sneak peak maternity pictures

I had my maternity pictures scheduled for March 11 but decided to reschedule for the same weekend as my shower so I would only have to travel one day…and boy am I glad I got them done when I did.  The weather was perfect and I think I was “big” enough!  I think taking maternity pictures at 37 weeks would not be a very good idea…emotionally.
Erin with ESC Photography took the beautiful pictures.  I just love these two and cant wait to see more!!!


7 little scott things V.8

1. Last week blogging took a back seat as you can tell.  Nothing was wrong…we were just really busy and I was extremely tired.  At the end of the day all I want to do is cook dinner and lay down.  I think the pregnancy exhaustion has returned.

2. Our baby shower was great.  I had such a great time and baby Scott really got lots of really cute things!!!!  A post about it will come this week.

3. I have really wanted to cook some chicken and dumplings or chicken noodle soup so I cooked chicken noodle soup last night.  Andre do not really like soup so I am going to eat it for lunch this week.  I am already excited to eat it today!!!  I have never made homemade chicken stock before until last night and it really does make the difference in this soup.  It is a must try recipe 🙂  .

4. Basketball season has come to a close. I was really hoping that Andre’s team would make it to the state championship this year, but that did not happen. They still had a great year…almost 20 wins!!!  Now it is baby season in the Scott household!!!

5.  Speaking of baby season….we have 2 weeks until Baby Scott could come and it would be perfectly fine.  I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by.  I still have a feeling that I am going to be one of those women that goes 41+ weeks!!!

6. We installed the car seats into our cars last night.  Thats one more things that can me scratched off of our before baby comes to do list.  One big thing left on that list is to pack our hospital bags.  I need to start making a list ASAP!!!!  Do you have a great list of things I need?  Help a girl out 🙂

7. We watched Midnight in Paris this past weekend.  It was really good and I just loved seeing all of the familiar places through out the movie.  I REALLY want to go back to Paris and this movie just intensified that desire!  Hopefully we can go right after Baby Scott turns a year old!!

34 weeks

our littlest buddy,

We are one more week closer to meeting you.  This week has been really busy with your shower last Saturday.  Then I had my maternity pictures afterward.  You were moving the entire time the photographer was taking the pictures.

We have finally reached the point where we must go to the doctor every week.  Its crazy that I am that far along.  We had a good check up on Wednesday.  My blood pressure was a little high when I first went in but it went back down after I settled down in the room.  The doctor told me that there was nothing to worry about.  I hope that it stays low like it should for the rest of the time!!!  I do not want to meet you any earlier than when you decided to make your debut!

Keep growing big and strong little buddy! We love you so much already!
Love, mom

How far along? 34 weeks and 1 day…only 41 days until our due date and 3 weeks until I am term!!!
Size of the “THE BABY”? around 5 lbs and 18 inches long
Maternity Clothes? of course…

Weight Gain? 30+
Stretch Marks? just a few on my left hip…nothing major
Gender? I still think that Baby Scott is a boy and Andre still thinks girl…we will find out soon though!!!
Movement? lots and lots of movements…it is still my most favorite part
Sleep? okay…lots of tossing and turing though
Food Cravings? still french fries and caffeine free cokes 🙂
What I Miss? being able to sleep an entire night with out waking up to pee and a comfortable nights sleep…it is going to be years and years before we get a rested nights sleep now though 🙂
Symptoms? larger belly (obviously) and leaky boobs
Best Moment of the Week? my shower this past weekend…I will do an update soon.  I am just in a blogging funk and just SO tired at the end of the day!

33 weeks

Dear littlest buddy,

Each week that goes by marks one week closer to us meeting you.  We are really anticipating your arrival, but want you so stay in my belly for a little while longer.  We want you to be big and strong when we finally get to see you.

You have been really punching and kicking me this week…I think you are getting a little cramped.   You weight about 4.5 pounds now!!!  You have also learned how to dance on my bladder this week.  I have to jump up from my desk and run to the bathroom when you start your routine 🙂  All of your moving around is still my favorite part…and of course as I am typing this you are moving away…stretching and moving!

You are going to your baby shower tomorrow.  I am so excited to see and talk with everyone.  Afterwards, I am taking maternity pictures.  I hope that we can get some really good shots of you still in my belly.  I know once you are here I am going to miss my belly and having you with me all the time.  I hope these pictures capture how happy I am with you right here with me!!!

