Parties and Snakes (my worst fear came true)

Here is our holiday weekend recap…in mostly pictures!

We have been pretty busy since we both go off of work on Friday evening.  

On Saturday we go up early and headed to Chester for the day.  My parents hosted an 80th birthday party for my granddad.  
My great aunts and uncles and my grandparents (my mom’s parents)

apparently my family really loves the name Katherine…thats all of our names in the picture below 🙂

A little visitor came to see what all the commotion was about …
 then I took off to take pictures of stuff around my mom and dad’s house…

the pool that my dog LOVE to swim in!!!

my dad’s model T…I rode in it at our wedding!
 The pups had a blast swimming, running, and playing with everyone!!!

I made orzo salad…it was a big hit!  The recipe is “here“!

Then on Sunday we had a cookout at our house!  Andre cooked BBQ chicken on the grill and I cooked BBQ jalapeno poppers, and potato skins!…healthy…I know 🙂

**at least it was with turkey bacon**

The dogs were pretty bored because Andre was not dropping enough stuff on the deck for them to eat 😉

Then on our day off (Monday) we ran some errands (Lowes, Belk, and such), cleaned up, cut grass, and I even snuck in a little nap 🙂
Then one of my worst fears came true last night.  
Let me paint the scene…
I was watering my tomato plants and minding my own business.  I was looking around as always because I am super paranoid about snakes and them biting me.  Then as I was getting ready to leave the tomato enclosure I saw that Tillman had his head in a tree and was looking at something (which is totally normal…usually).  Right then in front of my eyes a snake slithered out of the tree and was right at the gate of the enclosure that I was trying to get out of….of course I FREAKED out.  I screamed so loudly that Andre came rushing out there (and probably everyone in the next county over hear me too).  Then Tillman lounged at the snake and it struck at him.  I started to really freak then….thinking that I was never going to be able to get out there to save the dogs and they were going to get struck and die and then the snake was going to eat me alive…so being the rational person that I am (not) I jumped over the fence and over the dogs calling them as I jump.  They listened to me (thank God) and I got them in the house.  By the time that we got the shed unlocked and the shovel out the snake was gone.  I was pretty shaken up…needless to say.  I am TERRIFIED of snakes.  So the snake won last night 😦 and We are not really sure what kind it was but Andre thinks it was just a rat snake…I’m hoping that is what it was.  I just hope that it does not make an appearance ever again.  Hopefully my screaming scared it off 🙂
On a better note….I only have to work 4 days this week
but this forecast does not look so great!
where did spring go….
90 degrees is not spring!!!!
My farmers tan is epic this year.  Maybe I will take a picture, but I am pretty sure that I would lose some followers over its greatness 😉

Project 52….Week 21

Week 21: Toys

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My 1st Blogiversary GIVEAWAY week!!!

Next week marks the 1 year anniversary of the creation of this blog!
I can not believe that I have been pouring my heart and soul out on the internet for a year
 *wink wink*
Starting on Monday and continuing until Friday I will be hosting a giveaway each day!
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Wedding Album and one thing I hate…

Well this morning started off at 3:30 AM with Tucker having a seizure.  I don’t hate many things but epilepsy is on the top of my hate list!!! I tried to go back to sleep but Tucker was not having it.  Sleeping was not on his agenda this AM…
I could definitely use a nap right about now!!!  So this post will not be very thought provoking just some pretty pictures to put me in a better mood!!!
I got our wedding album this week from our lovely photographer Lynn Daly!  
It is exactly what I wanted!!!!
Just perfect!

My bridal album will be here any day now!!!!
Have a great Friday girls!!!

Thoughts for Thursday…

Well my anniversary gift is completed!  I am more excited about it now….I just know that Andre is going to LOVE it!
I can not believe that we will be leaving for Rome in less than 2 months! Thats 7 weeks people.  I need to get my act together and finish this Rosetta Stone.
Question for the people that have gone to Rome before….
How did you get around? Train, metro, walk, or taxi???
any tips?
I got a Bialetti Moka Pot the other day.  I have been making espresso and caffe lattes almost everyday since I got it!  I am in LOVE!!!!
If you love lattes then you need to get one of these moka pots! 
I was away from my computer ALL day yesterday so I have about 100 posts to read on my Google Reader…when my reader gets over about 50 then I start stressing!  I am hoping to get caught up today!!!!  
Well, someone sent me a pinterest request and I accepted so I guess I am a part of the movement too!!!  Here I am!!! I have not even started “pinning” anything yet but oh just wait!!!!  I need to read some of your blogs first then I will get pinning!
ONE thing at a TIME!!!!
Well thats all I have today!

My loves

This will be a super busy Wednesday for me, but I made to make sure I still posted my LOVES for today!
So go link up with Jamie and tell us YOUR loves!
*i’m loving* that I went and got a mystic tan yesterday and now I am not ghostly white anymore.  I really love it…no streaks or blotches!
*i’m loving* that I am going to be working on my 1 year anniversary gift for Andre today!!!!!!  I am SO excited about it and I know he will just love it!  (sorry thats all I can give you because my sweet husband reads my blog)
*i’m loving* that next monday start the Blogiversary Giveaway celebration right here on my blog!!!!
Just a sneak peek of what I am going to be giving away…

I hope that you are as excited as I am!!!  Make sure you enter on Monday (May 23rd)!!!
*i’m loving* that yesterday was our 10 month wedding anniversary!!!!  I can not believe that in only 2 short months we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!!!  Time really does fly when you are having fun!!!
and of course *i’m loving* my sweet husband, Tillman, and Tucker!!!  They make my days wonderful!!!
What are you loving!?!

It is a Bridal Portrait kind of day…

My wonderful and oh so talented wedding photographer/ everything else photographer posted some of my bridal portraits a few days ago….
it made me remember how much I really loved them

I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did 🙂
Have a great Tuesday!
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our weekend…

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My weekend started on Thursday! After work I rushed home and packed my things and left for Clemson.  I arrived pretty late and extremely tired!  I went to bed soon after I arrived.
On Friday we got up pretty early and headed to Clemson’s campus for my brother’s GRADUATION!!!!  I can not believe that he is a college graduate!!!  GO Evans!!!  We are so proud of him!  He is going to return to Clemson this fall to pursue his masters in Construction Science and Management!  
me and the graduate

our clemson rings

the fam
After graduation with growling stomachs we went to lunch at the Blue Heron!  I just love the shrimp and grits!!!  We had a great time just talking and eating!
After lunch we headed to the frame shop so that Evans could get his diploma framed (that was our gift to him)!  I know that it is going to look great once it is all together!!!  I can not wait to see the final product!
Later on Friday evening I took my brother and some of his friends to a party.  We stayed out too late for me…I dont think I could make it in college now 🙂  
Then on Saturday I got up and made my way to Simpsonville for one of my college friend’s bridal shower! The shower was beautiful and the food was so delicious!!  It was at Stellas Southern Bistro in Simpsonvile.  We had corn and potato chowder, crab cakes with southern perlou, and flourless chocolate cake.   Colin and Ashley are getting married in less than a month and I can not wait to share their special day with them!
the group

the sweet favors!, hens and chicks
After the shower I headed back home.  The rest of the weekend was been spent catching up on the DVR and relaxing.  We even cooked out on Sunday for dinner!!!
One week from today marks my week long Blogiversary celebration!  I am going to host a giveaway each day of the celebration so make sure you stay tuned!!!!