summa reading

Since I am back to being a working woman (and mama) today…
I thought I would leave you all with my summer reading list.  I have already read Kite Runner, so it is not on the list (but it is a must read).  
Fifty Shades Trilogy (the writing was horrible but I wanted to know what everyone was talking about)
The Lucky One (I was told that this book was not that great so I may start with one of Nicholas Spark’s earlier books)
last but definitely not least…
What is on your summer reading list?
I would love to add a few more to my list!!!

My loves…

I just love linking up with Jamie every week and telling everyone what *i’m loving*
today *i’m loving*
that we are going to a wedding this weekend for one of my friends from college
We can’t wait to celebrate Ashley and Colin’s special day with them!
{borrowed from Ashley’s facebook…hope you don’t mind Ashley )

*i’m loving*
that my blogiversary giveaway week was such a blast.  I had so much fun hosting all of the giveaways and I am so glad that 5 lucky girls got something cute 🙂  I still can not believe that I have been blogging for over a year!!!!
*i’m loving*
that I got to go to my parents house this past weekend and see everyone
I just love my parents house.
Have I every told yall that my parents built their house…like drove every nail 🙂
My brother and I helped just a little!!!  We were in elementary and middle school so mostly we were just in the way!!
me and my beautiful mom
*i’m loving*
my latest book
Baby Proof
*i’m loving*
we booked a cooking class to take while we are in Rome
I can not wait….I am going to have a blast!!!!
and then it is just right around the corner from our hotel!!!
Everything we make is from scratch and very authentic!!!!
I cant wait to get some new Roman recipes!
*i’m loving*
my 2 sweet pups
and of course *i’m loving*
my sweet husband
thats last day of school is coming up soon!!!!
what are you loving today!?!

Thoughts for Thursday…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  Maybe we will celebrate by going out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  
I am starting to think about what I am going to want to wear when we visit Rome this summer.  I know that I can not wear shorts and tank tops in most sights, so I guess I will wear either dresses or cropped pants.  I know that it is going to be pretty warm there in July…the average is high 87 low 70. 
Outfits from our Paris trip…casual but not sloppy

I need to start writing my packing list soon!
I know that we need to buy new water bottles, a converter, another camera battery, and suitcase locks.
That list is bound to get longer the closer we get to July!
I am hoping to finish Something Borrowed this week!   Is there some order that I should read the Emily Griffin books?  I was thinking Something Blue next….what do you think?!
Something BIG is happening May 23-27 right here on this blog!!!   I am SO excited….stay tuned to find out more 🙂
I have gotten so many new WONDERFUL followers over the past couple of weeks!!  If you are new then introduce yourself, so that I can get to know you better 🙂

Our Weekend…9 month anniversary

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My random musings from this past weekend!
9 month wedding anniversary
Our 9 month anniversary was yesterday.  These past 9 months have gone by so quickly.  I have absolutely LOVED being married to my best friend!  We celebrated with our traditional French dinner.
This month we had quiche Lorraine, zucchini fritters, and creme brulee.
Creme brulee is my FAVORITE!!!  It was so easy to make and just delish!

The quiche and fritters

the creme brulee  😉
then the aftermath…like 10 seconds later 🙂
{all of the recipes are coming up this week on my cooking blog…so stay tuned}
Monday (today)- quiche recipe
Tuesday- Zucchini Fritters recipe
Wednesday- Creme Brulee recipe

We had such a great anniversary!!!  Our 1 year is just around the corner!!!
Bread of the month
I got another installment of bread on Friday. 
 I was in carb heaven all weekend!!
The chocolate sourdough is amazing!!!!  chocolate+bread=heaven!!!!
I wish I would have gotten like 3 loaves of that stuff…
The farm bread is great too….wonderful as sandwich bread!
bag for our trip to Rome
I have been on the look out for an across the body bag to take on our trip this summer.  I found a great one this weekend (it is a Fossil) and my Nikon will even fit!!!!
And it doesn’t hurt that the print is super cute as well!
Playing with the camera
 I spent Sunday afternoon like I do almost every weekend…
wondering around the yard taking pictures

I have such a hard time getting pictures of them together!
Books Lately
{all book images from Amazon…click the title or pictures to see the Amazon site}
A few people have asked what books I have read lately…
I thought posting about it would be the easiest and most effective way {since I am super lazy}

great series…I remember the 1st book being a little boring for like the first 2 chapters, but that fact is quickly forgotten once you get into the meat of the story
This book is a biography of a Saudi Arab princess.  The good and bad are all in this book.   This is a page turner and very insightful!

I can not say enough great things about this trilogy…
I just loved it!
I CAN NOT wait until the movies come out
I REALLY hope that they do the books justice

I will probably finish this book this week and so far…
I LOVE it…
set in the the 1960 South…it really shows how far we have come as a society

Book Recommendations

Well I am almost done with the Hunger Game trilogy!  I REALLY enjoyed it! There were so many twists and turns.  I was hooked from the beginning!!!! I would highly recommend this trilogy to those who haven’t read them yet!!!!
I was wondering what are some great books that you have read lately!?!  I was thinking of reading “Eat, Pray, Love” next but wasn’t sold on it yet! I have also heard some great things about “The Help”.
 I am not really big on romance novels…but I enjoy just about every other genre!
Any suggestions!?!
Thanks so much 🙂