We love you more than you know, littlest buddy!!!


(my new hair cut…from the wonderful people at The Salon)

My sweet Valentine

Our Valentine’s celebration lasted 2 days.  On Monday I cooked all of our favorite things from Paris.  We just ate and spent time with each other.  
warm goat cheese salad

steak with green peppercorn sauce and frites

chocolate flourless cake with creme anglaise and raspberries
Then yesterday we exchanged gifts.  Andre surprised me at work with flowers…beautiful flowers!!!  

Then afterwork I headed over the school for the first round playoff game.  Andre’s team won and the game was over a little earlier than normal so we went to get something to eat.  We decided on Outback.  After dinner we headed home and Andre really surprised me with these…
 What a thoughtful husband I have.  I just love him so much.

baby Scott’s things…the gear

Happy Valentines day!!!

When I was doing my research on all of our baby supplies, past blog posts were my best source.  So I have decided that I would let you all in on all of our favorites.  Needless to say, these are our favorites before baby so the may change after he/she is here.  Hopefully not too much though since we already own all of these things.

This edition is about all of the BIG things…

Crib: Baby Mod Olivia–  this crib is simple but really fit my vision for what I wanted in the nursery.  It was really easy to put together and it came with the toddler bed conversion kit.  I have the mattress set in the highest setting in the picture.  By the way…I made all of the bedding with Amy Butler Midwest Modern Ohio Sky fabric.

mattress: Sealy Soybean Foam crib mattress– this mattress is very firm but still comfortable.  It is covered in a waterproof shell…which I think will be a great thing if our little buddy has any accidents.  The soybean core is supposed to keep its shape for the life of the mattress.

stroller: BOB revolution SE– I did tons of research on what was the perfect stroller for us…and we decided on the BOB revolution SE.  We wanted a stroller that I could take on the rail trail here and one that would stand up to me training for future half marathons.  This particular stroller has a locking front wheel that is perfect for all terrain and jogging.  This stroller is a little heavy ( maybe 20 lbs) but is really built sturdy.  We also got the infant seat attachment so we can use it from the beginning.  I really really LOVE this stroller!!!

infant car seat: Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat Laguna Bay– (right) after lots of research we decided on the snugride 35 because it is light functional and the baby can ride in it until he/she is 35 pounds.  It is also gender neutral and will click right into our BOB stroller.

convertible car seat: Graco Smart Seat All-In-One Convertible Car Seat– (left) we registered for this car seat to go in Andre’s car.  I knew we would eventually need something other than the infant car seat so we went with this all-in-one.  It have very good safety reviews and is very sturdy.  It turns into a booster seat and the baby can use this one until he/she weights 100 pounds!!!

glider: Shermag Rocker and Ottoman– this glider is very comfortable and was easy to put together.  Andre and I both love sitting in it…the only thing that will make it better is to have our little baby here to rock in it 🙂

bassinet: Carter’s Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet– Baby Scott is going to start off sleeping in our room and instead of moving the crib in there we decided to get a bassinet.  This bassinet will get lots of use because I think Baby Scott will sleep in our bedroom for quite some time.  We thought about co-sleeping but decided against it so the next best thing is to have the baby right there in the bassinet.

pack and play:  Graco Pack and Play in Laguna Bay-We knew we needed something that we could take with us when we travel.  This pack and play is easy to assemble and put away.  It has a built in bassinet, napping station, and changing pad.  I am not sure if we will use those things very much, but I can see the pack and play in the shade in our yard while I am tending to our garden this summer…with a sweet baby sleeping inside 🙂

carrier: Ergobaby Carrier with newborn insert– I have heard ONLY great things about this carrier.  It is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, looks great, and Andre can wear it too!! I have also heard that babies seem to really like riding around in this carrier.  We got the newborn insert as well…I have heard that some babies don’t like it but maybe ours will 🙂

Moby Wrap in Moss: We got this carrier for when the baby is really small and might not like the Ergo.  It seems pretty easy to use and the instruction book comes with many different ways to tie it on.  I think this carrier will be great for wearing around the house while I am on maternity leave and I want baby to be with me to nurse.

