9 little Scott things…V.2

1. Happy HALLOWEEN!!!
We carved pumpkins last night!!!  They turned out pretty well.  Mine is the one with the little monster and Andre’s is the Arsenal gunners one.

Here are ours from years past…

2. My parents came to see us this weekend.  I really enjoy their company!!  They also helped me get so many things accomplished.  My mom worked on our little project in the nursery and my dad fixed our bathtub, put up a hook on our door, and the biggest thing was fix our heater/thermostat.

3. Here is a sneak peek of our big project for the nursery…

4. I can not wait to give out candy tonight!  I hope there are lots of cute little kids that come to our door.  I am planning to dress up the pups as well!  This time next year I will have a little bebe to dress up too!!

5. Tillman and Tucker LOVE pumpkins…they ate every piece that was dropped on the floor while we were carved our pumpkins.

6. Next Monday we have our BIG ultrasound!  I cant wait to see our little bebe again!!!!

7. We have set the date to get our Christmas tree from the mountains!  We are going to go the first weekend in December.  I cant wait…I just love this tradition that we have!!!  I love the mountains especially when there is a chance of snow!

8. Clemson lost this weekend…I was a little sad, but they could still win the ACC!  They are 8-1 now…they definitely dropped from number 5.

9. I have some great dinners lined up this week…prosciutto and arugula pizza, fajitas with black bean, corn and tomato salad, and Bucatini all’amatriciana


le petit bebe scott…week 17

Tilly just had to be in the pictures!

How far along? 17 weeks and 1 day…
Size of the “le petit bebe”? Our “le petit bebe” is the size of an onion this week…5 inches from crown to rump and about 5 oz…the little one is growing and growing
Maternity Clothes?  still wearing maternity pants and regular tops…I do not like anything pressing on my stomach…it is so uncomfortable
Weight Gain? up 4 lbs…we got a new battery for our scale so now I can keep track of my growth at home!
Stretch Marks? none…keeping my fingers crossed on this one…putting on the belly balm every morning and night…Berts Bee’s Belly Balm is the best
Gender? I still think boy and so does my mom…Andre thinks girl…only 2 more weeks and my mom will find out whether baby scott is a petit garcon or petit fille
and apparently most of you all think it is a boy as well…boys are still leading on the poll in the top right column
Movement? I think I have felt a few flutters…or maybe its just gas
Sleep? pretty good…I’m tired pretty early each night
Food Cravings? still nothing sweet
What I Miss? nothing….I just want our little bebe to be healthy….I will give up anything for that!
Symptoms? tiredness and itchy belly
Best Moment of the Week? everything…I am so happy that this week was uneventful and everything seems to be back on track!

help…iPhone apps…

I have had my iPhone for about a week or so now
I know how to use it and LOVE it
I will always be an iPhone girl now.
so this is when you come in…
What are your favorite apps?
I only have like 3 so far and this girl needs some more

My loves…

I am SO tired this morning and can’t really think straight…
so I’m just going to tell you my loves
I wish I could get a nap a work…a girl can wish right!?!?
Today I’m Loving…
that my car is running properly…but not with out a new battery and alternator.
Hopefully it will run fine for a while now!!!  I love my car and never want to get rid of it.
**not my car but just like it**
that my parents are coming to see us this weekend…I just love when I get to see them!!!
that I have a new niece…she was so sweet last night at the hospital.  
(No pictures though)
the X Factor…I think I may even like it more than American Idol!
that we went to eat Mexican last night…and it was really good!
and course I have to mention the best husband in the world and the 2 best pups in the world…

best and easiest soup ever…Broccoli Cheddar

Who loves broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl from Panera…
I didn’t think I was the only one.
I was craving some this weekend and since we do not have a Panera
I knew I would have to make some.
The version I made was super easy and even tastier!
What you need:
2 heads of broccoli, cut into florets
1/2 small onion, finely chopped
2-3 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons flour
3 cups milk, I used fat free and it worked fine
1 cup heavy cream
2 cups chicken stock
3 cups grated cheddar
1 tablespoon of each: salt and pepper
bread bowl or french bread (I had no bread bowl so I used french bread)
What you need to do:
throw the florets into the bowl of a food processor and pulse until it is in a chunky milled texture
then grate the cheese

 melt the butter in a large pot and saute onions until translucent
add the flour and create a roux
slowly add the all the liquid and stir well

bring to a boil and let thicken a few minutes
add the broccoli
 followed by the cheese…stir until all of the cheese is melted
eat with some sort of bread and enjoy!!!!
This will be a perfect lunch for me this week!!!

10 little scott things…

1. My mom brought us some pumpkins last weekend, and  I just took pictures of them.  This past week was a little stressful.  I asked for 4 pumpkins but my mom surprised me with 5…one for each member of our little family…Andre, Me, Tillman, Tucker, and the little one is for the bebe.

