our weekend in list form

We went on our first date since Ellison was born on Sunday night.
It was so nice to get out of the house and be with the man I married
We went out to eat then to the movies
My mom kept Ellison and I know they had a blast too
my first glass of wine since July!!!

my sweet date

his date
We ran some errands
ate burgers
and Andre did some yard work
all on Saturday
Yesterday we grilled out for the first time this spring/summer
We cooked sliders, grilled corn, and s’mores
Can you believe I have never eaten a s’more until last night!
My mom and I planted 12 tomato plants yesterday.  I can’t wait for them to start producing tomatoes!!!  Since I have a baby strapped to me most of the day we decided to plant them in pots and just put them on the deck…for easy access.  
Ellison moved up a size in diapers this weekend.
He is in size 2s…
My little baby is getting so big…I would estimate that he weights 13-14 pounds already!


6 weeks and 6 little things

My sweet and spirited Ellison you are 6 weeks old today.  These 6 things below are just a few things that I want to make sure I remember about you being 6 weeks old

There is not place you would rather be than in your Ergo carrier….looking into your mama’s eyes.  You LOVE being held and I probably hold you 90% of the day.  My theory is that I only get 12 weeks home with you and I might as well hold you as much as you want.  After those 12 weeks I will not have the opportunity to hold you all day like I can now.  
You are doing okay taking your pumped bottles during the day, but you would much rather nurse.  The only problem is that when you nurse you don’t get all the milk and your mama gets very uncomfortable.  You drink around 3-4 oz of milk each time you eat.
You sleep in 3-4 hour stretched at night then you are up and ready to EAT.  I am hoping that you start sleeping a little longer soon 🙂
You LOVE going outside, but HATE riding in the car!!
You have really learned to smile and coo.  When you smile I melt and can’t help but smile too.  
You have finally gotten the hang of nursing with out the nipple shield!!!  You even when an entire night last night without it.  It really makes nursing a whole lot more convenient!
and 2 videos of my boy

Road trip

We went for our first overnight trip away from our house this past weekend.
We didn’t go far…just to my mom and dad’s house.  I spent all day on Friday packing…who knew that a 12 pound person needed so much stuff.  I literally think Ellison had more stuff than Andre and me combined.  Then throw in two pups and all their stuff and we had one packed car.  I do not think we could have fit anything else in the car 🙂
I spent the entire weekend eating, cooking, visiting ,and laying in the hammock.  Andre got a new iPhone to replace his broken one.  Ellison spend his weekend loving on his nonna and poppy (and drinking LOTS of milk and blowing out diapers).  Tillman and Tucker spent their weekend running, swimming, and playing.
We all had such a great time.
Now I’m off to recuperate 🙂

I’m 5 weeks old…say what…

These pictures were actually taken last week, but I knew I wanted to share them.
I want to take a picture of Ellison in his crib with a white onesie one each month
(so I can have them when he turns 1)
I think that we need to move up to size 2 diapers
I don’t think these size 1 diapers are cutting it anymore
we have had poop explosions in the Scott household the last couple of days
moving up a diaper size is the only thing I can think of
E slept in his crib until 3 AM yesterday night!!!  
Then he slept right beside me last night
…baby steps

My first Mother’s Day

Sunday was my first Mother’s Day and my two boys really made the day special.  Ellison woke up at 5AM to nurse and then went back to sleep for a little…which makes for one happy mama.  Then we all finally got up around 7:30 and while Ellison nursed again Andre started cooking away.  He made me stuffed cinnamon french toast, curled bacon, and of course a cup of Dunkin Donuts french vanilla coffee.

I have to say it was a pretty spectatular way to start my first mother’s day.  
Then he really outdid himself
He got me shari’s berries, a new wallet, and a new book.  
Later my parents came to Florence for lunch and to love on their favorite grandson 🙂 (they only have one so he is easily the favorite).  After lunch we just visited…
Perfect first Mother’s day if you ask me.

Ellison…1 month

How are you already a month old…
we just came home from the hospital!!


birth: 20.5 in
now: 23.5 in
birth: 8lbs 15 oz
now: approx 11.5 lbs

favorite things
being in the Ergo carrier
sleeping with mom
drinking LOTS of milk
being NAKED

special talents

pooping up my back…(it takes skill)
making LOTS of noise


(or the lack of sleep)
you are the master of fighting sleep
you would rather see what is going on around you, but then you get really tired and CRY CRY CRY
during the day you do most of your sleeping in the Ergo carrier
and at night you are mostly co-sleeping
but we are TRYING to get you into your crib (that has been moved into our room)
usually you sleep for 2 three hour segments at night 


you like to cry…
and sometimes I think you just need to get it out

being offered the bottle when you are clearly done eating (come on MOM)
putting on clothes
dirty diapers
going to sleep

ceiling fans
talking with your daddy
bouncing and dancing
being close to your mom
being held…all the time
and of course being NAKED!

