Tillman and Tucker’s Wish List

Hi everyone
its been a while since my mom let me write one of these post things
but I begged and begged and she finally caved
(I actually only had to give her my sad eyes and she was sold)
**I still cant believe I’m posting this picture of me…(hangs head in shame)
(boy are they in trouble when our brother or sister comes along…can was say spoiled)
(that small human might be able to get away with things we even cant…like digging holes, tearing up paper, and peeing in the house)
(that last point is just crazy….peeing in the house…that is so 5 years ago)
ok now back to why I am here today…
Tucker and I have been GREAT this year and we deserve lots of things from Santa, our parents, and grandparents
I mean how could you resist these faces

first and foremost we want some of these delicious treats
Stewarts are the best…and my mom even said that they are good for us
(we could probably eat an entire bag if she wasn’t looking)
then I need a new collar
mom said my smells funny but I think it smells great, but I guess mom makes the rules
so if I have to get another one then it must be leather
no fabric on for me…I’m too tough for that fabric crap
my brother said that he wanted another super loud squeak ball
(I say he doesn’t need that crap…its too loud and obnoxious)
and last but not least nylabones
Pretty good list if I have to say so myself…
I am going to be extra good for these nest few weeks so I will get lots of goodies
Until next time
Woof out!

Vacation from the Vacation

Happy August 1!  Our summer is almost over…just not the heat 🙂

Well, today is my first day back at work since the first of July and also my last day at my current job.  I start my new position on Tuesday!  I am so excited but still a little nervous…I think nerves come with the territory!

My vacation this year was wonderful…2 full weeks in Rome and 1 week trying to relax at our house…
We did get a few things accomplished this past week on our vacation from our vacation 🙂
We got new tires on my tahoe
I had a spa day (thanks Andre)
I got a dentist appointment scheduled
I got my hair cut and colored
celebrated Tillman and Tucker’s birthday
(don’t you love their cakes)
and cooked LOTS!

I think I even found a perfect gym for me…
it is a cross fit gym
I went to the intro class yesterday afternoon and I loved it
It was HARD and I am REALLY out of shape, but such a great work out!
I hope that I am not boring everyone to death with the Rome posts…
but this is the only way I can document all of it 🙂
I will post a few more this week!
**I linked up with Carissa!!!**

July 4th weekend

This entire holiday weekend consisted of hanging out together, grilling, and watching Teen Mom (I was the one watching Teen Mom)…(I was trying to get caught up for the new season on Tuesday).  It was such a laid back weekend but so much fun.  We grilled out every night and ate on the deck while listening to fireworks in the distance.  It was perfect!  We talked about how happy we were during dinner each night and how thankful we are for EVERYTHING!!!!
Here is the recap in picture form…
grilled buffalo chicken salad
my sweet husband that happens to be the master griller 🙂
the american flag cake circa 2011

I took the pups on a long walk and Tucker decided that the cool pool was the answer after getting back!!!

Sunday dinner
onion rings…Andre says that I have mastered the O. rings

wine in my favorite glasses

steaks on the grill

grilled lettuce….if you have not tried this..then you must.
the spread…steaks with roquefort sauce, onion rings, and grilled lettuce

my 2 boys
the spread…grilled chicken with basil dressing, grilled portobellos with tomato and mozzarella salad

the dessert…grilled fruit

Told you that there was lots of cooking and eating this weekend….but this girl does love to cook and eat!!!  
Hope your holiday weekend was equally as relaxing!

Project 52….Week 26

SO I am half way through this 52 weeks photo project!!!   That also means that we are halfway done with 2011…it seems like it was just New Years 🙂
Week 26: Water
This is what Tucker likes to do after a summer afternoon walk…
He looks so much like a puppy in this picture!!!
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My Loves…

I am linking up with Jamie today…
to share all of my loves on this hot but beautiful day
*i’m loving*
…that Salkehatchie Summer Service starts next week.  I can not wait to see all of my Salkehatchie friends and to get my hands dirty!!!  I know we are going to do so much more than just repairing houses this week.  Faith will be renewed and strengthened during next week’s mission!!!
…that I got some pretty good news on Monday.  It will be a few more weeks until I can share the details with you all, though.  I know, now you are suspicious…just wait it is great 😉
…fresh peaches and homemade biscuits and caffe lattes for breakfast 🙂

…ferrero rocher… enough said
…day lilies on our backyard

…and of course my weekly loves….
Tillman and Tucker

and my sweet and supportive husband!!

The Tails of Tillman and Tucker, v. 9

Hi everyone!  We are back….
Did you miss us!?!
We have been so busy going back and forth to camp on the weekends.
(Camp is my parents house…fyi)
we got to swim…
check for eggs in the chicken coop…

barked at the chickens…they don’t seem to be scared of us though 😦

barked at the goats…

checked the rose bushed for critters…
ate peaches from the peach tree…

we ran really really fast too…

and of course we played with our uncle bowman…

after all of those activities we got really tired and slept…

We really love going to camp!!!!!  
My mom told us that we get to go for an entire week next week!!!  We cant wait to swim and run around for an entire week!!!!
Tillman and Tucker

My loves…

I just love linking up with Jamie every week and telling everyone what *i’m loving*
today *i’m loving*
that we are going to a wedding this weekend for one of my friends from college
We can’t wait to celebrate Ashley and Colin’s special day with them!
{borrowed from Ashley’s facebook…hope you don’t mind Ashley )

*i’m loving*
that my blogiversary giveaway week was such a blast.  I had so much fun hosting all of the giveaways and I am so glad that 5 lucky girls got something cute 🙂  I still can not believe that I have been blogging for over a year!!!!
*i’m loving*
that I got to go to my parents house this past weekend and see everyone
I just love my parents house.
Have I every told yall that my parents built their house…like drove every nail 🙂
My brother and I helped just a little!!!  We were in elementary and middle school so mostly we were just in the way!!
me and my beautiful mom
*i’m loving*
my latest book
Baby Proof
*i’m loving*
we booked a cooking class to take while we are in Rome
I can not wait….I am going to have a blast!!!!
and then it is just right around the corner from our hotel!!!
Everything we make is from scratch and very authentic!!!!
I cant wait to get some new Roman recipes!
*i’m loving*
my 2 sweet pups
and of course *i’m loving*
my sweet husband
thats last day of school is coming up soon!!!!
what are you loving today!?!

the Tails of Tillman and Tucker, v. 8

Hi, my name is Tucker and I am a trash can man!
Hi, my name is Tillman and I am a dumpster diver pup!
My mom caught us in the trash can the other day…
we did eat a few butter papers before we got in trouble
Mom 0, Pups 1
woof woof
Tillman and Tucker