Things I have learned since moving to the Pee Dee area of SC…

I have lived in the same town for 2 years and it still seems that I learn something new everyday…or my lack of knowledge make me look stupid 🙂
**back bones and rice is an actual dish that people really love…and no I will never eat that
**pipe, night, fight, light, etc are said very different and more drug out when said here
**chicken bogs are a BIG deal  ( I never knew what chicken bog was until I moved here…it is basically chicken, sausage, and rice)
**hotdogs are a main course and most people have then at least once a week…GROSS
**there are LOTS of farmers…like everyone considers themselves a farmer
**mud bogging and tractor pulling are common extracurricular activities (not too sure what the specifics are for either though)
**I have also learned that everyone thinks I am SUPER weird…
mainly because of my choice of food and lifestyle
you should have seen me trying to explain what hummus was 😉
and why I would ever run a half marathon…
when I ever talk about running you would think I was talking about torture :
Is your town like this!?!
What have you learned from your town!?!

Love, lOve, loVe, lovE

today *i’m loving*
*that many of my trash shows that I just LOVE start next week…Big Brother, Teen Mom, etc
*that I have a long weekend this weekend…HAPPY 4th of July
*that I am going to make this cake again this year…Andre has been talking about it for a few weeks 🙂
*still loving my shellac manicure…still no chips and shiny
*that I only have 5 more work days until I’m on vacation!!!

all of my friends…and our daily phone dates!!!

and of course these cuties…

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Breakfast essentials

I go through phases with my breakfast
I eat breakfast everyday but not always the same thing
the phase I’m in now is
whole wheat english muffins with peach preserves
a caffe latte with soy milk
and a BIG glass of water (that part never changes)

I also take my vitamins with my breakfast.
The peach preserves are from Cotton Hill Farm.  That is the farm that is right around the corner from my parents house.  I love getting things from them since I know where it is grown and made and I know the people that are growing and making all of the food items!!!
what do you like to eat for breakfast!?!
just because we are cute…

I’m still looking for a few more people to guest post on my blog in July when we go to Rome.  
If you are interested just email me :
you could blog about anything…
travel, photography, food, health, relationships, marriage 
or just tell a story!!!

Last Weekend in June

I can not believe that June is coming to a close.  I think that this month has flown by faster than any other month this year!!!  I can not believe that our anniversary/trip is coming up so soon!!!
Our weekend went a little like this…

Andre and his team went to camp this weekend at the Citadel and since I didn’t want to stay home by myself my mom came down.  She got in on Friday and we ate dinner, played with the pups, and watched a little tv.  We ate Rachel Ray’s Latin Chicken and Rice pot (one of my favorites, but Andre doesn’t really like it so I had to wait until he was away to make it) 
and peach cobbler with the fresh peaches ( from the farm right around the corner from my mom and dad’s house)
Andre’s team went 3-0 on Friday at camp as well.  
Then on Saturday we woke up a little late and had breakfast and sat around for a while.  Then we decided to go get manicures and pedicures.  I got OPI Cajun shrimp on my toes and the gel shellac on my nails.  I love nail dates especially with my mom.  We had such a good time just chit chatting. 
I hope the shellac stays on my nails for a while!!! I love the color bright and fun (it even has glitter sparkles in it)
 Then we went…yep you guessed it… shopping!!!  We both found some great shoes that we could not pass up.  
I think that both of these pairs will be great for my trip to Rome…cute but comfortable!!!

Then we ran a few more errands and had lunch at Red Bone Ally in Florence.  I had a dish that had local rice so I asked the waitress about it and she said that it was grown in an adjacent county.  She also said that we could find it at Harris Teeter, so after lunch we went went straight to the HT to get it.  I love finding and buying local so this find was great!!!  It is called Carolina Plantation white rice and can be found “here
I can not wait to try some rice dishes with the local rice!!!
Here are some more pictures from our Saturday together…
green tomatoes from my parents garden