2. It is almost Halloween…how can that be. We need to make a trip to Sam’s to stock up on Halloween candy, because the trick or treaters or SERIOUS in our neighborhood.  I think we gave out 5 huge bags of candy last year…the huge bags from Sam’s!!!!
3. Speaking of the holidays…I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house again this year.  I really love it and I hope the tradition sticks.  
4. We are about half way through the first season of Friday Night Lights and I am loving it.  It is about so much more than football…lots of life lessons being surfaced.
5. The Mumford & Sons pandora station is pretty amazing!  I could literally listen to this all day…you should try it out!
6. I made some delicious broccoli cheddar soup this weekend.  I will post the recipe for it tomorrow!  You don’t want to miss that! 
I also made these chocolate chip cookies!!!

7. We have started picking out fabrics for the nursery and I just LOVE this collection.  I am going to have a hard time choosing!  It is Amy Butler’s Ohio Sky.
8. I know of at least 5 pregnant people that are all expecting little girls…there are going to be so many cute little girls come the new year.  I wonder if I will be one of those girl moms or will I break the trend and have a little boy.  I still think that le petit bebe Scott is a petit garcon (that would be a boy)
9. We have gotten our little one some reading material…I guess it is never too soon to start his or her library!
10.  I can not believe I actually have 10 things to say 🙂  Oh almost forgot….this past week my car kept cutting off while I was driving to work.  I went to one of the auto parts store and they checked my battery.  One of the cells was DEAD…so I got a knew one.  I am glad to report that it was just the battery and not anything else wrong!  
**and just for a smile***
look at tucker…he thought that candy was for him

le petit bebe scott…week 16 part 2

I know, I know…I was 16 weeks last week…well according to our ultrasound that we had on Monday I am NOW 16 weeks.  I have been a little ahead of schedule 🙂

How far along? 16 weeks and 1 day…for real this time 🙂
Size of the “le petit bebe”? Our “le petit bebe” is the size of a large heirloom tomato this week…4-5 inches from crown to rump and about 3 oz…and measuring just perfect according to our ultrasound
Maternity Clothes?   still wearing maternity pants and regular tops…I wore some regualr dresses this past weekend
Weight Gain? up 3 lbs…it will definitely be more by my next appointment
Stretch Marks? none…keeping my fingers crossed on this one…putting on the belly balm ever morning and night
Gender? I still think boy and so does my mom…Andre is undecided and I think my dad thinks girl (but he is thinking girl because I am a girl…funny reason, right!?!?)
and apparently most of you all think it is a boy as well…boys are leading on the poll in the top right columnMovement? still none…I cant wait to feel the little jabs and squirms
Sleep? pretty good…I’m tired pretty early each night
Food Cravings? Turnip greens, Collard greens, and Mustard greens….weird, right!?!
What I Miss? nothing….I just want our little bebe to be healthy….I will give up anything for that!
Symptoms? tiredness
Best Moment of the Week? we had a pretty rough weekend, so when we got to see the little one squirming on the ultrasound screen it was pretty great

Hearing the heartbeat at the hospital on Saturday night was pretty great too!

My loves…

since the last 2 post have been not so happy I though linking up with Jamie would be the perfect thing…
i’m loving…
…that our baby is healthy and squirming
…that I can be active again…but not too active
…that it is supposed to cool down tonight and for the rest of the week
…my natural child birth books I’m reading
…that my mom got us pumpkins…one to represent each member of our little family
…any kind of greens…mustard, turnip, or collards…I’m not picky
I guess it is my craving as of right now
…and of course my rock, Andre and my two sweet pups

Pretty BAD weekend…

We went to the emergency room on Saturday night around 10PM.  
I had some bleeding so I called the on call doctor and he told me to head to the ER.  To our surprise we were the only ones in the ER at the time so I got called back pretty quickly.  
They did some tests…
The doctor checked the heart the rate (it was 160), drew some blood, and checked my cervix. (which were closed)

They ordered me to rest all day Sunday and until I could see my doctor.  They did not know what was causing the bleeding and deemed my condition a threatened abortion.  So Monday morning I called my doctor and got an appointment for 2PM.  I got an ultrasound first then visited with the doctor.  She said that everything leaned towards that my placenta had not entirely fused to my uterine wall.  I was so happy to hear that because she said everything should be fine, and I can return to normal activity.

Sitting around all day is SO hard…I do not envy the people on bed rest at all.

I am so happy that everything is okay.  We both really enjoyed seeing our little bebe on the ultrasound as well…we have not seen him/her since about 8 weeks.

…this has been one emotional weekend…

…thank you SOOOOOO  much for the thoughts and prayers yesterday!!!!!

Sorry for no weekend update today…
this weekend has been just really crazy
with a trip to the ER,
my laying around all day yesterday,
and I’m going to see my doctor today.
I just ask everyone to keep us in your prayers!!!!!