week 39…

Still no baby…maybe this time next week we will have either our son or daughter in our arms.  
I have finally graduated out of any sort of maternity jeans…my belly has dropped too low for jeans to be anywhere close to comfortable at work.  I will be living in leggings, skirts, and yoga pants until baby Scott’s birthday.  I’m glad they are understanding at work…I guess that is an advantage of being a boss 🙂
I have still been walking at least 5 days a week (2 miles a day).  Hopefully this will make my labor and recovery smoother.  
I am actually really excited about our delivery…I pray that everything goes as planned and we get to have the birth experience that we have been hoping for…
We go to our weekly doctors visit today and hopefully I will have made some progression, but if not then thats okay too
So until next time…


baby Scott’s things…the fun stuff

I this is the third and final installment of baby Scott’s things.  This first one was all about the gear (all the big things) and the second was about feeding/bathing/diapering.

Lamaze toys: These toys are so colorful and have so many different textures on each one.  We have a few, but hope to get some more once baby Scott really starts playing with toys.  Here are some of our favorites…

The sleep sheep and the sleep sheep on the go: We plan to velcro the big sleep sheep in the crib and use the sleep sheep on the go in the car and/or on the stroller.  I think that baby Scott will love the noise these sweet little sheep make.  I know Tillman loves the whale sounds 🙂
of course Sophie the giraffe and the Sophie teething ring…I had to get these because they were made in Paris.  We are all about Parisian things in our house!!!

I have heard a play mat is essential.  Especially for tummy time, so we picked the Baby Einstein Baby Play Mat.  There are so many interactive toys for the little baby to play with and it is very colorful.  
Bamboo swaddling blankets: These things are SO soft.  I think the bamboo blankets are going to be baby Scott’s favorites.  We are taking the far left one to the hospital with us.
Eddie Bauer car seat protector: I do not think that these are necessary, but I love my car and thought that this would keep the seat from getting too messed up (from the car seat).
Fisher Price car mirror: Well you know we want to be able to see the little baby when we are riding in the car 🙂
I know there are other fun things that I have not mentioned, but these are the majority.  I hope that you all have enjoyed this 3 part series of baby Scott’s favorite things.  Now hopefully our little buddy will go ahead and decided to make his or her grand entrance 🙂

what’s in my hospital bag

My bag and baby Scott’s bags are packed.  I finally finished packing them this past weekend.  I figured that I needed to kick my packing into high gear since our little buddy could be here anytime.  
After looking back at all of my bookmarked sites and asking veteran mothers, I think I have a pretty good list of what I need in the hospital and what would be a waste of space.  
So this is what I have packed…

1. Boppy: I plan on breastfeeding exclusively so this is a must.  I have been told that it is a lifesaver after labor since you are so tired and this does the holding for you.
2. Birthing ball: Since we are using the Bradley Method of natural child birth and our hospital does not have birthing stools I figured a birthing ball would be the next best thing.  **Make sure your birthing ball is the correct size for your height…I’m 5’8″ and I got a 65 cm ball.**
3. Breastfeeding supplies: Lanolin, hydrogel pads, and nursing pads
4. Journal for me to write everything in and “Mom’s One Line A Day” to start on baby Scott’s birthday
5. Baby neck support for the car ride home

 6. Baby Scott’s coming home outfit…my mom and I went to a children’s clothing boutique in Florence and I picked a boy’s and girl’s outfit out then I left the store and she bought one of them.  She then put it in a sealed box and gave it to me…to be opened after our little one is born 🙂
7. gender neutral sleepers: We are taking 2 just in case
8. hats, mittens, and socks
9. SOFT bamboo swaddling blankets…these things are SO soft.  I kind of wish they made these for adults 🙂
10. aspirator, nail file, and nail clippers
**not pictured: page out of baby book where those tiny little footprints will go, car seat (obviously), and pillow

2 pairs yoga pants, leggings, shirt, tank, 2 cardigans, nursing tank, Nursing bras, Socks, Robe, Chacos, Grey Toms

Hair curl cream, Hair brush, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Hair bands, Make up, Chap stick

BIRTH PLAN, Bradley book, Breastfeeding book, Iphone & charger, Ear phones, Camera, Extra camera battery, Insurance info, paperwork for work, Hospital Estimate and Checkbook, Pens

I hope that I did not over pack or underpack…I guess we will find out soon enough.

little scott things, V.10

+ This could be the week that our little baby is born.  My dad and Andre’s mom think this is going to be the life changing week.  I still think we are going to have an April baby.  It is surreal to think that we are this close to meeting the little person that has lived in my belly for the last 9 months.

+ We are down to the single digits…only 9 days left to our due date

+ I have packed my hospital bag…finally.  I am going post all about it later this week.

+ I made wild mushroom risotto last night and it was AMAZING!!!  I think it is my new favorite type of risotto.  I know  many people are intimidated by risotto, but they should not be.  The key is to stir for a while after each addition of liquid!

