ten little scott things V. 5

1. It was Andre’s birthday this past Friday.  He turned 36…a great looking 36 I might add.  He had a basketball game that evening; that they won!!!  So…he did not get home until really late (read midnight) to start the birthday celebrations.  I cooked him dinner of all of his favorite not so healthy foods…buffalo chicken wings, homemade potato chips with blue cheese, cornmeal onion rings, and an ice cream birthday cake.  After eating a really late dinner he opened his gifts.  He got a new temperpedic pillow, 2 pairs of pants, and some shirts.  He said it was one of his favorite birthdays to date 🙂

2. We picked out the bookcase for Baby Scott’s room this week and ordered it.  I knew when I saw it that it would be perfect.  It is from Pottery Barn and hopefully will be delivered soon…did you know that with PB’s home delivery they bring the furniture to your house, unpack it, set it up in the place you want it, and clean up all the boxes.  Thats a pretty sweet deal if you ask me 🙂

3. My mom and I went and picked out plantation shutters for the nursery this weekend as well.  When the sales person at Lowes told me that it would take 45 days for the custom order I freaked out a little, but my mom told me that was plenty of time…and the baby will not be sleeping in its room for a couple of months after its born anyway.

This is the window that the plantation shutters are going on…

4. My chocolate chip pancake/waffle obsession is still here and strong.   I made chocolate chip belgium waffles on Sunday morning.  I drizzled mine with a little cream and it was divine.  I could eat them everyday but I’m pretty sure baby Scott or my doctors would not appreciate that 🙂

5. The coming home outfit has been picked out and purchased.  I can not get over the fact of how small newborn clothes are…tiny but so cute!!!  Whether Baby Scott is a boy or a girl it will be coming home in a very southern smocked outfit 🙂

6. nursery sewing update: I have gotten all of the pillows finished and covered.  The only thing that is left to sew are the window seat cushions.  My mom is helping me with those and they should be done in the new couple of weeks.

7. Tillman and Tucker have gone on a digging/ aerating rampage out in the yard.  They have a section that has nothing but a few sprigs of dead grass left.  They LOVE to play in that area and get really gross.  I was throwing the ball for Tillman the other day and after a few tosses he got tired…instead of laying in the grass he decides the best place to flop out is in the dirt patch they have been working so diligently on.  Needless to say they both got baths this weekend to get all of the grossness off!

8. Our menu for this coming week…
hot and crunchy chicken cones with mango coleslaw

herb roasted turkey breast with parmesan pea risotto and sauteed squash and zucchini
chicken with shallots, scalloped tomatoes, and zucchini pancakes

9.  I made my mom’s zucchini bread this weekend as well.  It is so moist and delicious.  I think this will make a perfect breakfast!!!

10. I will be posting about my first baby shower tomorrow!!!  It was not the traditional shower you are thinking about, but it was fantastic!  Come back tomorrow to see all about it 🙂


It’s my husbands birthday!!!

Dear my sweet husband,
Its your birthday (as if you already didn’t know) and I wanted to write you a sweet little letter for this special occasion that comes around this time each year.

I am so happy that we are getting to spend another year together.  You make life so fun and enjoyable.  Those improv songs make me smile every time!  I love just hanging out with you doing nothing in particular.  Those are the best days.

Thanks for putting up with me on my good and bad days.  I know I can be a spaz at times 🙂  You are the best friend I could ask for.  I know that I can count on you for anything. This next year is going to be one of your best yet…I just have this feeling.

I am really so glad that you were born 🙂  I love you so much!!

The best is yet to come!

Happy Birthday!!!

30 weeks

Dear Baby, 
I can not believe that we get to meet you in 10 short weeks.  Where has the time gone? We wonder everyday who you are going to sound like, look like, and act like.  I really hope that you have your dad’s heart and compassion for others (he is pretty much the best when it comes to that).   We all cant wait to see you, but secretly I love having you to myself right in my belly.  I can rub it and most times you will start moving and kick my hand.  Its pretty much one of my favorite past times these days.  Your dad enjoys those kicks and jabs as well.  I was sleeping the other night and your dad’s arm was resting on my belly and you were kicking away 🙂  I think you were trying to tell him about your day.
All of your mom’s friends threw you a shower this week from “afar”.  You have so many smart and kind aunts that are going to just LOVE LOVE LOVE you.  I know they just love spoiling you.   I want you to know that you are loved by so many people already.
I have been really working hard on your room and loving every second.  You are going to just love it…I hope 🙂  When I put things in their place I always imagine us in there together.  We are going to make a great team…I just have a feeling.  I love you so much our littlest buddy!!!!
Love, Mama

ten little scott things…V.4

1. If you follow me on twitter or instagram (handle: lifeofascott) then you know how my weekend unfolded.  I did some sewing, sewing, and more sewing.

