friday fancies…

Welcome to my very first Friday Fancies with Alison from long distance loving.  We celebrated our first forth of July as a family of three…Ellison was not a fan of all the fireworks in the neighborhood. Our celebrations were pretty low key since little bit has a rather early bedtime and Thursday was my first day back at work.  I was a little sad on the forth just because I knew that it was my last full day home with my little boy.
With all that being said, if I was to attend a barbeque I would have liked to wear these lovely pieces…

+ This Perfect shirt in anchors and horseshoes  from J Crew is lightweight and who doesn’t love  a nice button up.

+ These cropped matchstick jeans from J Crew are a summer staple of mine.  They just scream summer barbeque to me…just make sure you don’t drop any sauce on them 🙂

+ Who wouldn’t love a pair of espadrilles…and with the wedge you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the grass.

+ To make this the perfect stars + stripes outfit pair it with some stacked gold bracelets (via Etsy)
 and a super cute Milly embossed snake clutch.


my loves…

{i’m linking up with Jamie today}
*i’m loving*  that it is almost fall.  I can not wait to wear outfits like this…

Source: via Kit on Pinterest


*i’m loving* that labor day is almost here.  I cant wait to spend the day with my mom!
*i’m loving* that Clemson football starts this weekend!!!

*i’m loving* the gravy biscuits that I made this morning…hit just the right spot!
via PW
*i’m loving* that all of my favorite fall shows are starting very very soon!!! 
and of course *i’m loving* my helpful husband and my smart pups

Tucker Update and Side Chignon-ish

Well Tucker’s surgery went down with out a problem!  YAY!  Now we just wait for the pathology report…that should be to us right after  Thanksgiving.  He is probably going to sleep for the rest of the day.  He needs the rest!  I am so proud of how well he acted this morning.  He is such a trooper!
Now on to some fun stuff!  I tried out the side chignon that I mentioned a few weeks ago “here“.  It is not exactly the same but I think that it turned out ok and the husband loved it so I guess it is a keeper!

I have never shown you all my Frye boots that I got this year so here they are… I LOVE them.  I would wear them everyday if that was acceptable 🙂

Have a great Tuesday girls!  Thanks so much for all the comments and thought these last few days!  I just love all of you!