+ I am also going to post about all of the fun Baby Scott’s things this week. I have already posted about all of the gear (the big things like the crib and stroller) and the bathing/feeding.  This should be the last installment…I guess the fun stuff is being left for last 🙂

+ I know this blog has turned into everything baby, but what can I say….that is what my life revolves around right now 🙂

+ We went to the movies on Friday…to see The Hunger Games.  It might be our last movie date for a while, so we really soaked it up.  We both really liked the movie…and it made it even better that we went to a matinee so I did not have to stay up late 🙂 I can say that it really did live up to all the hype!

38 weeks…

How do I only have 12 days left…
This pregnancy has really flown by!  It is surreal that we could meet our son or daughter anytime.  
I got another A+ at our weekly doctors appointment.  I have gained 2 more pounds and my blood pressure was perfect.  I am still dilated 2 cm, but the baby has dropped to station -2 and I am effaced 75%.  I am so happy that the baby has dropped some…I guess walking 2 miles a day has helped.  
The only bad thing that has happened this week is…that ankles have started to swell 😦
I blame the heat.  
Dear our little buddy,
Your daddy and I can not wait to meet you.  We are so excited and talk about you all of the time.  I know you are ease-dropping sometimes because you give yourself away by moving 🙂  Your big brothers can not wait to meet you as well.  They like to smell all of your things and look in your crib.  I think they will be so sweet to you.  
You can come anytime buddy 🙂
Love, Mama

baby Scott’s things…feeding/diapering/etc

I recapped all of our favorite “big” baby things a few weeks ago.  Go “here” to check see that post.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump:

 I plan to exclusively breast-feeding for at least a year, so I know this pump will get LOTS of use since I also plan to go back to work.  I know breast feeding is not for everyone but I think that it is right for our family.  This is supposed to be the best personal pump out there.  It has a hands free attachment that I think will make it very easy to use while I am at work.  It also has many different settings for suction and a memory setting to remember how you like it.

here are some of the other accessories that we got to go with the pump: pumping brastorage bags,  nursing pads, lanolin, and hydrogel pads

Dr Browns bottles: Everyone says that these bottles are the best, so that is what we are going with.

Dr Browns bottle warmer: I know that our little buddy will want warm bottles (when he or she starts taking them (when I go back to work) and since this was Dr Brown’s brand I figured it was great.

boppy: I think that this will get lots of use during our nursing sessions.  I LOVE this slipcover with the puppy dogs.  We do really love some puppy dogs.  
bumbo: This is another product that everyone has and recommends.  We got it in the teal color so it would be gender neutral.  We are thinking about getting the attachable tray to go on it as well.  

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair:  When we start feeding solids at around 6 months we will use this high chair.  We decided on the space saver because our kitchen area is kind of small and our table is higher than normal.  We thought that we could just strap this high chair to one of the chairs and be set.  Again the color is very gender neutral.

Playtex Diaper Genie II: This diaper disposal system is hands free and is supposed to eliminate the smelliness that comes with diapering.  I am hoping that the pups don’t like this too much 🙂 This diaper genie does require special bags and we stocked up on them.

Pampers sensitive swaddlers: diapers…I had super sensitive skin when I was little and still now so we are going to go with the sensitive diapers.  We chose pampers because that is what my parents used on me, so they must be good 🙂

Pampers sensitive wipes: again we went with the sensitive ones since our little baby could have sensitive skin like me

Wipe Warmer:  I know this is not a necessity, but I really liked the idea that it keeps the wipes fresh and warm.  I think that this will make diaper changes a little more pleasant.

butt paste:  Hopefully we wont have too much diaper rash, but if we do we will use this along with mineral oil.  I have been told that mineral oil is the BEST thing to put on diaper rash!!!


puj tub:  I really love that this tub unfolds to be flat and does not take up any space.  It also mildew resistance.  It fits in most sinks and the baby can use it until they are 17lbs.

Deluxe bather: We also got this tub since baby Scott with out grow the puj.  It folds up very small and it very light weight.  It has skid resistance feet and it big enough to use for a while.

aveeno baby essentials:  I have heard really great things about aveeno and it not being harsh on baby’s skin.  I know that I can use aveeno products so I hope that the baby’s skin can handle it.  I love the way all of the aveeno products smell as well 🙂
baby Health kit:  We got this since it seemed to have all of the little things that are necessities for a wee little baby…like an aspirator, rectal thermometer, medicine dropper, nail file, and clippers
This concludes this installment of Baby Scott’s things.  I’m thinking about doing one final installment of the miscellaneous things like toys, swaddles, and things like that.  Hopefully I can get it done before our little one makes his or her grand entrance.  


I’m LOVING that I had a great check up yesterday.  Baby Scott has decided to drop a little and that makes for one happy mama.

I’m LOVING that we are going to see the Hunger Games on Friday.  I am going to get off of work early and we will see it that afternoon.  I can not seem to stay away for late movies anymore 🙂

I’m LOVING all of the LOVE that you all gave us yesterday on the Baby Scott nursery reveal!!!