I finished up the crib sheets.  There are 7 total…I figured if the baby pooped on them each night we would still have enough to make it through the week…but if the baby is having blow outs that often there is probably another problem that needs to be addressed 🙂

my favorite one

2. I made the crib skirt.  This was probably the hardest thing I have made so far…because of the shear size.  It is pretty hard to hold onto all the fabric with pins and pleats.  It took me a few hours to make, but its done and on the crib.   I am so glad to have that checked off my list!

3. Yesterday I started making pillow form covers.  These were so fun to make because there were only a few steps and literally took maybe 15-30 minutes from start to finish (for each one).

I have 3 more pillows to make but I have to find some pretty fabric to cover them with…maybe some more Amy Butler fabric 🙂

4.  These two boys have been so cute this weekend. I am a sucker for a curled up pup…it makes my heart leap!

5. Baby Scott needs a pair of these!!

I mean can anything be any cuter!!!  Especially those little Calculus kicks.
6. I have some yummy things on our menu this week…
baked herb and parm potatoes… thanks Shari 🙂
and a special meal on Friday consisting of buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese and onion rings
7. Its Andre’s birthday on Friday!!!  Thats what that special meal above is for.  Those are the 2 things that he said he would love 🙂  Maybe not the healthiest but everything in moderation is okay (thats my motto anyway)  I cant wait to celebrate on Friday and this weekend!
8. I have gotten tagged by many of you…unfortunately I have lost all the emails that I saved with who tagged me 😦  Sorry girls…just comment and let me know if you are one of those sweet and thoughtful girls.  Sorry to be so unorganized and spaced out.
9. One of my blog friends Tyler posted an outstanding post about gay marriage last week.  It was such a great post that I knew that  I had to share.  It was like she took the thoughts right out of my head.  I agree whole heartily with her post.  This is one of those taboo topics and I am so glad that she was brave enough to post about it!

10. I have been listening to the indie singer songwriter station on Pandora for the last couple of weeks and I love it!!!!  If thats your sort of thing then you should check it out….you will thank me later 🙂

the baby…week 29

29 weeks down…11 more to go!!!
or it could be 8 or 13 weeks…it all depends on how much Baby Scott likes being in my belly 🙂

How far along? 29 weeks and 1 day…only 76 days until our due date!!!
Size of the “THE BABY”? I am still measuring just a little ahead so baby Scott is about 3lbs and 16 inches long
Maternity Clothes? of course…even though I wore a J Crew tank yesterday and it still fit 🙂
With that being said, I popped a thread in my favorite pair of maternity jeans yesterday as well…I hope the rest of the threads hold up for 2 more months!!!

Weight Gain? 29 pounds
Stretch Marks? none so far (and keeping my fingers crossed)
Gender? I still think that we are going to be using the name Ellison and Andre thinks we will be using Harper 🙂
Movement? Baby Scott is really strong and loves to put on shows for us during the evening and right before bed…this is still my favorite part 🙂
Sleep? pretty good, but I have been awoken with leg cramps a few times.  Still waking up at least once a night to pee
Food Cravings? everything bagels with cream cheese, blueberry and strawberry smoothies, and Chick fila!!!!
What I Miss? being able to sleep an entire night with out waking up to pee 🙂
Symptoms? larger belly (obviously), LEG CRAMPS :(, heartburn, and leaky boobs
Best Moment of the Week? getting invites for our shower

getting this card from my best friend…it brought tears to my eye (good tears)

making crib sheets

Baby Scott nursery progress

We are coming along in Baby H/E’s room (if you want to know what the H or E stands for then go here).  There are many things we have accomplished but we still have a list of items to do a mile long.
The room is not organized at all since I am in the middle of sewing lots of things.  Things are haphazardly placed as you will see in the pictures.  
the glider/nursing corner

I told you there was a pile of stuff in there!!!

dresser/ changing table

the window seat filled with painting supplies

future seat cushions for the window seat

sewing patterns

fabric, fabric, and more fabric

more patterns

the supplies

I love pretty thread

pillow inserts


the ever expanding library!

prints from our honeymoon in Paris that are going to be hung on the walls

the crib with one of the sheets that I made

our BOB jogging stroller…I can not wait to run with this gem


do you think I have enough pairs of scissors!?!

the swing

the boys don’t know what to think about all of this new stuff

things that we still need to do:
sew crib sheets
sew crib skirt
make pattern and sew window seat cushions
make pattern and sew pillow covers
make pattern and sew boppy cover
sew stuffed pup pup
hang pictures
finish painting
install plantation shutters
pick out and install new light fixture
install closet organizer
organize, organize, and organize

we have about 10 weeks to to all of these things
we better get busy!!!