swing: Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing– I have heard that a good swing is a must.  I just love how soft and sweet this swing is.  There are lots of sound effects and swing speeds…plus it has such a cute little mobile over head.  We plan on putting this in our living room so that I can keep an eye on little baby while I’m doing other things.

monitors: Summer Infant Video Monitor– We will probably not use this to start with because baby will be sleeping in the room with us.  When he/she moves to the nursery I know this will give us peace of mind at night.

snuza– We decided to get a Snuza after I read all of the rave reviews.  The little clip goes right on the front the baby’s diaper and detects for breathing and movement.  If there isn’t any movement for like 5-8 seconds it will vibrate and make noise to wake the baby.  If that doesnt work then it will alert the parents.  I really think that this little device is going to make sleeping with a newborn in the house that much easier!!!!

 I will have another installment of baby Scott’s favorite things soon where I talk about everything about feeding, diapering, and cleaning.

10 little Scott things…V.7

1.  I rescheduled my maternity shoot for this coming weekend.  I originally had it scheduled for a weekend in March, but after some thought I decided that now would be a better time.  I have a feeling that in March I may not feel my prettiest and will not want someone taking lots of pictures of me.  The only bad thing about this weekend is that Andre will not be able to come with me…so all of the pictures are going to be of just me.  I figured that during the newborn shoot we could get some pictures of all of us together.

I have been scouring Pintrest all weekend finding inspiration.  I just love these ideas:

2. We will have our Valentine’s Day dinner tonight.  Andre has a basketball game tomorrow night so we decided that tonight would be our night of celebration.  I am cooking all of our favorite Parisian things…warm goat cheese salad, filet and frites, and flourless chocolate cake with creme anglaise and raspberries.  I even got a bottle of sparkling grape juice to take the place of a good French wine.  It is going to be a perfect meal with my better half!  I really can’t wait to eat tonight 🙂

3. My baby shower is this weekend and I am so excited.  I can’t wait to spend some time with all of my friends and family.  I have a feeling the food is going to be amazing as well 🙂  Speaking of all things baby…I should have the first installment of our favorite baby things up tomorrow!!!

4. I finally found a maternity/nursing bra that is actually comfortable. I have had such a hard time with bras this pregnancy.  My girls have grown by leaps and bounds this pregnancy and so has my band size.  I guess this is why I have had such a hard time finding a good fit.    This new bra is seamless and stretchy but not with out providing great support.

5. We went to the movies this weekend to see the Descendants.  We both really enjoyed it…I hope that it wins some awards!!!  After watching it I have this urge to visit Hawaii…it is so beautiful!!!

6. Yesterday the boys and I had a much needed rest day.  I did not get out of sweats all day.  I can not remember the last time that I have gotten to do that.  I know my body really appreciated the much needed break and rest.  I hope that resting gives me the much needed energy for this week.  There are lots of things to do this week!!!

7. During my rest day I watched an Eastbound and Down marathon.  I wanted to get caught up before the new season aired next week.  Did you know that the new season was taped in Myrtle Beach, and some of Andre’s friends had acting parts.

8. When we got our keurig this Christmas we also got the accessory where we could make our own K cups.  I finally found some really good coffee this weekend at the grocery store that was decaf…decaf Hazelnut coffee 🙂  I used the “make your own K cup” accessory yesterday (for the first time)and now I am in love!  I have found my new favorite thing to accompany breakfast…hazelnut coffee with skim milk and honey… I am enjoying one right now!

9. I made homemade egg pappardelle this weekend and it was delish!  Making fresh pasta is one of my favorite things to do when I have some time to waste.

It is super easy to make…put 2.5 cups of all purpose flour in a food processor.  Then add 4 eggs, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, and 1 table spoon of salt in a separate bowl…whisk to combine.  Then pour the egg mixture into the food processor while the motor is running.  Process until combine…pour out on a floured board (should be mealy) and kneed into a smooth ball.  Let rest for 30 minutes and roll to desired pasta shape.

10. I have this overwhelming desire to reread all of the Harry Potter books and re-watch all of the movies.  Maybe I should start on this soon!  I am pretty sure baby Scott would love for me to read those books to him/her!