I’m LOVING our fixed ac and all of my new cooler clothes!!!  I have learned that a hot pregnant woman is not a happy woman.

I’m LOVING smart start cereal and dark chocolate almond milk but not together.

I’m LOVING that we are SO close to meeting baby Scott…only 14 days until my due date!

Baby Scott’s Nursery

We have finally finished baby Scott’s nursery.  We love how it turned out and can not wait to bring our littlest buddy home to see it. He or she will get to see it soon enough 🙂  Since we did not find out baby Scott’s gender we knew that we would go gender neutral in the nursery, but personally I love greens, yellows, and blues better than pink and purple anyway.  We based the entire nursery off of the prints that we got from Paris on our honeymoon.
So without further ado…
The window seat

light over window seat

glider/nursing area

the first letter is still at my mom and dad’s house…waiting on little baby’s arrival

Parisian mural painted by my mom

sweet potato sack waiting on baby Scott

bookcase with LOTS of critters

changing station

the ever expanding library

I just love these veggies

the closet

storage unit in the closet

I just love these little clothes

crib bedding, pillows, changing pad cover, and seat cushions: Amy Butler Midwest Modern Ohio Sky fabric and made by me 🙂
window seat light: Lowes
shelves: Lowes (similar)
prints: we got them on our honeymoon to Paris from a street vender on the Left Bank
frames: Hobby Lobby
letters: Anthropologie
glider: Shermag
Wooden furniture: I have had these pieces since I was in high school but they are Webb brand
crib: Baby Mod Olivia crib
Bookcase: Pottery Barn revolving bookcase

If you are wondering where something came from just ask…I will try my best to help you all out 🙂

little scott things v.9

1+ It has been unseasonably warm here in SC for the last few days (like mid 80s)…and I have decided that being hugely pregnant during the summer must be the pits.  I have been SO hot these last couple of days and to make matters worse our AC has not been working.  (I could not even imagine being 38 weeks pregnant when it is 100 degrees outside.)  It would get up to 80+ during the day and only down to 75 or 76 at night in our house.  I finally got some relief yesterday…my sweet daddy came back to my house (he has driven the 2 hours here and 2 hours back the last 3 days in a row) and put some freon in AC.  I am actually not sweating anymore….I have been sweating constantly for the last couple of days. I have never been more excited about air condition.

2+ Since it is so warm my dad took me to get some shorts and short sleeve shirts.  I had nothing that would still fit, so I was stuck wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts.  That may have been one of the reasons that I have been sweating constantly for the last couple of days.  Now I have some cool lounge wear that I can wear until Baby Scott makes his or her arrival (and maybe a little his or her arrival).  (hopefully that arrival will be pretty soon)

3+ We finally FINISHED the nursery.  I will post all of the pictures this week!  We are so happy with how everything turned out.  Here is a little sneak peek…

4+ My sweet Tillman and Tucker got their 3 year rabies shots on Friday.  During that visit we found out that they are both a little overweight, so their treat intake is going to decrease drastically 🙂 I’m pretty sure they are not going to like that.

“What mom…no more treats!?!?”

“I’ll just eat this nyla-bone instead”

5+ My dad helped me repot our tree that goes on our front porch yesterday as well.  I think the bigger pot will make the plant much happier.

**can you see my big belly? 🙂

6+ I have started packing our bags for the hospital.  I have gotten all of baby Scott’s things together and some of mine.  I hope to have everything packed by the end of this weekend, because my daddy thinks the baby is coming on the 29th 🙂

7+ I ordered these two books and when they were delivered I could not tear into the box fast enough.  I immediately starting flipping through them.

I decided that we would try this out this week

and that I REALLY want to make this for baby Scott!!!

8+ Speaking of books…I made this book on iPhoto using my maternity pictures.  I LOVE the way it turned out.  I think that I will use apple more for these types of projects.  I think the quality is much better than Shutterfly!

9+ I want to make one of these name and face books for baby Scott once he or she gets a little older.

I think this would be a great way for Baby to learn who everyone is in our families
10+ This is such a great afternoon snack
peanuts and dark chocolate M&M’s
Have a great Monday!!!

37 weeks…

We have a full term baby on our hands (or in my belly…that is)
At my weekly appointment on Tuesday I measured right at 37 weeks so that makes me 37 weeks and 3 days today.  That is ONLY 19 days until I’m 40 weeks…we are down in the teens now!
I made some progress this past week as well…I’m 2 cm dialated, 60% effaced, and at station -3.  I am determined to at least try to get get this baby to drop this week.  I have upped my walking to 2 miles a day now.  According to every article I have read walking is the best way to encourage to baby to drop. We will see if the walking pays off at my next appointment.  
Our little buddy is still a mover.  Poking legs, arms, and it’s butt out all the time.  I have such a good time trying to guess the body part.
We can’t wait to meet you, little buddy!