to link up with Jamie today and share my loves with all of you!!!
*i’m loving* that I have today off of work.  I am taking Tucker to the vet around lunch time to get all of his level checked.  I hope that everything is where it is supposed to be and the seizures stay away!!!!
*i’m loving* that I finally got some Allegra D.  I actually feel a little more normal and these allergies are not taking over my life!  Who knew that I was allergic to oak pollen…
*i’m loving* that I am going to get a manicure this afternoon.  I am going to try out the shellac nail polish.  I would LOVE if it lasted for like 3 weeks that would be amazing.
I know some of you girls that tried it out….how was it for you!?!  How long did it last!?! Was it worth it!?!
*i’m loving* that I have some amazing giveaways lined up for my blogiversary!  I am going to celebrate it May 23-May 27 so make sure you are around 🙂
*i’m loving* that we are going to easter service with some of our friends this Friday.  I know the service is going to be amazing!  
By the way…I didn’t mention this in my weekend wrap up but at church this past weekend I met our fellow blogger Heather @ Greer’s Gossip.  Make sure you check out here blog she is so sweet and I just LOVE her blog!
*by the way…does anyone know how to widen the post space.  I’d really like to put larger pictures up!!!*
*i’m loving*  Tillman and Tucker even though they have taken up the hobby of digging around the sprinklers 🙂  They love to eat the dirt….I know that is strange.  I am going to as the vet today if eating dirt means that they are low on some vitamin or mineral.
and of course *i’m loving* my incredible husband!
He is my rock and my life!

The Tails of Tillman and Tucker, v. 5

Hi fans…
Something incredible has come to our yard…you might have it in yours
it is this green tasty stuff
mom calls it GRASS
we call it LUNCH

 Do you like grass…
oh we cant get enough 🙂

off to eat some more

woof woof,
tillman and tucker

Our Weekend…9 month anniversary

{make sure you link up with Carissa}
My random musings from this past weekend!
9 month wedding anniversary
Our 9 month anniversary was yesterday.  These past 9 months have gone by so quickly.  I have absolutely LOVED being married to my best friend!  We celebrated with our traditional French dinner.
This month we had quiche Lorraine, zucchini fritters, and creme brulee.
Creme brulee is my FAVORITE!!!  It was so easy to make and just delish!

The quiche and fritters

the creme brulee  😉
then the aftermath…like 10 seconds later 🙂
{all of the recipes are coming up this week on my cooking blog…so stay tuned}
Monday (today)- quiche recipe
Tuesday- Zucchini Fritters recipe
Wednesday- Creme Brulee recipe

We had such a great anniversary!!!  Our 1 year is just around the corner!!!
Bread of the month
I got another installment of bread on Friday. 
 I was in carb heaven all weekend!!
The chocolate sourdough is amazing!!!!  chocolate+bread=heaven!!!!
I wish I would have gotten like 3 loaves of that stuff…
The farm bread is great too….wonderful as sandwich bread!
bag for our trip to Rome
I have been on the look out for an across the body bag to take on our trip this summer.  I found a great one this weekend (it is a Fossil) and my Nikon will even fit!!!!
And it doesn’t hurt that the print is super cute as well!
Playing with the camera
 I spent Sunday afternoon like I do almost every weekend…
wondering around the yard taking pictures

I have such a hard time getting pictures of them together!
Books Lately
{all book images from Amazon…click the title or pictures to see the Amazon site}
A few people have asked what books I have read lately…
I thought posting about it would be the easiest and most effective way {since I am super lazy}

great series…I remember the 1st book being a little boring for like the first 2 chapters, but that fact is quickly forgotten once you get into the meat of the story
This book is a biography of a Saudi Arab princess.  The good and bad are all in this book.   This is a page turner and very insightful!

I can not say enough great things about this trilogy…
I just loved it!
I CAN NOT wait until the movies come out
I REALLY hope that they do the books justice

I will probably finish this book this week and so far…
I LOVE it…
set in the the 1960 South…it really shows how far we have come as a society