my loves…

{i’m linking up with Jamie today}
*i’m loving*  that it is almost fall.  I can not wait to wear outfits like this…

Source: via Kit on Pinterest


*i’m loving* that labor day is almost here.  I cant wait to spend the day with my mom!
*i’m loving* that Clemson football starts this weekend!!!

*i’m loving* the gravy biscuits that I made this morning…hit just the right spot!
via PW
*i’m loving* that all of my favorite fall shows are starting very very soon!!! 
and of course *i’m loving* my helpful husband and my smart pups


sometimes I dwell on the little things in life that are not so great
but I remind myself of how lucky I actually have it…
I am so lucky to have such a supportive family
they really are the best
my parents have always supported my dreams
and been there for me even if they did not really think my decisions were the best at the time
I know that I can call them at anytime about anything
I am so lucky to have a wonderful mom, dad, and brother
I am so lucky to have he perfect man to be my husband
I use to dream when I was a little girl about my husband
and now Andre meets everyone of those dreams
he is truly the perfect person for me
he understands me more than anyone
I am so lucky to be able to spend my life with such a special person
I am so lucky to have such a beautiful place to call home
even though I wish somethings were different
this is our home and we love it
I am so lucky to have friends that are there for me
I could not imagine life with out these girls
each one of them hold a special part of my heart!
I am so lucky to have a job
that I really love…I might add
an engineering job is not the easiest job to come by 
and I have a good one with a great organization!
I am truly one lucky girl
and I don’t need to forget it!!!
(sorry I could not resist the wedding pictures…I never get tired of them )

weekend wrap up

On Friday football season was supposed to start, but Irene had other plans.  The game ended up getting cancelled and it is going to be tonight!!  So that means there are two games this week.  
So since the game was cancelled we stayed in and had a quite evening at home.
Then on Saturday we went to Lowes to price carpet.  We are going to get new carpet through out our house…it is much needed.  Hopefully we can get it installed in the next month or so.  I know it will give our house the much needed face lift we have been wanting.
We also watched like 10 episodes of Chopped…that is our new favorite show.  We play a little game while it is on.  
How we play:  we each chose 2 contestants and bet something on who will win
then we watch and talk crap to each other…fun times 🙂
I lost every time…
then on sunday I did my normal Sunday errands…
I cooked,
and we watched Big Brother.
I am so happy about the new twist!!!

project 52: maps

my loves…

it’s link up with Jamie day!!!!!
*i’m loving* all of my IRL friends!  They are always there for me….3 of the best girls a girl could ask for!

*i’m loving* that I get to see my mom on Labor Day.  We are going to spend a whole day together…shopping, eating, and just having a great time!
*i’m loving* that hurricane Irene is not going to be as bad as forecasted!!!! We could use the rain but not the wind!
*i’m loving* that fall is fast approaching…I can not wait for sweater and boot weather…oh and caramel apple spices (and maybe a decaf pumpkin spice latte)
last but not least *i’m loving* my helpful and thoughtful husband

and our two sweet and smart pups

little scott things…

I have fallen behind posting my pictures…
I have a good excuse 🙂
so here is some catching up…

and yes that big sucker (also know as a spider) took up residence in our backyard…
that thing was massive
but now its dead thanks to Mr. Raid
**promise I will catch up this week**
I am thinking about moving my plate wall since I have gotten some new ones…
like this one 🙂

The pups were being extra cute this weekend!  
Chasing butterflies and dragonflies
and of course grazing

I love his little tongue!
I also watched Something Borrowed this weekend…
I liked it much more than I expected!
Now I just want more Emily Griffin books to turn to movies 🙂
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Well I thought that we were going to get some bikes today
but back in the summer we promised one of the bikes to one of my friends…
and i forgot 😦

oh well
but my dad is still coming into town today
hopefully we can go to lunch together
and he can see my new office!
I am actually looking forward to watching Big Brother tonight…
it is a pretty good season this year
thats all I have…
for today…
kind of boring…
if I say so myself…

My loves…

I’m linking you with the lovely Jamie today!
*i’m loving* the new cooler weather we have had here in SC the last few days!
*i’m loving* that I got to have breakfast with my husband this morning…now that school has started and with my new work schedule we are able to eat breakfast with each other each weekday!!
*i’m loving* all of my wonderful blog followers and everyone that comments….I have not been very good about commenting lately but maybe that will change soon!!!
*i’m loving* that we are grilling out tonight for dinner…I hope it is nice outside so we can eat dinner on the deck as well!!!!

*i’m loving* that we should get some much anticipated news on Friday.
*i’m loving* that I still get to come home for lunch everyday!!!
and of course *i’m loving* Andre, Tillman, and Tucker!!!

Have you ever watched Curb Your Enthusiasm…
I really think it is one of the funniest shows on television!
We watched the episode from Sunday last night and both of us were laughing for 30 minutes straight!!
We also watched Hell’s Kitchen…another one of our favorites.
It is packed full of drama this season too…but the cooking challenges are the best!
On another note…I cooked PW’s spicy beans last night…
with skillet cornbread
it was SO good!  
I mean like, you need to try this so your world will be complete!
oh, and we didn’t have a heat advisory yesterday
 so I sat out on our deck and read a little
the dogs acted like horses…
grazing on grass, flowers, bushes, and each other

Today is the last day before school starts for Andre…
I know there are going to be some crying children tonight 🙂

our weekend

This weekend was pretty low key. 
 We stayed in all 3 nights.  
We did watch the King’s Speech on Saturday night…we both LOVED it!
Such a great movie!
I also did some cooking this weekend…
I made mixed berry and thyme jam
homemade cinnamon raisin and nut bread
and this past week I made these chocolate hazelnut cupcakes
What did you do this weekend!?!