Baby Scott’s name…

Since we aren’t finding out the gender of Baby Scott the least I can do is share a name or two…right 🙂
I dropped a hint or two in previous post, but didn’t really give too much detail.  
Are you anxious yet!?!
We have had special names picked out for quite some time, but really did not narrow them down until we found out that Baby Scott was actually going to happen.  Both the girl’s and boy’s names are comprised of family names from both of our families.  I have always really LOVED family names and last names as first names.  Having your child named after your family is really a special thing.
If Baby Scott is a girl her name will be 
Harper D. Scott
and if Baby Scott is a boy his name will be
Ellison D. Scott
Harper is my mom’s maiden name and Ellison is Andre’s mom’s maiden name.  The middle names are different but both start with a “D”.  I LOVE both of these names and think either would be perfect for our little baby.  I am so thankful that both of our families have great names to pick from 🙂
I haven’t decided if I am going to share the middle names before Baby H or Baby E’s arrival…

little Scott things…V.3

1. Having yesterday off was glorious!  Definitely a much needed vacation day.  I did not get much rest but I got LOTS accomplished.  I ran errands and grocery shopped until lunch.  Then Andre and I had Chick fila (I have been craving it) followed by my 29 week doctors appointment.

2. Everything went well at the doctors appointment.  The baby’s heartbeat was 137 and I am still measuring a few days ahead of schedule.

3. My mom and I tried to find crib sheets this weekend but were disappointed with the selection.  SO we decided that I would just make the crib sheets.  We picked out 7 different fabrics and away I went. I have made 3 sheets so far…

4. I also made our “real” changing pad cover.  I am really proud of how it turned out since I drew the pattern myself.  The yellow one that I posted last week was just a practice one since I did draw the pattern and I knew the second one would be MUCH better than the first!!!

5. One of my friends and her mom are throwing me a baby shower!!!  I got the proof for the invites and I LOVE them!!!  Tiny Prints does such a great job with invitations…

6. I am cooking some of Andre’s favorite foods this week…spicy chicken tenders, potato skins, and PW chicken tacos…not all the same day but sometime during this week

7. Basketball season is more than half over.  It seems like it just started.  Andre’s team is doing well so far this year…11-5!!!

8. My mom is ALMOST done with the BIG project she has been working on in Baby Scott’s room.  I am thinking about doing a nursery progress post later this week!!!  Everything is really coming together in there!!!  Which is good because I have started nesting BIG time!

9. Tillman and Tucker have been so sweet the last few days.  I think they can tell something is a little different…with all this new stuff coming in the house.

10.  I think we are going to get some new flooring in our kitchen while I am on maternity leave.  Probably only linoleum that looks like tile since we will probably not be in this house for too much longer. Hopefully I will have some time in the next couple of weekends to go look around at Lowes.

the baby…week 28

How far along? 28 weeks and 1 day…only 83 days until our due date!!!
Size of the “THE BABY”? I am assuming that I am still measuring a week ahead…that would make the baby around 2.5 pounds and the size of a butternut squash
Maternity Clothes? obviously…have you seen my small basketball.  I wish that it was acceptable to wear leggings to work…I would probably live in them!

Weight Gain? probably 26-28 pounds…I go to the doctor on Monday so I will get the official number then
Stretch Marks? none so far (and keeping my fingers crossed)…still drinking LOTS of water to keep my skin moist
Gender? who knows 🙂  I am positive it is a boy and Andre is positive it is a girl!!!
Movement? This is still my favorite part of pregnancy.  Baby Scott is one strong little kicker.  He/she was up late on Wednesday night doing a gymnastics routine for Andre and me.
Sleep? I got a snoogle pregnancy pillow on Tuesday.  I am sleeping with it, but I have not gotten use to it yet.  So far it has made me really hot, but I am going to continue sleeping with it until Monday.  Then figure out whether I like it or not. 
Food Cravings? nothing really this week…food in general tastes so much better this week!  
What I Miss? being able to bend down and breathe and wearing cute J Crew jeans
Symptoms? belly is just getting bigger and bigger…it is starting to resemble a basketball, leg cramps in the middle of the nights, and the acne has come back out of hiding 😦
Best Moment of the Week? reading more of “The Womanly Art of Breast feeding”…I cant wait to share that bond with Baby Scott.  

Finally getting our bassinet

and all of the fabric for the bedding in the mail…

So we have the crib, crib mattress, pack and play, swing, infant car seat, convertible car seat, glider, changing pad, video monitor, snuza monitor, high chair, ergo carrier, moby wrap, jogging stroller, and breast pump so far
Baby Scott is almost set 🙂