Our Weekend…9 month anniversary

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My random musings from this past weekend!
9 month wedding anniversary
Our 9 month anniversary was yesterday.  These past 9 months have gone by so quickly.  I have absolutely LOVED being married to my best friend!  We celebrated with our traditional French dinner.
This month we had quiche Lorraine, zucchini fritters, and creme brulee.
Creme brulee is my FAVORITE!!!  It was so easy to make and just delish!

The quiche and fritters

the creme brulee  ðŸ˜‰
then the aftermath…like 10 seconds later 🙂
{all of the recipes are coming up this week on my cooking blog…so stay tuned}
Monday (today)- quiche recipe
Tuesday- Zucchini Fritters recipe
Wednesday- Creme Brulee recipe

We had such a great anniversary!!!  Our 1 year is just around the corner!!!
Bread of the month
I got another installment of bread on Friday. 
 I was in carb heaven all weekend!!
The chocolate sourdough is amazing!!!!  chocolate+bread=heaven!!!!
I wish I would have gotten like 3 loaves of that stuff…
The farm bread is great too….wonderful as sandwich bread!
bag for our trip to Rome
I have been on the look out for an across the body bag to take on our trip this summer.  I found a great one this weekend (it is a Fossil) and my Nikon will even fit!!!!
And it doesn’t hurt that the print is super cute as well!
Playing with the camera
 I spent Sunday afternoon like I do almost every weekend…
wondering around the yard taking pictures

I have such a hard time getting pictures of them together!
Books Lately
{all book images from Amazon…click the title or pictures to see the Amazon site}
A few people have asked what books I have read lately…
I thought posting about it would be the easiest and most effective way {since I am super lazy}

great series…I remember the 1st book being a little boring for like the first 2 chapters, but that fact is quickly forgotten once you get into the meat of the story
This book is a biography of a Saudi Arab princess.  The good and bad are all in this book.   This is a page turner and very insightful!

I can not say enough great things about this trilogy…
I just loved it!
I CAN NOT wait until the movies come out
I REALLY hope that they do the books justice

I will probably finish this book this week and so far…
I LOVE it…
set in the the 1960 South…it really shows how far we have come as a society


16 thoughts on “Our Weekend…9 month anniversary

  1. I've never had creme brulee but it always makes me think of that movie My Best Friend's Wedding where she talks about whether you would rather have creme brulee or jello. 🙂 I love the Fossil bag- I've been looking for some kind of small bag that I can carry my camera in.

  2. I am almost finished with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! I agree…I had the hardest time getting through the first part of the book. It is wonderful once you get into it! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Yay for 9 months! Now that we're almost to our 2nd anni, I never countdown any more! For like 2 years, I had something to count down, and I forget to now! Your dinner sounds wonderful and I love the bag you found!

  4. Congrats on the 9 month anniversary! Your French dinner looked delish!And I've read that "Princess" book – it's gripping! I oculdn't put it down. I let a friend borrow it 3 years ago and haven't seen it since.. such is life. 😉

  5. LOVE all of the books you posted about, except haven't read the one about the saudi princess to i'm adding it to my "TO READ" pile… since we apparently have similar taste 🙂 Cheers!

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