It’s starting to look like Christmas…

We have gotten all of our decorations up …
we only did one tree this year since I am growing a human inside of me and that makes me a little tired…
plus helping Andre get things out of the attic becomes more and more difficult with each passing day.
Maybe next year we will have our regular 2 trees and maybe even a 3rd one for Baby Scott’s room.
But here are our decorations for Christmas 2011…
the outside

our tree is massive this year, but I think it is the prettiest shaped tree we have ever had
9.5 feet of pure beauty 
the mantle…inspired my Aly last year 🙂

I just love coming home in the evening and turning all the lights on and just sitting on the couch.  This time of year is the best!!!

Picture Wall- Inspiration and Misc.

We really want to put something behind our couch in our living room and what better than a wall filled with wedding pictures.  I have been looking everywhere for pictures to inspire me…
What do you think!?!  Do you have a picture wall!?!  Do you have any tips!?!
Which are your favorites!?!  I really love 7, 9, and 11.  
I started the Insanity workout last night….and it really kicked my butt 🙂  I think that I am going to really like this set of workouts better than P90x because Insanity is all cardio.  I have never been a big strength training person…I just dont get it.  Cardio is my thing so these workouts should be right up my ally…and none of them are over an hour (for the first months)
I am a little sore this morning but nothing any worse than the day after a long run.  I really can not wait to see how challenging the workout is for tonight!
I am going shopping for my swap buddy today!!!!  I can not wait to buy all kinds of cute Valentine’s Day goodies!  I just LOVE giving gifts! 

Christmas Tour

Welcome from Kelly’s Korner or The Nester.  I could not pass up the opportunity to show you guys all of my Christmas decorations in one post.  
This year I put up two trees…one in the living room (its the real one) and one in the dining area (a fake one).
Well with our further ado….
The main tree in the living room.  We went to Boone, NC to get it this year and it was so much fun!  We hope to continue the tradtition next year!  Go “here” to read about our trip to get our tree.  You can got “here” to see an up close view of our most important/special ornaments.
The main tree with the lights on…Christmas tree just make me smile!
The second tree…in the dining area.  I got this tree in college and decided why not this year 🙂  I am glad that we decided to put it in the dining area.  Now when I am cooking I can see it!  

The wreath on the front door….I made this last year!
The outside decorations….we decided to put wreaths on the windows this year.  

Our mantle…you can go “here” to see who inspired me and how I made it!  It was super fun to make and easy too!

All finished with the stockings!

You can go “here” to check out some of my decorations from last year!
I hope that you enjoyed the tour!  I can not wait to get some ideas for next year!

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

We finally got our Christmas tree.  We had such a great time in the mountains looking for the perfect one.  I was hoping that it would snow and guess what… was snowing the entire time!!!!!  
It was so pretty!  And sorry in advance for the overload of pictures!!!!
The Norris Christmas Tree Farm, Boone, NC

I do not know why I did not put in my hood….my hair was soaked by the time we left 

it snowed that much just while we at the farm

We did not get home with the tree until 4AM so I just started decorating today….but I am pleased to say that I am now done.  We have two trees…the real one and a fake one that I used in my apartment in college.
my helper feel asleep on the job

New ornaments for 2010…
“our first christmas”
2010 snowflake

number 1 in Hallmark’s newest series ornaments….there will be a different cupcake every year….how could  I resist 🙂

We ended up getting a bigger tree than last year (9.5 ft) but I think that it fits perfectly!  
The fake tree in the dining room

The outside with the spot lights

The mantle with the stockings

Christmas Mantle inspired by Aly

Aly over at analyze this shared her super creative and beautiful Christmas mantle!  I have been searching high and low for the perfect idea for our mantle this Christmas season…  When I saw Aly’s post this morning….I knew that was the mantle that I wanted!  I made the trip to Target and got the supplies.  Then I came straight home and assembled it!  I could not be more pleased with the way it turned out!!!!
Aly did a step by step on her blog but I thought that I would do mine as well!
What you need:
1-10 ft piece of pre lit garland (target $10)
4- cylindrical vases (target $3)
2- larger vases (I have these left over from my rehearsal dinner but they are from Hobby Lobby approx. $10)
2- branches of berries and other small decorating things 🙂
1- bag of cinnamon scented pine cones
3- large bags of whole coffee bean (Food Lion $10 a bag ***I know that you could probably find them cheaper some where)
6- small candles
The vases, coffee, and candles and my helper
Fill the vases with the coffee beans and place candle on top

Place evenly spaced on your mantle

place the garland around the vases

place the pine cones and berries

and thats it!!!!  

with the lights turned off

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Aly!  You are amazing!  This was so easy and fairly cheap!