This past month has been a whirlwind.  You have taught me so much in this short period of time.  My love for you grows each day and I wonder how I could love you anymore than I already do…
I could not imagine life without you in it…
You make our lives louder, but so much better 🙂
We love you to the moon and back
Love, mama and daddy

a weighty issue

Do you know how much I gained with Ellison….
a whopping 50 pounds.
Thats what it looks like
Want to know what is even crazier…
my doctors were all okay with that weight gain
I was eating right and exercising
and Ellison was growing right on track
Yes I fretted about the weight gain a ton because everywhere you look in blog land women are gaining 20-30 pounds…heaven forbid them gain 35 or even 40.  I thought I was doing something wrong when I hit the 30 pound mark and I still had a few months to go.  My doctors assured me that I was doing just fine, so I stopped worrying about that number on the scale.  
I even got the marks of motherhood…stretch marks
(another thing that no one seems to get in blogland)
I got them on my hips and a few on my lower sides
I was a little bummed out when I first got them, but that is a small price to pay for this healthy baby boy I have in my arms right now.  
My mom reassured me that they fade over time and she got them in the same places that I did.
(this was taken 10 days after he was born)
Now for the good news…
at 2 weeks after E was born I was down 25 pounds
and now at 4 weeks I am down 36 pounds
thats only 14 more pounds and I will be at my pre-pregnancy weight.
So the lesson in all of this is
don’t beat yourself up about gaining a little more weight that the “norm” while pregnant
(I have already done the beating up for you)
and if you get stretch marks…
its okay…you are not the only one
the most important things are to have a healthy baby, eat right, and keep moving
no so much the number on the scale

little Scott things…

1. My mom came to stay with us this past weekend. We just love having her here.  She helps out so much and Ellison can’t get enough Nonna kisses.  She has the magic touch when it comes to settling Ellison down.  I really can not thank her enough for all of her help, love, and support…boy have I needed it these past few weeks.  Being a new mom is tough, but so worth it!!!

2.  Ellison pooped on me this morning for the first time.  I am sure it will not be the last time but it did take me by surprise.  I am so thankful that we use waterproof pads on the changing pad…if not then I would have really had a mess on my hands.

3.  I have started pumping during the day and giving E bottles and nursing at night.  This seems to be working so much better…I am much more comfortable and Ellison is not choking anymore.  Having an oversupply is a blessing and a curse.  Don’t get me wrong I am SO happy that I have plenty of milk for Ellison, but having 6 + oz of milk available every 2-3 hours is A LOT.  Hopefully one day everything will get regulated and I won’t wake up every morning with rocks as boobs.  Again let me say…I am very thankful for having enough milk and I know that many moms would kill to be in my shoes.

by the way…I think I have a touch of mastitis and I am waiting on word from my doctor on what to do about that

4. We made shrimp tacos this weekend and they were delicious.  I used this recipe for the shrimp and this recipe for everything else!


5. I got the disk with Ellison’s newborn pictures this weekend.  The pictures turned out just like I imagined.  They are perfect…

see 🙂

6. Since I got his newborn pictures I went ahead and made the birth announcements.  I’m not sharing just yet…since that would take some of the fun out of it.

7. Tillman has a pretty bad ear ache.  My dad took him to the vet on Friday and they gave him 3 different kinds of meds and some ear drops.  He is on the mend and really thinks that he is special since he gets three “treats” twice a day.

8. The pups are adjusting well to Ellison.  Our next hurtle is figuring out how to keep them out of the bed if Ellison is in it.  Last night was the first night they were here with us and it did not go very well.  We put up a baby gate at our bedroom door to keep them out and they cried for hours.  Eventually Andre went to sleep in the spare bedroom so they could sleep with him.  I’m thinking that we may have to put them in the other part of the house tonight.  We are in the process of getting Ellison use to sleeping in his crib (since he has out grown his bassinet already) and until he is sleeping in there all night the dogs have to be somewhere else.  Hopefully we can get E use to the crib quickly so everything can go back to normal.

Ellison…3 weeks

weight (measured using our home scale)
11 lbs 8 oz

favorite things
riding in the stroller
being in the ergo carrier
laying on mom’s chest

special talents
passing gas and burping like a grown man
(boy am I going to be in trouble when you get a little older)

you are sleeping in 3 hour increments at night which we both really appreciate
BUT during the day…you sometimes refuse to sleep which makes you super fussy
you fight sleep like no ones business…we say that you do not want to miss anything 🙂
I learned yesterday that you will go to sleep in the ergo carrier so we will be using that trick now

You have had some rough days this past week
You cried so bad on Wednesday night that you threw up twice
I blame that crying/throwing up episode on you being overly tired
you stayed up from 4:30 until around 10:30 with only a cat nap mixed in there
I am thankful that you have been less fussy during the night this week though

being overly tired
being burped
mom’s milk coming out too fast
having your feet touched

being held by your mom
smelling your mom
EATING (not from the bottle though)
playing with daddy
going outside
and you still LOVE being naked