Friday Letters

Andre, You are such a great husband and daddy.  I am so glad that you get to stay at home with Ellison this month.  You are doing such a great job!  Tillman and Tucker, You two need to learn that bumping the swing while your brother is sleeping in it is not a good thing to do.  Ellison, It has been a whole week that I have been back at work and not home with you all day.  It is getting a little easier but I still would rather be with you all day.  Thank you for the longer periods of sleep you have been doing at night too…your mama really appreciates it! Mama, I am so glad that you are coming to stay with us this weekend.  The humidity, You can leave anytime!  My hair will appreciate it.   Our AC, Really 82 degrees inside our house is unacceptable!  Kashi cereal, Thank you for being a great breakfast choice this week…we might have to extend our relationship another week. Andre(you get two letters), I can’t wait to go on a date with you this weekend to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary.  I love you so much!