it’s JUNE…

I can not believe that it is already June
that means that it is practically summer.
These past couple of months have just flown by!!!
and I know that the next couple of weeks/months are going to fly by as well.
We have so many things planned!
This coming weekend we are going to a wedding in upstate South Carolina.  
Then June 11-18th I will be in Chester participating in Salkehatchie Summer Service.  Salkehatchie is very similar to Habitat for Humanity but is faith based and is through the United Methodist Church Conference.  Salkehatchie is always super hot and a lot of work, but has always been a highlight of my summers.  I can not wait to see what kind of projects I will be doing this year…probably roofing a house…that is my speciality 😉

At the end of June Andre is taking all of his basketball boys to camp at the Citadel down in Charleston.  
After all of that activity it will practically be time for our trip to Rome and our 1 year anniversary.  It seems like we just go married yesterday!  I guess the saying is true…”time flys when you are having fun”

A Little More Tillman and Tucker

I hope you all do not mind a little more of my two babies!!!!

We are heading to the state championship games later this evening!!!  One of Andre’s former assistant coach’s team is playing in one of the games!!!!
Go Lady Seahawks!!!  We hope that they win for the second year in a row!!!
Tomorrow we are heading to my parents house to celebrate my dad’s birthday!!!

One step closer to ROME!

I am happy to say that we decided on a hotel in Rome and we booked our rooms this morning!  The only thing left to book is our shuttle from the airport to our hotel and back. **Just some advice: if you are going on an international trip and not renting a car then I highly suggest getting a shuttle to and from the airport.  I could not imagine trying to carry all of my luggage onto public transportation and feeling my way to our hotel**
I think that we picked a pretty amazing hotel to say at…it is located in the Trastevere part of the city and even has a roof top bar 🙂

We order the Italian version of Rosetta Stone and that should be on our doorsteps sometime this coming week.  We are going to study the language hard before we go!  
Have you ever been to Rome!?!  If so do you have any suggestions for us….places to visit, places to eat, places to shop, etc!  We can not wait to go!!!!
Andre’s basketball team is now 13-2 they beat North Myrtle Beach last night in their first region game!  One of his players almost has a triple double and another one hit 6 threes!  It was an exciting night!
I am off to a baby shower today for one of my cousins!  I just love baby showers….all the baby stuff is so cute.  I just can not get over how little everything is.  I have never really been around a really little baby so I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how small they are when they are born….Im crazy….I know this 🙂
I NEED to get caught up on my cooking blog!  I have so many recipes to share but have not had the time to write the posts.  I promise I will try this weekend!  So look out for some tasty treats 🙂
Have a great day!

Miscellany Monday…

It’s Monday and one of my favorite blog posts of the week because I get to be so totally RANDOM!!!!
Go ahead and link up my friends!!!
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
I am totally getting into the holiday spirit because I am participating in Aly & Molly’s 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge!  Go ahead and link up…all the cool kids are doing it!

Thanksgiving is this week and I have already done all of my shopping!  It feels AMAZING to already have all of that donzo!  I can not wait to start cooking on Wednesday!  
I have this entire week and next Monday off from work!  I am ecstatic!   I am going to do a little shopping, some running, some cooking, take the doggies on some much needed walks, and just be a total bum!  Sounds like a great week to me….oh and my B-day is on Sunday so that makes it even BETTER!
The Wilson Tigers (my husband’s team) are starting their season tonight.  They are in a tournament and hopefully will pull of a win tonight!  Have I told you how much I LOVE basketball!  I can not wait to cheer them on tonight!!!!  GO TIGERS!!!!
Tucker is having minor surgery tomorrow to have a place removed off of his leg.  I am hoping that it goes well and the sedatives do not screw with his epilepsy.  I will update everyone after it is completed tomorrow.  Poor little puppy has had so many things done to him in his life 😦 but he is a happy puppy so that is all that matters. 
I hope everyone enjoyed my randomness!!!  Have a great Monday!!!!

November 1st

Today is November 1st.  I have always been a big fan of November.  The fall leaves, thanksgiving, my birthday and my brothers birthday, and we are that much closer to CHRISTMAS!!!  I have a big month ahead of me…

1st…Basketball practice begins…
2nd...Election Day…I will be so happy when all the election stuff is over because I am so over all of the negative ads that have taken over the TV and newspapers.  Really I am over it
7th…my baby brother turns 22…really I can not believe that he is that old
11th…Veteran’s Day and I have this day off of work…yay for a 3 day work week
12th…Tucker has an appointment to get his Pheno.barbital levels checked…fingers crossed on this one
17th…4 month wedding anniversary and a vacation day for me since I am going to a basketball banquet with Andre…yay for another day off of work!
19th…1 yr anniversary of Tucker’s total hip replacement
21st…1 yr since Tucker’s first seizure…boooooo
22nd-24th…Basketball Tournament
25th...We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house…YAY!!!
30th…first basketball game of the season…go TIGERS!

I have a busy month but it will be a fun one!!!!  Just for fun I counted up how many days I have to work in the month of November….a whopping 10!  I love the holidays!!!  Sorry for tooting my own horn…I hope that you all did not mind.

Hope everyone had a great MONDAY!