little scott things…

friday night lights- we are finally jumping on board.
We have both heard how good this is and knew that we wanted to see what all this hype was about.  
So we decided why not start this weekend, so we went to Best Buy and bought the first season.  We have watched 2 episodes and we both really like it so far.  We may get Netflix so that we don’t have to buy the other seasons…but we are still looking into that!
Do you have Netflix?  Do you love it?

flu shots– we went to get them this weekend
My doctor told me that I should go ahead and get one as soon as possible, so we bit the bullet and went to CVS to get the shot.  
Another pretty cool thing…when you get the flu shot at CVS you get a $5 gift card…pretty cool deal 🙂
lunch date with whitney- I finally got to meet a fellow blogger Whitney over the weekend.  We live in the same town and we just needed to meet face to face.  And I am so glad we did…we had a great time.  I’m happy to say I have found a friend in Florence 🙂
**sorry I didn’t even take my camera with me**
after lunch I went to Books-A-Million since it was closing and tried to find some baby books...
I think everyone else in the store had my same idea. 
The people were brutal…I found a few Eric Carle books and Dr. Seuss books.  I even had one of my books I picked out snatched…but I got it back! 
My mom and dad came to see us this weekend too!  We are working on a project in the baby’s nursery.  I think that our project is going to be amazing!  It is going to take some time (lots of time) but will turn out perfectly!

Thoughts for Thursday…

Well my anniversary gift is completed!  I am more excited about it now….I just know that Andre is going to LOVE it!
I can not believe that we will be leaving for Rome in less than 2 months! Thats 7 weeks people.  I need to get my act together and finish this Rosetta Stone.
Question for the people that have gone to Rome before….
How did you get around? Train, metro, walk, or taxi???
any tips?
I got a Bialetti Moka Pot the other day.  I have been making espresso and caffe lattes almost everyday since I got it!  I am in LOVE!!!!
If you love lattes then you need to get one of these moka pots! 
I was away from my computer ALL day yesterday so I have about 100 posts to read on my Google Reader…when my reader gets over about 50 then I start stressing!  I am hoping to get caught up today!!!!  
Well, someone sent me a pinterest request and I accepted so I guess I am a part of the movement too!!!  Here I am!!! I have not even started “pinning” anything yet but oh just wait!!!!  I need to read some of your blogs first then I will get pinning!
ONE thing at a TIME!!!!
Well thats all I have today!

Thoughts for Thursday…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  Maybe we will celebrate by going out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  
I am starting to think about what I am going to want to wear when we visit Rome this summer.  I know that I can not wear shorts and tank tops in most sights, so I guess I will wear either dresses or cropped pants.  I know that it is going to be pretty warm there in July…the average is high 87 low 70. 
Outfits from our Paris trip…casual but not sloppy

I need to start writing my packing list soon!
I know that we need to buy new water bottles, a converter, another camera battery, and suitcase locks.
That list is bound to get longer the closer we get to July!
I am hoping to finish Something Borrowed this week!   Is there some order that I should read the Emily Griffin books?  I was thinking Something Blue next….what do you think?!
Something BIG is happening May 23-27 right here on this blog!!!   I am SO excited….stay tuned to find out more 🙂
I have gotten so many new WONDERFUL followers over the past couple of weeks!!  If you are new then introduce yourself, so that I can get to know you better 🙂

little scott things…

Happy May!!!!

May 1 marks a day of peace and closure for so many Americans.  I feel that celebration is not warranted for this occasion, but that we should remember all of those lives that were lost on 9/11/01!


I got a library card last week!  

That means that I can visit the library during my lunch and catch up on all of your BLOGS….isn’t that wonderful!
My brother is officially done with is bachelors degree
He graduates in 2 weeks!!!!
I can not believe that I am old enough for my baby brother to graduate from college!

One year ago today…
I was getting my trail bridal hair and make-up done
Friday we went to see Water for Elephants at the theatre!  I thought it was pretty true to the book.  I really enjoyed it.  I would recommend both the book and the movie.  
If I had to choose which one was better I would and will always choose the book.  
I always enjoy the books SO much more than the movies.  
(The only exception is the Green Mile…wonderful movie)
Hope you have a great day!!!!

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Well it is Thursday again!  That means it ends another work week and my weekend is here!  I am excited about being able to relax this weekend and maybe even get somethings accomplished around our house.  I definitely will enjoy sleeping in tomorrow.  I do not think that I will ever get use to waking up at 5AM.  Every morning I look at my clock and wish I had just a few more minutes to sleep but I make myself get up because I refuse to use the snooze button.  Once I am awake and have taken my shower I am good and ready to tackle the day.  The waking up part is what I do not enjoy!

I received my Frye boots (I mentioned them in my previous post) in the mail today and I can not wait to wear them.  I think that I should wait until it cools down a little before I break them out.  I do not think that it will be acceptable for me to wear boots while others have on shorts and flip flops 🙂  Come on cool weather!!!!  I guess for now I will just walk around the house in my new BOOTS!

I posted a  couple of super yummy recipes on my cooking blog so got check it out already… A Step Into My Kitchen… 🙂

I am so thankful to everyone that reads my blogs and comments.  It really means a ton!

Love you guys!!