tillman eating watermelon

gigantic heirloom tomatoes from my parents garden

mint iced tea

mint from my backyard
My mom left on Saturday afternoon and later that night Andre got back from camp. They went 5-1 at camp only losing to Lower Richland which is ranked number 1 in the state.  I say that it a job well done but Andre says they need some more work 🙂
Then on Sunday I went to church at Newspring here in Florence.  Then we ran some more errands.  We got our TSA locks for our suitcases and a new converter to take on our trip.  We have almost everything that we need…just need to start packing.  
On another note, I have ben debating what I want to do with my blog while I am gone on our trip…just schedule posts or get some guest post people…
Are there any people that would be interested in guest posting for me !?!  
It could be a travel, fashion, wedding related, relationship, health related or just a good story…
do I have any takers!?!
just email me:
if you are interested!!!!

Salkehatchie 2011

Thought I would share the 2 videos that I got of the children during our week at their home.
disclaimer:  I am computer/technology slow and could not figure our how to rotate the videos…so just stand sideways or flip your computer up in its side 😉
ok got that…
this video is of Jr…
he is precious and he tell us all about Jesus

Jr’s thoughts on Jesus from KIT Scott on Vimeo.

isn’t he one of the cutest little boys ever!!!
this video is when we revealed the girls bedroom to them…
they got REALLY excited
**you may want to turn your speakers down just a notch ;)**

Untitled from KIT Scott on Vimeo.

These children have left their handprints on my heart and hopefully we have impacted their little lives as well!!!

Salkehatchie 2011- the best part

The BEST part of my 2011 Salkehatchie experience was DEFINITELY was all of the…
There were so many children over at the house all week.  From the first time I met them, they stole my heart!!!
Especially this little guy…

There were 4 children that live in the house full time but Kim ( the home owner and mom of the 4 children) take care of about 10-12 children everyday (at her house).
There were children EVERYWHERE, but that is what really made my Salkehatchie experience a great one this year.

the girls…

my little buddy, Jr

jr and me

evans and jr 🙂

nika and jr 🙂

the big girls

the little girl 🙂

the sweetest cousin

pool time

maybe my favorite picture!!!


the girls!!!

dipping and squeezing

jr working

These children just loved taking pictures.

They would request their pictures then want to look at everyone of them on the camera.

I have 2 videos that I will share tomorrow and that will wrap up my Salkehatchie series.  You do not want to miss these videos !!!


I slacked off last week and did not link up with Jamie,
but this week I am doing better 🙂
*i’m loving* that I am in class all week so that means that I am in the AC all day!!!!  It is like 105 degrees here during the day and I am SO glad that I am not out in that heat all day!!!
*i’m loving* that my mom is coming to spend the night with me on Friday night!  Andre has basketball camp so we decided to have a girls night!!!
*i’m loving* that I got to spend an entire week with NIKA!!!  WE had such a great time at Salkehatchie!!!
*i’m loving* that Andre’s car is finally fixed.  We are not ready to get a new car or better yet we are not ready for car payments!!!  
*i’m loving* the difference we made in the families lives this year at Salkehatchie.  Go “here” to see the before pictures and “here” to see the after pictures!!!
These children really stole my heart!!!
the 3 girls and me

Jr (maybe the cutest little boy ever) and me

*i’m loving* this photography book that the Pioneer Woman posted about yesterday!!
what are you loving today!?!

Salkehatchie 2011- THE AFTERS!!!!

Make sure you compare the before pictures and these!!!!
Kim’s Home after…with our entire site

outside of the house on the last work day
I love the new colors!!!

the front hallway

formerly the bedroom for everyone but now the bedroom for all 3 girls!!!

this room just screams girly….princesses everywhere!!!

the living room
putting down the carpet
the back room that leaked so bad but now it is Kim’s bedroom
Jr’s room…our favorite little boy!!!
Cars galore!!!  His favorite was Tow-Mater 🙂

the bathroom
 they have hot water and a shower now!!!!
the back hallway
the kitchen 

close up of the back door from the outside…we had to rip everything out and reconstruct this wall.
This year at Salkehatchie was one of the best!  The site family was amazing especially the children.  I think that the children need a post of their own so I will do that either tomorrow or Thursday.
I can not believe how much of a difference we were able to make on this family’s life through Jesus’ love!!!