trying to be a rolly polly

my sweet little boy is trying so hard to roll over
he grunts and grunts, but just cant get over

Tillman says rolling over is easy
He doesn’t know what the big deal is…

little Ellison things…

We started giving Ellison one bottle a day a week ago to get him use to it since I am returning to work on Thursday (I am throwing myself a pity party on Wednesday).  Well Mr. Ellison decided that he liked taking a bottle better than nursing during the day, so we have switched to all bottles during the day and nursing at night.  It has worked pretty good the last couple of days.  He is eating about 4 oz every 3 hours during the day, and nursing after bath time (around 9:30 PM), once during the night (around 3:30-4:00), and around 6AM.  
He likes to help feed himself the bottles as you can see 🙂

He has a new napping friend.  He loves to hold pup pup and lick his face.  He will eventually drift off to sleep still holding on to the pup pup.  It is the sweetest thing.  I think that this maybe his sleeping partner for a while 🙂

With Ellison weighing in at 14.5 pounds at 2.5 months old it was time to retire the 3 month wardrobe.  He is wearing 3-6 month, 6 month, and even some 9 month duds now.  

I finally got his birth stats framed.  I ordered it from Jessica; she was so easy to work with and really FAST.  I would recommend her shop to anyone!

I am going to REALLY miss Ellison napping on me when I return to work on Thursday.  I know going back to work is going to be hard (really hard).  My mama told me that it does get easier though!
Mr Mr is able to hold his head up for longer and longer periods of time now.  I know it wont be long before he can do it all the time and the wobble head will be a distant memory. 

sleep thing

(no he was not sleeping on tillman…if you were wondering)
my little boy does not really like to sleep
he thinks that it is overrated
he has a whole world to see
his mama and daddy on the other hand really like sleep
this is where we run into a problem
here is a glimpse of our night time routine on a good night
(at 11 weeks old)
feed at 8:30 bath at 9:00 and feed again at 9:30
swaddle and put him to sleep in his crib (this is usually 10-10:30)
wakes anywhere from 2AM-4AM
eats for about 30 minutes
 (and I change his diaper if he has a poopy one…usually he does not poop over night…thankfully)
then reswaddle and back into the crib he goes
he then sleep until around 6AM
I bring him to bed with us and he eats off and on until around 7:30-8:00 (on a good morning)
some mornings he is ready to go at 6
a couple of nights a week or so ago he slept until 5AM but we haven’t seen that for a while
then there are these things called naps
Ellison is not a big fan
yesterday he slept for about 3 hours all day
the crazy thing is that he really didn’t fuss much either
I guess there are some babies that like to sleep and others that don’t
I guess we got one that doesn’t 🙂
oh well…before I know it he will be a teenager and will not want to get out of bed until noon

(this post is not me complaining, just a record…that I will probably look back on in a few months and laugh)

2 month check up

Ellison had his 2 month doctors appointment yesterday.  
The first thing they did was to weigh him and he weighs 13 pounds 6.5 ounces…75-90% percentile.
Then they measured his head size and length…his watermelon is 16.5 in around and he is 24.5 in long (both 90%)!  He definitely has his daddy’s head.
He is a BIG boy!!!
Then the doctor checked him out and everything looks and sounds great.  He reassured us that him waking every 3-4 hours at night is totally normal.  He also gave us some advise on getting Ellison to take a bottle.  We will be starting operation “bottle” next week.  
Then it was time for the dreaded shots.  He got 3 shots…the PCV13, a booster Hepatitis B, the DTap, Polio, and Hib vaccine.  He also got the oral Rotavirus vaccine.  Of course he cried, but I nursed him right after and he calmed down immediately.  He got the oral vaccine first and he was flirting with the nurse then entire time…I think we are going to have our hands full with him 🙂

After we got home yesterday he had 2 really bad crying spells.  One at 2 and another at 4…I nursed him to sleep around 5 and he slept until 8.  After we woke up at 8 and nursed he was Happy Ellison again.  Last night wasn’t great but wasn’t as bad as I expected.  He went to sleep at 10 then woke to eat at 1, 3, and 5.  Then we got up for the morning at 7:30.

I am glad that we don’t have to do the whole shot thing again until he is 4 months old.  He will be older and probably handle it better.  

who does he look like?

Does Ellison look more like me or more like Andre?
When he was born I thought he looked just like Andre, but the older he gets the more I see me in his face
What are your thoughts?


and now Ellison

some things that I’ve learned since becoming a mama

You will love that little person more than you ever though possible
and you love them more and more each day
Breastfeeding is hard and sometimes painful
but it is worth it
(it does get better after about 6 weeks)
holding your baby 90% of the time is okay
I did it for the first 7 weeks of Ellison’s life
now he lets me put him down on the activity mat or in his swing a few times a day
(I figure…I only have 12 weeks home with him…If he wants to be held then I would hold him…I only get this opportunity once)
Baby poop and throw up are really not that bad
I have been pooped and puked on so I know from experience
Some babies don’t like to sleep
and Ellison is on of them
He would be perfectly fine with just cat naps (like 15-20 minutes)
Coffee is a must…see point above
Having a feeding schedule really helps out
A LOT!!!!
getting a shower everyday is nearly impossible
the first time your baby smiles at you will be something you never forget
being a mama is the hardest job I’ve ever done
 but it is also the most amazing job I’ve ever done

6 weeks and 6 little things

My sweet and spirited Ellison you are 6 weeks old today.  These 6 things below are just a few things that I want to make sure I remember about you being 6 weeks old

There is not place you would rather be than in your Ergo carrier….looking into your mama’s eyes.  You LOVE being held and I probably hold you 90% of the day.  My theory is that I only get 12 weeks home with you and I might as well hold you as much as you want.  After those 12 weeks I will not have the opportunity to hold you all day like I can now.  
You are doing okay taking your pumped bottles during the day, but you would much rather nurse.  The only problem is that when you nurse you don’t get all the milk and your mama gets very uncomfortable.  You drink around 3-4 oz of milk each time you eat.
You sleep in 3-4 hour stretched at night then you are up and ready to EAT.  I am hoping that you start sleeping a little longer soon 🙂
You LOVE going outside, but HATE riding in the car!!
You have really learned to smile and coo.  When you smile I melt and can’t help but smile too.  
You have finally gotten the hang of nursing with out the nipple shield!!!  You even when an entire night last night without it.  It really makes nursing a whole lot more convenient!
and 2 videos of my boy

Road trip

We went for our first overnight trip away from our house this past weekend.
We didn’t go far…just to my mom and dad’s house.  I spent all day on Friday packing…who knew that a 12 pound person needed so much stuff.  I literally think Ellison had more stuff than Andre and me combined.  Then throw in two pups and all their stuff and we had one packed car.  I do not think we could have fit anything else in the car 🙂
I spent the entire weekend eating, cooking, visiting ,and laying in the hammock.  Andre got a new iPhone to replace his broken one.  Ellison spend his weekend loving on his nonna and poppy (and drinking LOTS of milk and blowing out diapers).  Tillman and Tucker spent their weekend running, swimming, and playing.
We all had such a great time.
Now I’m off to recuperate 🙂


Yesterday was the first day that I was home by myself with Ellison.  To be completely honest I was so scared on Sunday night…how was I going to do this whole “mothering” thing all by myself.  The first week Andre was here and then last week my mom was here with us.  
I am proud to say that we both survived 🙂
there were a few meltdown, multiple outfit changes, loads of diapers changed, lots of dancing, and even a stroll around the neighborhood
… but we survived and now I’m on to day 2 
sleep deprived…yes but I am not nearly as scared as I was on Monday morning
heres to day 2