32 weeks

dear our littlest buddy,

Look how big you have made my belly this week.  You are getting bigger stronger by the day…I can tell 🙂  We had a good appointment on Monday.  Your heartbeat was strong and you even put on a little show for the doctor.  You kicked her hand which made me proud.  I gave the doctor our final birth plan…I hope you cooperate so I can have the natural birth experience I have dreamed of.  I think it will be absolutely amazing to actually be able to feel you completely being born.  After the appointment I walked down to where you are going to actually enter the world…the labor and delivery ward at the hospital.  All of the nurses were so nice and helpful.  I hope we get one of those when you decide its time to make your big debut.

Your nonna finished up your mural this past weekend.  I hope you fall in love with it as much as your dad and I have.  We have already talked about taking you to Paris when you are a little older so you can actually see the Eiffel Tower in person.  It is our favorite city…even though it is not the one you were created in.  Your uncle Evans calls you an Italian treasure…and a treasure you are.

We love you so very much!
Mom and Dad

little Scott things V. 6

1.  I have joined a children’s book swap.  You send one book and end up getting 36 books back!!!  I think it will be a great way to stock baby Scott’s bookshelf!  If you are interested in joining on the fun just leave your email in the comment section or email me ( and I will forward you all of the details!!! PLEASE join in 🙂

The details: you send one book and find 6 friends to forward the email to and thats it!!!!

2. Had a doctor’s appointment on Monday.  Everything is looking great and I am growing right on track.  I have decided that for my sanity I will not longer worry about weight gain and the number on the scale…the doctor agreed with me!  I am signing up for a half marathon in November so I will lose the weight eventually…right!??!

3. I went on the hospital tour after my appointment and I think the hospital we chose is going to be perfect.  I am so glad that everything happens in one room, and the nurse to patient ratio is very low.  The nurse that gave me the tour also said that they are there to support my natural birth experience, which is key!  I feel a little more at ease about giving birth in a hospital now.  I was having second thoughts about that…by the way!

4. We finished the window seat in the nursery.  I love the way all the fabric came together.  Those window seat cushions were a little challenging to make!

5. This is the last week of regular season basketball.  Playoffs start next week!  This season has gone by SO fast.  At the beginning of the season we would talk about the end of the season/playoff and the baby coming…it seemed so far away and now it is upon us.  Hopefully the boys will continue to play well and make it to the state championship…I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

6.  I can not believe that Baby Scott could be here in 5 weeks and that would be perfectly acceptable.  I think I am more comfortable with about 8 weeks though…like I even have a say in the matter 🙂

7. I made this banana pudding this past weekend and it was the BOMB!!!  You should try it then next time you want banana pudding.  Personally I would omit the condensed milk and use vanilla wafers…just person preference.

8. I have started working on posts that have all of our favorite baby gear.  Hopefully I will get them knocked out and have them posted next week.  I know I have really found those types of post helpful when I was doing all of my baby research.

9.  I have no idea what we are going to do for Valentine’s day this year.  Andre has a basketball game that night so a romantic dinner in or out is not an option.  Maybe we could just celebrate another day.  I’m thinking of recreating our favorite Parisian dinner 🙂 except not French wine…there is always next year for that!

10. I finally have scheduled a hair appointment.  I have been in hair salon limbo for a few months.  My stylist went on maternity leave and now she is not sure if she will be returning to that salon…so I found a new place.  It comes highly recommended by my friend Whitney 🙂 and Whitney has great taste so I know I will be in great hands!

our BIG project revealed!

My mom has been working weekend in and weekend out on this big project that I have kept a secret from everyone.  She put the final touches on it this past weekend, so she is officially DONE!!!  I really LOVE the way it turned out 🙂
When we were in Paris for our honeymoon we picked up some prints off of the left bank with all intentions of hanging them in our house when we got back.  Fast forward a year and these same prints were sitting neglected and still unhung.  So we decided what a perfect idea to theme the nursery around.  I was bouncing ideas off of Andre and my mom and thats when the idea of a mural was brought up.  My mom agreed to paint it…she is a pretty amazing painter by the way 🙂
So she started in September…Sept 18th to be exact
a fresh coat of paint

sketching and basing in

all based in

now some pretty colors

this was Nov.5th…she really made some progress in less than 2 months (during Clemson football season as well)

the complete mural
view of Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France

I am in LOVE with the mural and I think Baby Scott with love it as well.  
I am so happy that my mom did this.  I think it perfect!